♦️ Now we need to understand The Customer Value Journey, What is the customer value journey after all. This is very important to understand.

♦️ I will explain to you earlier that, cut the customer who came to you just robe all the money from him today, This feeling stays in your mind. 

♦️ Have you heard that story, A Hen you used to give a golden egg to, what does his wife say that today tore her stomach and took out all the eggs at once? We think  The Same thing and this is why we are not able to sell. 

        When you understand selling. 

♦️ So Selling happens due to credibility, Selling happens due to value add, Selling happens when you go on giving particular guidance, support, information. These are very important components when you talk about selling. 

♦️ Let me make you understand what is customer value journey is all about. 

♦️ If you are doing any work you are giving any service, you are selling any product, It has some end result. If you have a Saloon, A guy will come to you for grooming, You will be grooming well, You will cut his hair well, Give it a beard shape, that is his end Result Who will get this person.

♦️  If you have a gym and a person comes in a gym he has a lean body, you tell him we will make you your body  Ripped Body and make six-pack abs. 

♦️ If A guy is coming to your gym and has gained a lot of weight then you will tell him how we make you lose weight, We will make you into shape. This will be your end result. And work with us. That is what is known as the end result. 

                                   And you have to do the same in your business.

♦️  So Let’s assume that the person who came to you is at Level A and the Name of the person who wants to be there is Level C. That is the end result where the person is wants reached to. Can Be in Any sector.

                         Now, You have to take a Mid Level Between Level A and Level C. Mid Also not 20% Only Take. You Have to choose a Level Which will be Level B

♦️  Till this Level B, you have to bring to people free of cost. For Ex.- If a Guy comes to your gym and you tell him to do it for 7 days free of cost. We will also give guidance, We will also support you, We will also tell you a Diet plan. Automatically he will see some difference. Maybe 1kg, ½ kg, 2kg reduced. Because in the beginning the weight loss very quickly. So what you have done is if that guy had brought 80 kg weight now you have taken is up to 79 kg. After that, you say that Now you can enroll in the gym. 

♦️  Now we can give you added benefits and your target is 65kg and we will help you reach Level C.

♦️  What you have done is From Level to Level B You are taking it free of cost.  Now you have to do the same in your business.

♦️  Think what is your business and how you can take people from  Level A to Level B in your Business free of cost. 

♦️  Now some of you say, My Business is clothes. How will I take them from Level A to Level B?  

                                      So now I’ll give you a very simple ex.-  whoever comes to your shop and tells them to make them sit. Tell them that the Pink color will suit you, Red colour will suit you, Explain them this way. 

Ask them what kind of clothes you like to wear? 

If They say we like Dark colors, Then you will tell them that there are many shades in dark. So try this……….. 

You are taking them from information through Level A to Level B. 

♦️  Give them knowledge, You are taking them through your talk, Level A to Level B. 

♦️  When you go to an Ice Cream shop, They are making you an ice cream test and increasing your buying desire. That is exactly what you need to do inside your Business/Product. 

♦️ Now Whether your product is digital/physical you will have to take your customer From Level A to Level B free of cost. To move your Customer From Level A to Level C. This is known as the Customer Value Journey. Because understand When a Guy gets through results then He is going to all in. She is going to all in. then they have developed trust upon you. Because people’s hands are burnt, people are scared before trying new things. But Because you are giving so much guidance, information. If you are giving in that sense that you have to genuinely help people. So 100% of People will buy your service and enroll in your Programme. 

♦️ You need to be patient. You need to take them from Level A to Level B so that they would themselves want to go to Level C. 

♦️ Add so Much value in People’s lives that they would be more than happy to become a part of whatever you offering to them, serving them, providing to them. These are what actual assets of getting those sales done. 

customer value journey


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