✴️ What is Selling?

What is Selling? 

♦️ Selling is everything, Sales run economies, Sales run organization, Sales run Company.

♦️ All organizations depend on Sales – all expenditure, All Expenses, All Executive Salary, All things depend on Sales. 

So Sales is very essential.

♦️  If I tell you Sales in The Definition, So it would be that “When  customer pay value of the product so the value should be more than pay.” 

♦️ It is an exchange wherein price is given and value is something the customer gets and it has to be ensured that the value that the customer gets should be much more than the price that He/She pays. That is the actual meaning and the simplistic understanding so Sales.

✴️ Why are Sales essential?

♦️  Sales run the economy. Whenever selling happens the money comes to the Business.

️♦️  Whenever there is a Selling Institute also has the money. 

♦️ You have to understand one thing in detail, Anything happens in your organization, the organization has to pay salaries to employees, Infrastructure is there, Organization spends on their employees.

♦️ If I talk about a Hotel,  then Think about how Many expenses there would be. Electricity bills have to be Paid.

♦️  Hotels have to pay their employees who are working there.

♦️  They Have to pay for the kitchen Also

♦️  If I talk about a Gym, Gym Owners also pay for the types of equipment and also pay for trainers. 

♦️ These are the Expenses. 

♦️  All the Expenses are written on one side AND the Number of sales that are written in front of it. 

                                 When Sales are higher than expenses those businesses will Grow. 

♦️  If Things were not selling in this world a repeated again then this world could not be carried forward. That is why Selling is essential 

♦️  If you talk your own you have been selling since childhood, 

     When you were a child, you cried and ate things, When you grew up a little. You started going to a school, going to a good college so you used to demand from your parents for things

♦️  As a girlfriend, As a boyfriend, we try to show our partner good quality.

♦️  When the wedding takes place so The girl side sells the details of the girl. And The boy side sells the detail of the boy.

♦️  When you sit in the interview you try to sell your quality in front of the person who has come to take the interview. 

♦️  If you understand you have been selling all your life since childhood you have only being selling.

♦️    First of All, Remove from your mind that I am not a good salesperson.

♦️  Secondly, Understand that for those who are the best salesperson the most revenue comes to them only.

♦️  There is a lot of organization in which the salesman makes more money than the HR Department’s man. 

♦️   There is a lot of organizations whose sales department Head earns more than other department Head. 

♦️  Have you ever wondered why?

♦️  I have told you and I have given you the reason already because that is the only thing that get in revenue for the company 

♦️   Businesses collapse because of a lack of sales. The other reasons are secondary that Did not market analysis, Product was not good, All this

♦️ The Actual reason is sales did not happen. And because Sales did not happen the revenue did not come into the organization And therefore Sales are the backbone of the economy.

♦️  It runs the country, it runs the world and People would become like you, go to become at sales. When you read this article till the end after that you move forward in your life. And you get all the results that you always want. 

♦️  Please understand that the day become you the amazing salesperson you will never get out of the business 

I give you another Ex.

♦️  Suppose you go to a doctor who will treat the patient if you ask the doctor. So the doctor will also say  I am the most important person in this hospital But honestly, this is not so. 

                                                 The most important man in that hospital is also the doctor who brings the patient there. If the patients do not come then whom will keep treating them? That is how powerful a salesperson can be 

           And you go to become that person so that you can actually demand whatever you want Whether it is revenue, Whether it is named, Whether is Fame, That is the most important part of the Selling. 

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