♦️ We need to understand this, What I have to Sell? 

♦️  Until you will not have clarity on what to sell we will be stuck. So if you are selling a physical product. So there is no problem you need to understand your product. 

♦️ Think about your product. And can your product be replaced or renewed? Not immediately it will happen gradually. 

♦️  Understand How? 

♦️ First thing is to understand the problems of your audience. Whatever product you have it is a service, or program or content, or knowledge whatever your product. Which problem is solving. If it is solving a lot of people’s problems so you should pursue the product. 

♦️ And the 2nd thing is to go deep and solve the problems of people today so that after 5 Years it will work or not. We should realize that. 

♦️  So You can’t make a guess that it will work or not. But we can clarify most of it. So you will explain to that product who will have solved the problems. And will run long-lasting. 

♦️  Now I will explain with an example. – Suppose I make a discount card for the students In only my city where I am living. 

♦️  So it will solve so many students’ problems. 

♦️  Students don’t have enough money. So From Discount Cards they can buy branded clothes, They can also eat in good restaurants. So it has solved the problems of the Students. But it happens only for my city’s students. 

                         So it is not a long-lasting job. The second thing is When a Student has gone from my city, the discount card will not work In another city. Because it works in my city. So it means My customer will not join for a long time so that’s why I realize that It’s not a long-term business. 

♦️  3rd Thing is if I start this business in another city so I have to start from zero. I will take time and money also. So I realize that I will not do this work. So then I will shift to a Digital Platform. Then I will search worldwide problems. So that I can solve this problem and my content will be run all over cities. So products should always be scheduled to solve a lot of problems for people. So think Whatever the product you are selling is solving the problem of how many people. Is it a long-lasting result? Will it be relevant after 5 Years? Until you have not these types of products, So Don’t do it, People. Because results will not come. 

♦️  Suppose you have a restaurant and it will take you a long time to do 5 restaurants in that restaurant. So think about what should be more like, Modification, changes, etc. So that it moves to multiple locations. That your business will grow like a Rocket. 

what to sell?

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