♦️ When to sell starting finally. This is important to understand. You saw that I explained in the customer journey that A customer is on Level A and He wants to go Level C. So He is coming till Level B free of cost. So Level B is the best time to start selling. 


♦️ Secondly, When you start a work you give value to the customer free of cost gradually you gain trust. How became it has to be understood? It became because of longevity. 


♦️ Your existence in the market for a long time. Trust becomes visibility, Brand recall happens again and again. That is the reason people buy your product. It has to stay in the market for a long time. And time does not matter. It can be 2 years, maybe 5 years, maybe 10 years. 


♦️ What do you think 10 years is a long time for Business. (No)  

when to sell

♦️ There are some people whose life has not changed in 10 years. But You keep looking over tasks so you don’t know what to do in 10 Years. You should keep proper planning. When you have taken the customer from Level A to Level B. Then you will sell. When you have authority that you will make a sale. When you have been made credibility then you will sell. 


♦️  When you start business and results not coming. Don’t be disheartened because People don’t know about you. People are not aware of you. When people will know And These type of opportunity will come. Believe me Money, Fame, everything is going to come for you. 


♦️ First, take people from Level A to Level B. Do hard work for this. Get testimonials from your customer by comments and by videos. Because of that new opportunity to come to you. People’s trust factor will increase. 

             Follow these principles. IN Business, trust is very important. And do not sell products. Do recommend the product in your business. It will take time to create authority and credibility. But Before that take people A to B and ensure that their buying association started. Get those testimonials then you get Those results. 


♦️ Understand that Identify the People who will buy for your vision then people buy for the results. Focus on the product life cycle. Search for those people who are initial action takers. Then search for those people who come to the second level. 


♦️ Be in the market and stick to the market and get those results going for you.

when to sell?

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