♦️  We have understood whom to sell. Now it must be understood that whom not to sell? 

♦️  Things will not be cleared so that whom not to sell we keep making mistakes. There are some categories of people, whom to avoid and after that, I will tell you the Objection Handling I will explain to you in detail. 

♦️  Here is the First category, people asking for unnecessary guarantees. They say What is the guarantee of your product?”  

♦️  Will it work or not? , If you are selling a physical product will be guaranteed. Who will say unnecessary things and will continue to ask for unsecure guarantee. 

♦️  So Tell them politely, Sir!, this is not made for you. You let it be. 

♦️  The second type of people category who will ask for a Discount. If there is a discount so we will purchase. If a Discount will not happen We will never purchase your product. So avoid these types of people.

♦️  Because these types of people are wasting your time. And I tell you One thing honestly, Avoid Selling to Your friends and Relatives. 

♦️   if I talk about friends if they have bought your product or They have not bought your product. So Your confidence has decreased. Relatives don’t motivate. It would be the worst Sales of yours. 

♦️  Some people asking for a discount for the sake of long term association

This is the 3rd category. So I ignore these types of people because they will not work properly because they focus on money and not value. 

These kinds of people have to avoid it. Then you will be increased, Because when you negative elements tackle so your mind goes bad and energy goes. They don’t understand. So Who times your wasting on negative elements why is it not timely to be over a new customer who is interested in your product Who is positive for your product. 

♦️ The next thing is Maximum buyers are strangers so avoid those negative elements. As you have all clarity on whom not to sell then you will be done sales effectively. 

♦️  I tell you one more thing, I give you one more negative element Ex. – Some People say that If tomorrow the website will be closed. It would be Banned so what will I do. So You will tell him that this is a Technical product. Maybe technical issues will come in the future. The technical fault might come. So If some people will also say that Will you give a guarantee to me?  So You will say to him clearly No. Because They are wasting your time and energy. 

♦️  Don’t get those types of people in your system. Those are known as Cheap clients. Because your time is very secret. Your time should be wasted Where are positivity and optimism. 

♦️  You will face a lot of people in the sales but Don’t Heart people. 



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