♦️ Now Let us understand whom to sell? 

♦️ Who is your customer? Who will fulfill these two conditions? 

♦️ First – Customer should have complete interest in your product. 

♦️ The second One is, They also have the amount to pay. They have wilness, They also have the ability to pay for your product. 

These two things must be there. 

♦️ A Marketing guru says that If your product is for everyone then your product is for No one. 

♦️  You need to understand, who is your Customer? 

♦️  Whom person’s need solving from your product? 

♦️  You saw that car sale in 3 lakh and 5o lakhs, Helicopter sale also, Aeroplane seats also sale. Economy Class and Business Class. Both are Sales.

♦️  It means that customers are available everywhere. You will see that who is the customer for your product. Who will fulfill these two conditions? Until you will not know these two conditions are not fulfilled, So go Into depth. 

♦️  And you should write these things in your diary. Who is getting the solutions to their problems by your product? They are willing to pay to solve their problem. 

♦️  Avoid trying to sell Free Loaders. Freeloaders don’t take any action. You go to understand two conditions must be fulfilled. 

♦️  Willingness Must, Ability to pay. 

♦️  Some people are like that who want to buy your product. But they have no money today. They can arrange the money. If You will explain to them Properly

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