♦️ Most people say I don’t even sell. I Message people they don’t reply, I reach out to people they don’t even talk to me, they don’t open emails. 

When I go to the meeting the person who is concerned does not come to meet me. I did a webinar, I gave a lot of value to people in the webinar. Even No one took my program. What should they Do now?

♦️  Maybe all this has happened to you too. It has probably happened to the people around you too. (Yes/No)

♦️  Then after people say that it is not just about us selling. Or Selling is a difficult job.  We can’t do that. I would like to do marketing But not Selling. (Such words come from the mouth of people )and its actual reason- No, What you have the number one reason is – We have never taken training to sale. 

♦️  Suppose if We go to a hospital, if we meet a junior compounder then He also has a medical education, we go to a hotel that serves person food there with all due respect He is also studying Hotel Management. 

♦️  We live in the market without training, we do not even know which question we have to ask the customer. We don’t even know How to Follow-up? 

♦️  We don’t know How to reach-out? 

♦️  We have never learned to do closing. But we expect that we should have a complete sale.

♦️  In Which  The Organization expects their employees to increase their sales. By increasing them. 

♦️  But The Harsh reality is you are not trained by Your sales team. As individuals neither are you training yourself Nor are you training your sales team?  That is the reason why your organization is not growing. That is the reason Why the selling is not happening in your organization. That is the Reason Your restaurants, Your Salon, Your Gym, Your Business, Your coaching program, not this is going on. Because You have never learned How to sell effectively, Leave out effectively People don’t know even How to sell? 

♦️ What I told you earlier, there is only one thing in our mind that just cut the customer only. We are taught this thing Because Limited Customers come and Limited customers come so we have to run their own show so we work. They sold what came and repeated buying is not happening so far. There will not be repeated buying.

♦️ So How companies grow, How will your business grow. Hope You get that. Your organization becomes Big Because of repeated buying of the Customer.

            But In your case, that is actually not happening at all. This is particularly You need to change No.1- are You go to Understand Why are you not able to sell? What is lacking – Is a Lack of knowledge, Lack of Awareness, Don’t know how to Reach Out?, You don’t know How to follow-up? 

♦️  And All those things are actually of the Lack of training.   


♦️ There are 3 types of customers who are Consumers, Basically, we can distribute them in 3 Categories.

♦️ First- Cold Customer– Cold Customer does not have any knowledge about you and your product that you exist and Satyam Vishnoi Exist, That is called cold customer. 

♦️  Second- Warm Customer –    Warm Customer has a bit of information about you and your product. Like- You are the people who Read my content Who have basically some awareness about me Those customers are Warm Customers. 

♦️ Third- HOT CUSTOMER – Hot Customers have bought some product or your service from you in the past. 

I tell you with an Ex.- If I sell one product and the people do not know anything about my product are cold customers But the people who have knowledge about my Product they had not bought my product yet, they are warm customers. 

The Person who has already bought my product is The Hot Customer. 

♦️  Now you will understand one thing here, Whom will be the easiest to sell, Obviously Hot Customer, Provided you have given them a lot of value, content, and information. If you can provide all these things to your customer then only you can speak to them again to take something. If you have not completed your promises so how can you expect them to buy anything else from you. 

♦️  As I told you that, You go on making your hot customer and serve them again. We will understand this in detail as we go further in this Article. 

♦️ For  Now all you need to understand this that there are 3 types of customer, It is known as Trafic Temperature also. So that you can understand what traffic temperature to have. 


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