How important 4 things in public speaking Skills

How important 4 things in public speaking skills 

 EYE CONTACT,(In Public Speaking Skills)


♦️  Now first of all we talk about Eye Contact. Most of you say that Eye Contact is important. We should maintain our steady Eye Contact When we talk with people. But how much should be the steady  Eye Contact, Whether it should be 5 Sec., 6 Sec, 15 Sec. or Even Longer And What is the significant, What you gain When you give a wonder eye Contact. 


♦️ The First thing is You are able to create an authority, Now supposedly I am Talking to you and all the time looking down, Not only will be interested in My session But You realize that This Person does not have to feel confident about his content. And that is why You create authority When you directly Look into the eyes of every person when you are talking. 


♦️ Whether it is one to one conversation, Or you are talking to a lot of people, You look directly into their eyes. And Secondly How that helps us Because Nobody wants to be ignored. Everybody wants that attention should be paid to them. That is why Your Eye contact helps create authority. 


♦️  The 2nd thing is supposed There are people who are sitting in the audience and Those People someHow are talking with each other or Not paying attention or They are looking at their smartphones. What you can do is, You can give just them stare, A Firm Stare.  When you give the firm Stare You will get the attention of the people back. 


 ♦️  That is a wonderful Way, You don’t have to speak anything, Just look at the person give him/her a firm stare and you will get the attention of that person Back. 


♦️ You can also scold and stare with your eyes. If you are looking for a person and you are like……..


♦️  If The person is sitting over there is playing some game, When you look at that person with those eyes that Person would be on focus.   So You can scold and stare with your eyes. Just looking at that person. Then connecting with people You might feel that there are a lot of People who are failures When looking at them and you can also smile at the same time. You are able to connect with them and also They are also able to connect better.


♦️  Ok, You know 3 Points Formula……. 


♦️  If you are not able to maintain very steady eye contact with People, Initially you feel reluctant. Or If you feel a little difficult Then what you have to do is Have 3 spots identify 


                                                   Left, Middle, And The Right. 

 So that you just don’t look either at one place or you just don’t Look Down. You look at the Left, You look at the middle or You also look at the Right. 


♦️ You just shift your Eyes. And you don’t have to do it Randomly, When you make one point you look to the left. Then you look at the middle and look at the right side. 


♦️  So how that would help you is because People would realize and you are not looking down or You are not just looking at one point. You are also paying attention to everybody. Obviously, they feel directly Ok he is not looking directly into the eyes but still, it is comparatively better. 


♦️ What You can do is, Mark Those Points at eye level so that you are not looking up. While you are looking at those points then Identify the Friendly Faces. 


♦️ I know there would be certain people who would have to fight with their wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, parents. Not living a happy life Some problems are in their life so they’ll make a disgusting face. 


♦️ You will come across such negative people as well. Now you just can not avoid them and you just can not bog down on them so What you go to do is, Identify Friendly Faces, Identify people and I also told you to interact with some people that they come across with friendly faces to you.


♦️ Look at them, Smile, There is also a smile back at you so automatically Your confidence will go up. You don’t realize that when you talking to someone people not, And People Realise that people smile and People are able to realize what you are telling them. Doesn’t your confidence go up simultaneously? And this is not something that I practice ok. When I say, Doesn’t your confidence go up automatically this is part of my Body Language. It comes automatically. 


♦️ And you are also able to create interest. When you look at someone and say Do you like it. That person will say Yes. Probability of them saying No is so small. And do you look at suppose it, are you not understanding, That person will say No No sir I am understanding Or He will say, Sir, There is a little doubt in my mind? So eyes of yours are so very important.

POSTURE, (In Public Speaking Skills)


♦️  Now talking about your Posture. It’s absolutely essential If you see throughout the session whether the session is of 1 Hour or 2 Hour. My Mentor will never go sluggish and talk to you like that. He never does a late back approach Because you go to be straight. And this I Have told you earlier, that let’s do this exercise one more time, 

Look at the inner half of your palm, trying to claim in yourself and you realize that when you look at the inner half of your palm, Your mind, Your Body gets calm and composed. 


 ♦️ So that is why When you speak Your hands should be moving outwards. Your palm should be facing outwards. So that people are connected with you and feel that Ok This is very friendly, That is why it is important. 

♦️  Now the 2nd thing that you have to do is you should not have closest stands  Which means that You should not have such your hand’s clash. And you should not come across turn your body towards others. So your body should be Open, Open to receive, and also open to listening to people, and also open to giving to others. That is Why it is important. 


♦️ Now your hand should not be in your pocket. See I also tell you one more thing, initially now that you are starting your journey or You have not Achieved the amount of success that you want to achieve in your life. All these things are really important for you Because you are creating an authority. There would come a time We also have a Topic which is based upon clothing, There would come a time who might be wearing just a T-shirt and capry and doing a session. 


♦️ Because When people will not be judging you. Ok Let me ask you a question, Do you feel that when people judge you whether it is right or it is wrong? 


 Don’t you judge people, You do right. Every day We are judging people right. It is our Human nature. Maybe not all the time but many times We do. So it is very important Now if someone does not know me. Supposedly You people know me you have attended 15 sessions of mine, Maybe when we are doing 16th session Maybe I running late I come back after My cricket match And I am wearing my t-shirt and I am doing a session You people feel that OK, He is doing it and He has been doing it since a very long period of time so you people will not mind it.


♦️ But If someone is hearing me for the very first time and I am on that particular day if I am not wearing something which is very formal and Those people are looking at the first time, You realize the importance. So that is why putting hands in their pocket, putting their hands in the coat. All those things gradually might not affect your career. It would not affect your performance.


♦️ But Initially Does. That is why it is important, Your Hand should not be in your coat. When you are talking. We are not celebrities Here.  Don’t touch the bottle again and again. Don’t touch your mobile again and again. Don’t do that. You don’t have to do that. You come across as a negative person.

Don’t point fingers when you speak. Don’t do it. Because it would come across as very aggressive and at the same time. It would come across as a negative body gesture, a negative part of body language. 


♦️ And you go to change your positions which means that you should not just be in one place. Because see we would cover more on stage covering topics. But supposedly How big is the stage area? There are people who are sitting on the left, some people are sitting in the middle and some people are on the right, so you go to cover every place. So that people don’t feel left out you go to go near every person. And one more thing which I would tell you is to allow your natural self to speak through your body. 


♦️ And then gradually incligate and imbibe all those things which I am telling you. There is going to be a natural self for yours, ensure that This natural self of Yours does not get affected. Obviously, you go to incligate and imbibe the positive things but You also go to ensure at the same time that your natural sell does not get lost. 


♦️ There are a lot of people who attend the trainer’s program and who also attend others trainers’ programs, My Mentor never did it Because He did not want his natural self to go away. 


♦️ Do I also have to say one more thing: How many of you know the Blue Ocean Theory? This is very important, People. Now Think, what is The Blue Ocean Theory?


If you are doing a job, if you are doing a Business, If you are a student – Why is it that Blue Ocean Theory is important. 


♦️ I tell you, There are two Oceans, 1st is the Blue Ocean. 2nd is the Red Ocean. 

        Now, How Many People in India would be taking the train The trainer session, Thousands, Maybe lakhs of Individuals. 


♦️  Thousands and Lakhs of People are doing the train the training certification, That gets the certification from some of the trainers. and then They start training, Now what happens is – When lakhs and lakhs of people are taking the same kind of training Their proposal they would be sending to people would be the same, Yes or No,


♦️ If the Proposal is the same and the value being offered does the same that eventually means what the person is going to recruit to you, that person is going to hire you for whatever services you offer what will that person do, If that person gets a  plethora of proposals, 


 A written proposal, Proposal over mail, Proposal from Here, Proposal from there, He gets 100 Proposals and He sees is That Every Person has done the certification from more and less the same place. Every person is offering the same kind of content and the same kind of value. 


♦️ What will you do in such a  scenario, Obviously- You will choose the One. Because when everyone is giving the same proposal, Everyone is giving the same kind of content. What you will do is, You will choose the one who will be the cheapest. So what you are doing is. You are fighting in the Red Ocean. Where there are so many different people fighting for the same peace of mind. That is why it is really important that you are there in the Blue Ocean. 


♦️ Now Most of you would say like to go for the quality, But How will you get to know, Whether which is the best quality. How will you get that Because Everyone is offering you which is the same content and for your growth what you have to do is you have to do fish in the Blue Ocean. 


♦️ My Mentor has an Online Course, and He is constantly working on it. He is constantly making it better. Because He knows That There would be a lot of people, They will take a lot of time catching up, they will have to invest a lot, They will have to learn all the tips. And then They will come up with something like this. 

                                        But Till that time He goes so far Ahead of everyone else that nobody could compete with him. You also have to do exactly the same thing, So you go to frame your work, your business, your resume, your college, your specialization, what you are offering in that Blue Ocean. 


♦️ Because Everyone is following the Noble. When everyone becomes an entrepreneur, Everyone Either goes into the Ecommerce Industry or  A shiny object. So that is why it is really important for you to go with the Blue Ocean Theory. (Did You Get That)


♦️ So you understand that if you are not getting success in your life The Answer is that you are fighting in the Red Ocean. Now What happens is If A  gave a proposal to a college Many a times college’s People would say That sir, There is someone else who is offering the same proposal Rs. 25,000, You do it for Rs. 20,000 give me some money also and All those things, My Mentor Like Please, I am out of those things. I am beyond all those things. (You Get that.) 


♦️  So that is why it is important that the value that you offer should absolutely be different from others.


STAGE COVERAGE, (In Public Speaking Skills)


♦️ You should reach early so that you go there, You realize and you analyze what is the speaking area that has been assigned to you, Maybe the speaking area that has been assigned to you is relatively small or maybe it is a Huge speaking area. Maybe you just have to talk to one person and many times you have to give a presentation to a lot of people or maybe in your office or maybe in your class whatever you might be doing.

See the Good Thing is That you people are preparing yourself for things that maybe you are supposed to do in the future,


♦️ But it is always good to be prepared rather than be unprepared. (You get that), So First of all you go to reach early, Analyze The Speaking area and realize OK if my presentation is going to last 15 min then how should I be speaking. 


♦️ For Ex.- Supposedly you have got 15 min. Dedicated to you and you have to give 7 Points so what you would is Start from the Middle When you deliver your first point. Go to the left, come to the middle, go to the right again. Then again come to the middle and change your position with every point that you are making. So that people realize that you are making different points.


♦️ Supposedly you are giving 2 min. To every point, so 2 min and then you multiply with 7 points that mean 14 min. Have been taking care of it. And in the last one minute, you will come back to your position and you will conclude your session that is why it is important that you make your move Because Just like I have told you earlier Nobody in the audience wants to be eliminated,

   Nobody in the audience wants to be ignored so it is absolutely essential for you to ensure that you cover the entire stage area.


♦️ Now How many of you at times are required to do a long session 15 min. is also long by the way, But how many of you at times require a long session?


♦️ So Supposedly, If you are required to do a lot of long sessions what you have to do is GO IN  BETWEEN THE AUDIENCE. Because the audience should realize that you are one of their own. If you just speak on the stage you will never connect with the audience. So get in between the audience, 


♦️ Stand, look at a person, stand, look at next to the person, Look at them so the audience would feel that yes He/She is one amongst are us and you go and you interact with them it’s almost like one to one interaction. So it is very important that you don’t just speak at one point. Even if the organizer says that speak here So Don’t do that Believe me.


 ♦️ Now when you also do this, you go and interact with people. At the end of the day, people are the ones who should feel good after your sessions so this is when it is important. So not just stand at one point. Have you notice there are certain speakers are standing at a certain point who holding the might standing a place no voice modulation no moving here and there, no looking at everyone so it is important that you move around and talk. 


♦️ Not just on the stage but also everywhere. 


♦️ When you will cover the stage you will create authority in the minds of people because people would feel that this person is not really shy that is why you go to move around and no one wants to be ignored. 


GESTURES, (In Public Speaking Skills)


♦️  Supposedly You are explaining something so you can explain by using your hand gestures. You are making the Gestures to describe things. Many times you want to bring about such a positive impact, You want to just fire off the people who are sitting in the audience. You are like, you know I want to do this, so your positivity should come. 


♦️ And Your Head movement is also so very essential. 


♦️ Now, I want you to do an exercise right now, I want you to raise your right hand and Now, keep your right hand on your cheeks, Now hold it right There, Where are your hands right now? You would be on Your chin Because People follow what you do. People don’t listen to what you say, People follow what you do.


♦️ Make your audience follow you. You can make your own gestures, you can make your activity, Make people do something and you will realize that people are following you. Because people would follow what you do. 


♦️ Generally in videos and in a movie or in a comic, content goes from Left to right, When you read a book the content goes from left to right that is how you read a book, But in My Mentor’s Videos, the content is top to bottom. Do you know  Why? 


♦️  It is because He wants people to Not, He wants people to yes, So this is important, you get people to say Yes, whatever you want to do if you are giving a presentation you want people to celebrate at the end of the presentation, You want them to say yes. At the end of the presentation, you have to do is make them do Yes. 


♦️ Give them a visual treat, so very important that you give them a visual treat. 


♦️ Implementation is the key. Learn it today.

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