5, Important things you should and should not do during public speaking

5, Important things you should and should not do during public speaking,




♦️ Now, We will talk about Facial expressions, Facial expressions are absolutely important. Supposedly you are asking a question, You are like, You know I went there I was expecting 50 people to be there, Guess What. There were 100  people over there. Twice the amount I was so very afraid of. 200 people are looking at me. 


♦️ So, people do realize that you are talking about the surprise, Your Eyebrows should be raised, When you smile you come across as a very friendly person, as a courteous person, you are able to connect with people. So there is that expression that you would give. When you smile.


♦️ My Mentor during his sessions he smiles a lot because he wants to connect with people. Then you can make faces to depict the expressions also.  


♦️  Make faces to depict the expressions, 


♦️ Supposedly you want to depict happiness, so happiness should come on your face. So you feel that, feel that energy, feel that enthusiasm, feel that anger, so that is why facial expression is so very important. 

♦️ silence is such an amazing expression, just their blank face, people would realize that they made a mistake. And they will start concentrating upon the session. So it’s so important. 


♦️ And you also have that No give-away expressions, You ask a question to people and then you don’t give away – I don’t know the answer. So then people wait. Do you say something? 

(Did you get that)





♦️ There will come a time when you will not be judged based upon your attire. But presently you go to be dressed really well because as soon as you enter the place people start judging you from there. So your clothing should speak to yourself. Also, you know supposedly you are wearing a wonderful suit many times when you make a mistake, you commit a mistake it gets hidden.


♦️ So These clothes of yours, The clothing of yours actually helps you a lot. So The Professional attire, it helps you. 


♦️ And probably people who are sitting there if you are the most wonderfully dressed person in the house, Do you realize that automatically everyone would look up to you. 


♦️ It’s natural, You know, We might say that they will not judge, But it comes natural, We can not help it. 


♦️ Ok, let me ask you a question. You are passing by a restaurant, You are actually very hungry. But the person who is serving food over there is wearing a Tone waist and He is wearing dirty clothes, He has a cloth in his hand that is also dirty. Will you go inside? And have the food over there? Yes/No


♦️ Absolutely Not,  so it’s really important. At the end of the day, it is all about hygiene as well. There is one of My Mentor’s friends said to him once that Rahul, related to food, She said that The Food can be as delicious as might be But unless and until it is presented well. People will not even feel like eating that is why it is important that you present well yourself. 


♦️ It also helps you maintain that authority on the minds of people, it helps you have a longer-lasting impression on the minds of people.

    My Mentor always says that Your First impression is not just your last impression, it is a Lasting Impression. And That lasting impression is essential for you And your clothing is so much a part of it. 





♦️ Many times aggressive body language is just not bad. Always just don’t lean ahead. It is good to do at a time but Whenever you are speaking, You know some people have the tendency on stand stage, When they making a new point rather than going to the Left to the Right, They do this. How many of you do this —- Don’t Do this. Don’t bite your nails. 


♦️ And Don’t finger trapped and drummed, Don’t Do it. Let me ask you a question, why shouldn’t you do it? Because this comes across as the sign of distraction but more importantly, This comes across the sign of Impatience. Because when you do it, you are like, you gave someone some topic or not even giving them time to react. And you are like, I am waiting, waiting, …….


♦️ You don’t have to do that. Not everybody might be as talented as you are, See when My Mentor does his session He gives me time to react, He knows all those things but some of you don’t know about all these things. Ok 

   Please understand that you have to give time to people, think you have to do this, you have to be an audience’s speaker. What you have to do you have to be an audience speaker. You have to think, How much time the audience wants to understand this, integrated this, So Don’t do it. 


♦️ Now, the next thing that you can do is, When you speaking your fingertips together because This does what, This shows your authority so you are allowed to do this.  


♦️ You can do one more thing, you can do a quick rubbing of your hands, Because when you are excited about something, So your excitement comes from this. Your excitement should come from it. When you will do this, you are like, you feel charged, and People who are sitting in front of them also feel charged.


♦️ One more thing, I see that a lot of people when you write your emails, you make a lot of spelling mistakes, see this is something which you have to absolutely avoid and it is not difficult. You have google auto-check, and you have a multiplier spelling checker, when you write a mail ensure that your spelling mistakes are not there. 


♦️ If I talk about my Mentor’s Sessions slide, Even in one of his slides you will not even find one spelling mistake, not even a full stop here and there. Because it is essential.


♦️ How many of you text right now, When you text, what you tend to do is, you use short forms, When you type, you write in short forms, and then when you writing mails you do the same thing because it automatically gets into your system. Stop doing that. 




♦️ 1st- shaking of legs, When you talking, if you shake your legs, please believe me it comes across as a very very negative emotion, very very negative of doing the things of giving your speech or your sessions. 


♦️ Your hands absolutely no, They should never, ever be in your pockets.


♦️ Holdings on, When you speak just don’t hold on, don’t even hold a pen. Because when you do that it comes across as a sign of nervousness. I would also tell you even if you have been given the dice, so speak on the dice. Don’t lean on the dice.


♦️ Ok, let me ask you a question, Why do you feel I am telling you not to hold on even a pen? 

   Because When you will get the opportunity, When you will be given a chance you have to speak when you are not holding anything you will not be able to do it because you are so very dependent upon it. That pen giving you energy. Nothing else except yourself should be giving you energy. So that is why it is important. 


♦️ Don’t lean and when I tell you to have firm eye contact just don’t stare, Ok. you go to stare when someone is doing mischief. But otherwise, you shouldn’t stare.  


♦️  Supposedly If I am doing my session with slouching so, I would only be doing the session with me, myself. No one else would be there. So it is absolutely important for you. 




♦️ Now, How have My Mentor worked upon him? He recorded himself. When He delivers a speech He records himself. When sessions get completed He listen to that session and realize where he should be work upon that. He does this activity, again and again, to see what he is lacking and what he need to work upon.


♦️ Many Times My Mentor comes across as a very natural speaker but a  lot of things have been inculcated and a lot of things imbibe. And this thing can do when you will record yourself. Recording yourself is so very important. 


♦️ How many of you do this? And if you are not doing it, start from it today. Because then you will get to know what are the mistakes that you are making.


♦️ See, I am telling you how to get rid of your problems but what is the first step of solving a problem? 


                                         The 1st step is Realizing, What the problem is. Realizing, Identifying the problems. Then will be able to work upon it. 


♦️ So you watch your videos and then you realize what are the mistakes that you make. Record yourself and watch your video and work upon those things. And Believe me, you will be able to work upon it. 


♦️ I tell you, what happened with My Mentor, When he was doing an impromptu session for him it was in 2011. So what happened there was, There was a selection process for the impromptu contest that was to happen on the next day So he got selected but Two, Three gave him the Feedback That Rahul, your probability and your chances of winning tomorrow is very less. 


♦️ And He asked them, Why, he told them I was speaking very well. They said you tend to look down when you tend to speak.  He was like, I want to work upon it, He told his friend that give me 40 to 50 topics. He practiced throughout the entire night and within One night He worked upon that. And He won as well. 


♦️ There is no person who was born as a professional speaker. There is no person who was born as a social media master. There is no person who was born as a Sales trainer. Everything was worked upon it. Everything was integrated. Studying is important. Working upon those things is important. Working the right way is important.

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