♦️ This is a very important segment of our Website Because There is something where people move a little. Their performance goes down. That’s called Negotiation Skills.


♦️ How do we Negotiate When we have to negotiate. I will tell you the Best top 5 Rules of negotiation That You can Become a master negotiator. You can negotiate anything you want. 


♦️ Rule No. 1 of NEGOTIATION SKILLS  is – Don’t Negotiate 


Yes, Don’t Negotiate. Simply say this is the price of the product and at this price, you will get the product. I told you earlier That Quality itself is a Discount. Life does not give you a Discount, Quality is a discount in itself. 


♦️ The first thing is Don’t Negotiate. 


You see the inclination of the person in front of you to take your product so don’t negotiate on the price. You have already lived by applying your prices. You know that this pricing is good. It is affordable. 


♦️ What is Beneficial to people is Fame, Focus on the Same. 


Focus on the Value, not on the Price

♦️  2nd Rule of NEGOTIATION SKILLS is – Focus on the Value, not on the Price. 


When the Frontman is carrying the Discussion over the money then Focus them on the value. Like If a Guy says that Sir, it is 15,000 Rs. Product, How can I afford it. So, Say to them that The Value We are giving you is not 15,000 rs. It is worth millions.  


♦️ Who will you focus on Now?

How much is one of your Products? 

The Value of one of your products is rs. 10,000. How Many sales can you bring due to our content? What are you thinking about 5,000 rs?


Understand, You have to play the game above the value when the frontman is playing the game above the price. 


♦️ Many People Have it in their blood That They have to get money Reduced. 

  By Not considering such people as price, You have to pay more attention to the Value. Because He got about the value and when He Realises what I am going to lose He will Only Buy. 

But For that to happen, You will play the game above the Value and not the Price. 


♦️ Understand This Thing That, People make money and arrange money when they want. Hope you got the message. 


The Last Person to Speak, Wins 

  1. 3-

    The Last Person to Speak, Wins 


♦️ You Talked and you said that this product is 25,000 rs. The frontman said, No, This product pricing is 20,000 rs. 

Now you think, You have to negotiate Here. First is that Don’t Negotiate But Somewhere you think There will be a negotiation, It will not go withOut it. 


♦️ You think This Sell is very important for you, So say to them 23,000 rs. And Done.

Silent, Quiet, Not saying a word after That. He will keep speaking after that, Do 21,000 but You don’t say a single word. 23,000 rs, This is a Final.


You gave the Discount to respect. You saw the long-term Benefit. This is what I have to offer to you. 


♦️ As long as you solve This situation then that person will be ready to buy your product. That is what you focus upon. 

Believe me, He will buy your product. 

Notice the inclination of the Other person 

♦️ No. 4, Notice the inclination of the Other person 


If you are a buyer so if he is trying to sell you again and again. The effort is also going on. He is not giving discounts. If you are a buyer then stick to it. He will give a Discount to you. 


If you are a seller so If the Buyer is trying to convert you Don’t reduce the price. I knew that They wanted this product Because I will be adamant this happens when you have faith in your product/services. 


♦️ When you are doing with that Authority, When you will do work with that Authority so Results will come Definitely. 





The Person said that Our Expenses have been incurred so far, Lockdown was started, There are many Problems coming over there. 


So Don’t Their Ego. You do not have to win the fight. Your work only is, you will sell your product. Understand this thing. 

You will say to them that You are saying Right sir, I am with you. I know your shop had problems. 


♦️ You are saying everything Right. I am not saying you are wrong. But I can’t give you a Discount. I will give you the same price. It is not possible for me. I have all the sympathy of you but Price will not reduce Because I know that I am offering to you on best pricing. 


♦️ So What did you do? You didn’t blame them. You will not fight with customers. You have to do with cool and composed. 


Say this with cool, I am with you. 

I will not decrease the price. Get the situation in your favor. 


Please Do, implement, and contribute with people as well.

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