How to develop better Time Management skills, 12 Ways

There are some ways to improve Time Management Skills,


LIST DOWN THINGS TO DO, (In Time Management Skills)


♦️ You should always have a list of whatever you have to do in your life. When you should this list so It has to be done on a daily basis. 


 ♦️ Now you find out the time when it is productive for you, Whether you want to do it in the night, Whether in the morning. Whenever you are comfortable with it, do it at that particular point in time. 

♦️ Right it down before you sleep that is what My Mentor does. He wrote down all his goals and work that has to be done. 

                        See, there are certain long-term goals so you just don’t have to write every day, But what happens is if you have not written the work that has to be done the next day you end up missing a lot of things. 

                             And that eventually Harms, our performances. 


CALENDAR, (In Time Management Skills)



♦️ The calendar has to be written. Can we write to start? 

                          You can write a diary at anything as long as it is productive. Or you can simply write it down on your phone, the work has to be done the next day. And that is all about it. And then the next day completes all the work that you have done. 


♦️ It has to be marked in your phone calendar and put in everything that is really important. 



BE FLEXIBLE BUT REALISTIC,(In Time Management Skills)


♦️ For ex. Now I would have decided Ok, This is what I want to get in my life. And this is the amount of work that I have to get done on a particular day. So Many times a lot of things would not happen as per your plan. 


♦️ So you should be ready to be flexible. However, do not give yourself that flexibility again and again. because again, you would make it a habit. 



AVOID REPETITION, (In Time Management Skills)



♦️  Understand that many times you tend to do a lot of things that you are repeating, I don’t know what reason.


How many of you check your emails maybe 4 or 5 times before sending, Because you are not really confident about it. 


Almost All. We Do. 

               That is because we are not 100% confident about the content that we are writing. And we tend to waste a lot of time pertaining to that. 

     I am not saying Don’t do that. For grammar, It is easy. For grammar, you have a tool that is Grammarly. That is free of cost. Use it. 




♦️ What is the Difference between urgent & important?

            If you want something right now you would do it right now. But people do, I will do it after some time. And many times people don’t make decisions. 

Only because people do not consider them urgent enough and that actually happens and that is known as procrastination. 

 Do not do that. 


♦️ For ex. I know that If I have to go and attend an event in the USA. I know it is important for me, it would help in my business. It would help in my growth.

                 And when I know that today is the last day that I would do it anyhow, I would not give any excuses and I would do it any time whenever I want. 




♦️ My Mentor used to do it at night time so think about it when you are productive for that. But there comes a time when we have to delay it. I don’t think that we should do that. Because when we have to delay it, Automatically we end up doing the task. 


♦️ What is the production time for you, is it the night time or is it the morning hours. What is the time when you get everything done? Either during the nighttime or in the morning. 


♦️ I tell you about the morning – In the Morning, What happens is the disturbances are really less, and that is why that time is really productive. If you are not doing that one thing that you have to do is, Find Out time for yourself.     

                         For example.- I am going to Delhi to Deliver a talk. In that talk I am giving myself One day, Alone time, I will stay in a hotel. I would not interact with anybody on that day. I would be only focusing upon my talk, I would be focusing upon my content and my future plans. 

        I tend to take time when I will only be with myself and putting in work and thinking about what I need to do in the future. 


♦️ Are You a cheap decision-maker Either in your family, Either in your business, or at your job? 


So if you are that person, Believe me, you need to give yourself time. Because if you give yourself the time you would be able to be more productive. 

♦️  Because what happens is, See, when I say that I do a lot of work, that does not mean that I don’t think about my work. ( Understand that)


You have to give yourself time. You can do it in the morning, or You can do it at the night or you can take some time away from your regular schedule, So Do it. That you are able to find out more time for yourself.



NO NOTIFICATIONS, (In Time Management Skills)


♦️  How many people, when they get notifications on their phone, whether it’s on Facebook or WhatsApp, keep looking at their phone and they try to look out for just 1 min. But they went up 30 min. On your phone.  


I know that so many people are there. And Believe me, it is true for everybody. 


♦️ These notifications actually are killing our time. See, You have to give time but you have to dedicate your time. And Let me tell you something: My Mentor’s Entire Business runs on social media But still Their Notifications on their phone WhatsApp and Facebook are off. 


♦️ So if he can do that Believe me, you can as well. One more thing that you can do is- getting your things done on autopilot mode. 


There are 2 things, That is- One is that You are using social media. 

And the Second thing is – Social media is using you. 



NO TELEVISION, (In Time Management Skills)

♦️ This should be zero. If you are wasting your time on Television, Believe me, you are not doing justice to your own self. No Television at all. No News, No Newspaper, Not at all. What is the good thing that you are learning from TV?  – (Nothing)

                                      Not getting anything productive from there. All that is felt to you is Negativity.  


♦️ Why do you want to know Current Affairs? 

   Only worry about what is happening around you and that is it. 


NO NEWSPAPER, (In Time Management Skills)


♦️ If it is required of you that you have to learn things from current affairs, So do it. But still, you can have a mobile application, And the mobile application is like shorts, You can use that. 


♦️ You have to understand that you are wasting your time on all these things. 


PRIORITIZE WISELY, (In Time Management Skills)


♦️ Prioritize your work wisely, Because When you prioritize your work wisely you would realize that Yes, I am doing things in an effective manner.   


♦️ You have to prioritize your work, when you do this, you will realize that Ok, This is something which is really important. 

            For Ex., When My Mentor conducts a session so he only focuses upon that. Nothing else happens at all. Everything else is being done by his team,  He keeps himself completely free. So your prioritization is very important. 


♦️ Prioritize your work that we are learning here. Prioritizing is really important. Only delay something that you feel is not very important. 




♦️ What do you understand about this? 

   If you are doing something really important if someone tells you, Please can you get this work done for me? 

              You have to learn to be saying and having that ability to say NO, to people.


♦️ When something is not productive for you, you have to say NO, (Are you agree with me)


♦️ You have to learn to say NO, Believe me If you can not say no, it can hinder your work.

                                 For Ex., – My Parents Or My Friends, Or My Loved Ones, Or Even Sometimes People from you, From your team, When they ask me to do something which I know is not important, I say No to them. 


♦️ When work is not happening so Ensure that everything else takes a back seat. It’s very important for you to learn to say No. Whether it’s your loved one, Whether it’s your family member, Whether it’s somebody to really close to you, Learn to say No to People. 


♦️ Supposedly, Your Boss wants to do something, You should also learn a way to say No to Him in the most effective manner, He does not feel bad. (simple)


 ♦️ If You don’t learn How to say No,…….

You would always be doing things, that you don’t want to do. 


 ♦️ How many of you ask yourself this question, You were in a relationship(Any relationship I am not talking about husband/wife, Girlfriend/Boyfriend)  and You realize that Has Now Become toxic But You still continue.

                          And then eventually You had to end that relationship on a sour note. Because you did not say No to that person at the right moment. 


♦️ You have to learn how to say NO. 


♦️ It is ok, Somebody says that If I say No, The Other person would see my very bad attitude. 


I would say That It is Ok. What the other person thinks about you, is not important,  What You think about yourself is more important. 

                            (Do you get that)




♦️ Eliminate Distractions when you eliminate distractions from your life you would automatically realize that productivity is happening. 


For Ex., – My Mentor had spent his time with his friend, where every day He went over there and He was everyday spending his time over there and then He realized, Nothing is productive, Nothing is not happening in His life. Then He decided that He will not go there in the future. 


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