♦️ That you are sending the proposal to the clients is very much a parameter here that is whether you are going to get that project or not. And one thing is, How professionally are you doing? 


♦️ First of All Download The Grammarly App. So that whatever you are sending emails, msg, that would be grammatically correct. 

I saw many people who apply for jobs who don’t know that How to write an email. 

How can the company allow this to happen? 

How can companies select them? 


♦️ You need to focus on one thing. 

1st and most-  Do not send mail by copy-paste to whomever you are reaching out to. 

 Do not write Dear Sir/Dear mam. Write Their names. Like Dear Raul, Dear Satyam. It is very important to have the name of whomever is reaching out. Until their name makes no sense. 

 ♦️ 2nd Thing is. – If They do not know about you. So write your introduction in the first paragraph. 

3rd thing is – Benefits for customers should be mentioned in the subject line. Like- Increase your sales by this Much. work upon your communication skills.

Whatever you have the subject line. You have to tell them in the subject line what types of profit they will get. 

Similar to the subject line, Whatever you have mentioned in the subject line, The Answer similar to that, and the benefit of those people is to tell you in the beginning. 


♦️ Ex. is an opportunity for business growth. 

This is your subject LIne. and below you have written Dear Rahul Subject- We are here to help your business grow by 27%

You have to mention all these things. 

 1st- Thing is- Address theirs with Name. 

2nd- Thing is- Personal introduction should be in the starting. 

3rd- thing is-  They should know what is their benefit. 

4th- thins is – Please ensure that you are using a tool so that your grammar and content is in sequence and it should be appropriate. 


♦️ There should not be a grammatical error, Because if it happens, there is going to be a lot of loss.,

Next thing is – I have told you a lot How it is going to Benefit your client. Ask them, 

Ask them the Right Questions.,  When should I get back to you?

When can we expect to start? 

How can we start with the process? 


♦️ Ask Questions to them so they are in a position to give you a Date and not tell you. Don’t ask these things. Like, 

Will we start this process? Or we won’t? 

Ask them When we are going to start this process? 


♦️ Do you understand the way you ask the questions is going to get you those results? Because of this, you will get the answer you want. 

“ It is said that the Question is the Answer” 

Hope you got the message.




♦️ Now, I am telling you, How is your sample Invoice? 

2 or 3 Things That are Very Important in your sample Invoice. 

♦️ Date Should be very well maintained, Name of the Brand you are reaching out to.

Their Name, Their Register Email Id, Their Phone Number must be fully mentioned. And the Same Details should be mentioned by your company. 

Your Name, Your Organization Name, Your Register Email Id, Your Contact Number, Your Address should be mentioned. 

♦️  Must be Serial Number should be Mentioned there, Gst Number must be mentioned.

How much is it worth should be mentioned? 

It should be signed in your last. 

♦️ It is very important to have all these things in your sample voice. 

♦️ Do not be an unprofessional freelancer. 

   Be a Professional Freelancer. 

♦️  Initially, if you do not have Gst registration, it does not matter. You can register later. 

No problem, if you have not even registered your company initially you just start your work. 


♦️ Gradually, you can register it as a firm or you can also register him as a private Ltd. 


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