♦️ I am going to share everything with you in depth detail. 

♦️  All the knowledge, All the information, All the support, All the guidance everything is going to come your way in this article . 

 ♦️  But Despite this you know that this program will work only if you this intention that you have to give value to the people. 

♦️  Work with this intention of giving value to people and serving people.

♦️  Believe Me, Whatever content I am giving you, Whatever strategies, Whatever information I am giving, Unless you are of giving nature Unless you really want to help people then it will not work for you at all. 

♦️  The Reason why, You have come here is the biggest reason that you see that I genuinely help people. 

♦️  I genuinely care people and you have to develop the same thing.

♦️   If you do not find out what is the reason that you want to help people. Please find out that for yourself. And only then you go to the maximum out of this programme. 

♦️ And Secondly what I told you, Please don’t do passive learning, Make notes, make videos, do activities. So that you can blog internally and take it. 

♦️  And you can take the results by yourself. 


♦️ Till the date we have been taught the same thing in sales, If you are selling a comb to a bald person so you are a good sales person.

♦️  If someone asks you a question during sales so you do not know the answer you  confuse your customer.

♦️ Sales means sticking the product to the front man, I see so many sales person who after selling their product say that I have cut my customer and that is why selling is infamous in front of a lot of people. 

♦️ ️ Selling is not encouraged due to this mindset that is why a lot of people do not want to go into the sales sector.

♦️ First of all change your perception towards selling – “Selling is Serving”. You are adding value in people’s life. That is the meaning of selling. 

♦️  Selling means that you are providing such a thing value is much more whatever the other person has given money. 

♦️  Selling will not happen until the selling is done with integrity and authenticity. 

♦️  Now, That Era is gone. 

♦️ TIll date you have sold by lying and cheating But From today Onwards Nothing like this. 

♦️ If a person is telling you that you are selling a comb to a bald so this is not a Selling. Please do not do this. 

♦️  Find out The Right Customer, Find out the Perfect Customer Avatar and Only then you will be able to understand that How selling is Done Actually?

♦️  If you look at the way I work what I do.

♦️  I identify the problems, solve the people’s problems and that is where actually selling goes.

♦️  And Then you solve the problems through your product, your services, your guidance, your programme, your content. 

♦️  If you do this through anything then it is called selling is actually. 

♦️  As long as your ideology Does not change you can not be forward about selling. 

♦️  Lies will not survive in the market for long Because sometimes from your words, your action will be known that He doesn’t genuinely help people. “Never Do it. Never, Ever do it.”

♦️  If a customer comes to you and You sell anything by lying to him. Don’t do this at all. In the longer run you will never move forward.

♦️  Always think about things in long term perspective.

♦️  How much you are going to gain in the long term, How much profit you will get in the long term that is why, That is what you need to focus upon.


identify the problems

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