What is customer service experience mean / Qualify Customer (2)

Customer Service Experience

Customer Service Experience ( The Worst Customer):

♦️  It’s a little too much of a typical thing that people don’t understand but you have to understand. 

Who is your Worst Customer (customer service experience)? 

♦️  You know about Him. I tell you, who is He? 

The person to whom you have given the maximum Discount. I will explain to you, why. 

Supposedly, you made a product which is worth 10,000. A person came to you and said that we are about to know, we are relatives And he spoke this by speaking and took a Discount of 10% from you.  

That is, He got that product for rs. 9,000. Now he will also go and sing praises. Now he will also show you that I have bought from you and have done you a favor. And you have already given a much more substantial chunk than your profit margin. 

♦️  You know, What happened next time. That He will expect the Discount of 10% every time. It means you are launching a product that is worth 50,000 rs. He knows it will be available from me in 45,000. Because I get a 10% discount. 

♦️  Now He will come to you and say Now, tell me How much I will get this product. You will say 50,000. Then he will say, Hey, if you give a Discount of 10%  to us. You will also give it to everyone. We are your special people, so tell us How much you will get this product. 

    Because he assumes that you give a 10% discount to everyone. I am special, I am a relative, Because of that, he will ask for Next time and more discount. And this thing will go on again and again. 

♦️ Now you have also given a Discount once, you also think that a Permanent customer will go. I tell you from this situation what you will lose.

1st Thing is- He will tell everyone about the Discount to everyone. That They have been given me the Product in low pricing so that your name and credibility in the market start to wane. 


2nd Thing is- He will always consider it as a favor he has done for you, One, you give him a Discount and help him. Second Because of that, your name will also be spoiled and He will continue to sing praises everywhere, Due to which others will also ask for a Discount from you. 

♦️ Because of this, you will have to give a 10% Discount on your Product everywhere. Which you had 10% profit, Which you could invest in marketing that all your money is completely gone. 

That is the Harsh Reality that is the Reason, Why businesses collapse and Businesses are not scaling, Because of Customers like these. 

♦️ Do not sell to such customers, I tell you Honest things. If your product is good, if your product has power, it will come back again and will take the same price on 100%. But This will only happen when you work by applying intensity and Full Dedication and Full Force in your product. 

Then results will come in your way. 

♦️ Do not let such the worst customer come to you, tell them, Sir, We don’t have. This is the pricing that I can offer to you we can not go down. We don’t allow any discounts. There is no Discount on our policies.





♦️ How will you qualify your customer? 

Here, I am explaining 2 things here. 

♦️ You will say Satyam, That it is a little contradictory But if you understand well in Detail, then you will understand. 

First Thing I explained to you earlier that it is very important, Your customer should have inclination so that He can buy your product service, It is very important to be that No.1 

♦️ 2nd Thing is, He should also have such a Budget that he is ready to buy your product. Because unless that person is ready to take your service then it makes no sense. 

Don’t spend so much time on that Guy. 

Secondly, you also need to understand, which is a little bit contradictory that do not judge your customer. 

♦️ I explain to you about this-   If A customer is taking time to place your first call or not replying to you for a long time or not receiving your phone for a long time or Don’t reply to Messages, So Don’t start judging. He will never purchase, He talks negatively. 

♦️ Don’t get angry if someone is asking a lot of questions and The Question is genuine. No, No, No, Don’t do that. 

If you get angry, Then All the Hard Work you have done till that time is wasted. He is going to convert and you get angry at him and he won’t buy it again. 

♦️ Now, You will start from zero on a new Guy. So What we have worked hard on one person, That Hard work has spoiled us. So what you need to ensure is And That is What is gone to get Those Results and take your head is. 

♦️ Don’t judge and Don’t Prejudge as well. That He can not be taken. He wasted too much time. If someone told you the problem of His life, then you are thinking that this Person is not worth Taking The Product. 

Where will he take my program? 

♦️ When you start prejudging on your behalf, you lose your opportunity for yourself. You lose your customer, I am writing this to tell you. Please ensure that you are not judging your customers and at the same time choose your customer who has to pay for inclination, whose problem is also solved, and who also has a pocket so that he can effort your product. 


♦️ Products worth 50,000 are also afforded and Rs. 50 are also product afforders. Reach out to the right audience. When you reach out to the Right Audience then you get those results that you really want for yourself. 


     Hope you have understood this.

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