Without A Strong Why, People Don’t Buy And About Sales Copy (10 Reasons)

Without A Strong Why, People Don’t Buy 10 Reasons


The secret of all effective advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships.” 

                                                         Leo Burnett 




Jim Edwards does not consider himself a professional copywriter because He does not write copy for other people.  He Creates professional-level copies to sell his own stuff. That’s the difference. 

        Nobody is born writing sales copy except maybe Ron Popiel, the dude who did the Pocket Fisherman, the Showtime Rotisserie, and the Inside the Egg Scrambler. His ability to create offers, write copy and invent products is unmatched. You and I were not born knowing how to write sales copy. The great news is you can learn. 


                         In the early years, Jim designed flyers for his college fraternity parties. The pressure was no because if people didn’t show up to the parties, He would lose his job as the social chairman along with the privileges. 

                    When Jim worked for the mortgage banks, He wrote their ads. Every week Jim’s Branch manager asked him to write an ad. Jim had to have it for her by Wednesday so She could send it over to the compliance department so it could run on the weekend. The ads were pretty good. But the bank rarely ran the ads exactly the way He did them because the compliance department Hated Jim.

Jim wanted to use words that weren’t good to use in bank ads because they made the regulators nervous. It was one of the reasons why Jim stopped working for the Bank. 


Finally, the Head of the compliance department called, “Look, We can tell when Jim’s writing the Ads and when somebody else is writing the ads. You might as well stop sending us Jim’s ads because we’re not going to run them.” because there were so many laws about what you could and could not say, these people were gun shy of anything that looked like the exciting sales copy. It was an inauspicious beginning. 

Jim start3d selling online in 1997 with decent results, at the time He started selling online, He was bankrupt and living in a trailer park (after some terrible business decisions). Here’s the thing, you can’t learn how to make great decisions until you make bad decisions, right? He wasn’t setting the world on fire, but He was making money. 

    Then, in the fall of 2,000, He Jim realized that something had to change to get out of that trailer park where He’d been for six years. Jim’s ability to persuade people to buy from him had to improve. To do that, I had to run better ads, write more compelling copy for the web, and get seriously good at putting words on paper to encourage people to buy. 


It was a conscious decision to do whatever it took. Jim was sitting in the tiny office in their spare bedroom. From that moment, He became a serious student of sales copy. Jim read all the classics He could get His hands-on including scientific Advertising and His Life in Advertising. You will find His recommended reading list in the appendix. 


Jim started writing and testing copy everywhere He could some were for his products, But He also wrote some for a few real estate agents. He’d put something up, watch what happened,  and often nothing would happen. When something good did happen, instead of chalking it up to luck, I studied what worked, kept doing that, stopped doing what didn’t work, and never quit examining the good copy. 


During the summer of 2000, Jim went to work for a company where He wrote a sales letter to sell a $97 CD-ROM. Here’s a picture of it. As part of this project, He figured out how to create the autorun CD and do the screen capture video which in 2000 was a huge deal. The sales letter made $100,0000 for the company in three months, a big deal to the company. 

                Jim figured out how to create a six-figure sales funnel for this guy in less than ninety days. Jim’s wife and He moved out to the trailer, bought their little house, and then he fired Jim in June of 2001. Jim’ll never forget that Friday in June. with a new home complete with payments, no job, and his fledgling ability to write sales copy, He was scared. 


Jim’ll never forget what His wife said when He arrived home, “You basically have 30 days to make this work. By the way, if you could just make a third of what you made for him, they’ll be fine.” 

             That guy paid Jim $1,500 a month ($18,000 per year). That’s where my self-worth was at this point. Jim was making 1,500 bucks a month, created a six-figure funnel for this guy and then He fired him. Over the next few weeks, He wrote or co-wrote three different sales letters. In the last four months of 2001, I made more money than I made the previous four years combined. We ended up paying off the little house in eighteen months. 


That’s the power of knowing how to write great sales copy. Sales copy changed my life and it can change your life too.         


Without A Strong Why, People Don’t Buy: 


People don’t buy without a reason why. 

                               Jim Edwards 



 ♦️ This is the single most valuable secret Jim ever learned. In His opinion, this is the one that can change your life the fastest. Burn this into your brain. People don’t buy without a reason why. Say it with me, “People don’t buy without a reason why.” 



♦️ Are there other reasons? Maybe. Honestly, I’ve only focused on the first five reasons why people buy. When Jim Learned this, it changed His life. The Lightbulb went off. Jim’s brain expanded. Jim knew how to frame His messages to people for whey they should buy, and how to tie His product to their why. He now had pegs on which to hang reasons for people to buy. 

                  Most people who create sales copy give prospects one reason to buy now. Usually, it involves saving or making money. That’s it. It can be about making money for some people, but it’s not all about making money for everyone. These ten reasons why people buy gave Jim a one, two, three, four punch and more in my copy. 


Here are the 10 reasons. We’ll talk about how you put them into practice quickly in your copy. People will buy because they want to: 


  • Make money 
  • Save money 
  • Save time
  • Avoid effort
  • Escape mental or physical pain 
  • Get more comfort
  • Achieve greater cleanliness or hygiene to attain better health
  • Gain praise
  • Feel more loved
  • Increase their popularity or social status 



The first five – make money, save money, save time, avoid effort, escape the pain – resonated with me so well I committed them to memory. Those are the pags people use to justify their buying. These are theirs why. The key here is to tie multiple reasons to why people buy, not just one. Think about it this way: it’s like tying down a trap in a windstorm. 

                     If you tie down one corner of it, it’s going to blow all over the place and not be under control. But, if you tie it in two, three, four, or five locations, suddenly it’s right where you want it. You do this by asking certain types of questions about your product and getting creative with the answers. 




 ♦️ You might think this sounds like work. However, putting in a little brain sweat now can translate into millions of dollars down the road. It’s a fun exercise to do. Here are the Questions: 


  1. What are five ways my product or service will help them make money? 
  2. How can I or my product or service help them save money over the next week, month, or year? 
  3. How much time can I save them and what else could they do with that time? 
  4. What is something they don’t have to do anymore once they get my product or service? (This is how you figure out how it helps them avoid effort.)
  5. What physical pain do I eliminate for them and what does that mean for their life and business? 
  6. How does my product or service eliminate mental pain or worry for them? 
  7. What are three ways I or my product can help them feel more comfortable? 
  8. How does my product or service make it easier for them to achieve greater cleanliness or hygiene? 
  9. How does my product or service help them feel more healthy or more alive? 
  10. What are three ways my product or service is going to help them be the envy of their friends and feel more loved by their family? 
  11. How will buying my product make them feel more popular and increase their social status? 


If you take each of those questions and ask them honestly. Anticipating an answer, you will be amazed at the results. Now, here’s how to put this on steroids. Force yourself to come up with ten answers to each of those questions. Your brain immediately exploded at this thought, didn’t it? I learned a problem-solving technique from a mentor of mine years ago. He said, “take the problem you’re trying to solve and write it at the top of a piece of paper. Then write solutions to fill up the entire piece of paper. Then go to the next page and fill that page up.” 


The easy answers come in the first third of the pge. Then once you’ve exhausted the easy solutions, you need to dig in and start solving your problem and thinking outside the box. It’s those answers that come later in the process that contains the real solution. If you answer each question even five times, you’ll see answers that aren’t obvious. 

        Once you go beyond those two, three, four easy answers to each question, you start digging in and think about who your target audience is, what they want and where they are in their life. That’s where you’re going to come up with copy bullets that once you write them, you’re going to think, “Oh my gosh. That’s awesome. That is going to make a huge difference. 

                    I want to challenge you to take this list of questions and answer each of them multiple times. You’ll come up with answers that will make a huge difference in your ability to sell. 




♦️ You can tie these reasons to your offers, to your headlines, to your stories, to your bullets, to your content topics, to your calls to action, to everything. It’s a lens through which everything gets focused. It’s all based on that. Because once you understand the why or the why, you can tie stuff to it that you wouldn’t ordinarily, and your competitors don’t. 


Here are a few examples. 


  • Protein Shake. How could we apply the ten reasons people buy to a protein shake? Make money: Drink this protein shake in the morning and you will have a fantastic amount of energy. You will do better at your job and probably get a rise. 

Save Money: Our protein shake is 25% less expensive than the market leader, but it has superior ingredients. 

Save time:  with our protein shake, you can have a nutritious breakfast in 30 seconds. You can spend more time with your kids before rushing out the door. This reason also ties in with feeling more love. 

Avoid effort: you have your breakfast made in 30 seconds and it’s delicious. 

Escape physical or mental pain:  Don’t you hate feeling bloated all the time when you eat too much breakfast? Or, what about feeling like you’re starving because you skipped breakfast? This shake solves that problem for you. 

Get more comfort: I don’t know how this would help you get more comfortable unless it helped with constipation. 

Achieve greater cleanliness of hygiene and better health:  When you drink this protein shake, you won’t have bad breath when you show up at the office. Drinking this protein shake every morning is proven to help you lose weight and look great in your jeans. 

Gain praise and feel more loved: You save time in the morning that you can spend with your family. 

Be popular or increase social status: You lose weight. You look great. Think of all the new friends you’re going to make. 


  • Executive coaching program. It’s easy to tie it to making money. 


Make Money: Whatever you’re teaching a person will help them do better in their job, get a promotion, or get recruited by another company. 

Save money: You could spend twice as much on consultants to help you do this, but we’re going to teach you how to do it. 

Avoid effort:  You don’t have to figure this stuff out on your own. All you have to do is do what we tell you to do using our proven templates and you’re good to go. 

Escape physical or mental pain: What could an executive who’s looking to do executive coaching be trying to do that would cause physical or mental pain? Spending too much time at the office and neglecting their family. Interesting how we tie mental pain to love and familial status. Where are they feeling pain mentally or physically? When they’re spending too much time at the office and not able to spend time with their family and Little Timmy’s starting to call the UPS guy “daddy,” that would suck. 

Get more comfort:  Attend our executive coaching program where the top 1% of achievers enjoy all the benefits of having that corner office at a Fortune 500 company. 

Attain fuller health: We’re going to show you not only how to excel in your job but also how to find balance in your life once and for all. You can manage your health and energy to be even more of a high performer. 

Gain praise and feel more loved:  We’ll show you how to organize your time, so you are not staying at the office until ten every night. You’ll be able to go home and keep little Timmy from calling the UPS guy “daddy.”


  • Dog Training book. 


Save Money:  I would start here. Learn how to train your dog yourself and avoid paying $50 an hour to somebody who probably isn’t a certified professional. 

Avoid effort, escape pain:  Avoid the issue of dealing with a dog bite either to yourself or a neighbor. Now, you could amp that up. Escape the potential apain of a lawsuit. If your dog bites somebody. Don’t get sued. This book will help you to train your dog correctly and control aggression. “Oh, dang, I better buy that because I don’t want to lose my house because little Fluffy bit the neighbor’s kid.”


You can apply these reasons why to anything. Once you understand the reasons why, your job is simply to tie as many of them as you can to your product, service, software, or whatever it is. You must identify the reasons why people buy your stuff, specifically more than the obvious ones everybody else uses. You need to tie your product to as many reasons why as you can. Get creative. Get silly. Get inspired. Do something that relaxes you and lets your mind run wild. 


You might write down fifty or a hundred different things. If you find that one angle, that one unique why nobody else is using that makes all the difference in the world, or catches their attention, that’s where understanding these ten reasons why people buy can transform your copywriting and mindset forever.


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