♦️ Follow up gets you the Sales today, I tell you a statistic- More than 70% people buy after the 8th follow up. It means People lose their sales because of not following up. 


♦️ I tell you, Follow up Method, – See, Arrange the List top to bottom of customers or Brands you have to Reach out. As you reach out to the brand. You will write a Brand name. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 (You will write top to bottom) And you can write Left to Right That. and Write the Details of the interaction you had with the team (Date-Wise)


♦️ What was their answer, Had they interested? Did they say, call me after some days? Which sale closed on which day? 


It is very important to have one interaction each. It is very important to have all things Documented. 


See, What will happen, Initially Many Brands, Many Customers will refuse you. If they refuse you then when you do not have their data, How will follow them up? 


♦️ Let’s say you reached out to 100 people and 2 people said yes, After 2 people who said yes to you, You have to do it, that 98 remaining people who refused you, You also have to send information to those people that we are providing services to these 2 people. 


♦️ Do not say to buy, you just have to reach out that these 2 brands are working with us. 

                           Understand, Follow up is not just asking Again and Again to sell. Follow means, Be Present in front of your potential customers all the time. Follow-up means Brand recall. Make them feel like I exist. 

How many ways can you follow up now? 

No.1 – is – Emails


You can send emails regularly. If you remember their birth date, Remember the wedding Anniversary, in that way you can make them rich out. 


♦️ When you do these kinds of things you will see for yourself that you have started getting good Results. 


The 2 Thing is – You can reach out through Messages. 

                    You can Whats App

                      You can comment on their Facebook post 


Don’t sell, Just be Engaged, Just be Remembered, Just ensure that you remember them. 

This is the way of follow-up. 


♦️ When you see a video of a famous person on Youtube, What Happens, It happens, Brand Recall, in front of you, You know about him. It doesn’t. When you see a story of him, When you see videos of him, When you see contact, That’s a follow-up. 

♦️ You have to do this strategy.  


♦️ Create content in this way and go in front of people again and again Through the msg, through the mail, If you know, run Ads. so through the Ads. 


There are many more ways you can reach out in front of people and will automatically connect with you and stay connected to them. And they will give you some work or the other. 


♦️ Keep a track of your Interaction and reply. This is very important. There will also be many people who convert after 1 Year. there are many people who are just beginning their careers. How much time it will take you but you have to take time. 


♦️ Results will come because of that time opportunities will come because of that time. The whole thing will take you forward. Then you will get the desire and dedicated results. 

Once you do this thing, then Sky’s the limit for you. To do All this stuff you have to learn one thing that is follow-up strategies. Do follow up regularly. 


♦️ Prepared mail, Prepared msg. So that you can interact with people. Believe me who revenue will get you from follow-up that is gone to second to none. A Person who follows up like crazy will always get amazing Results. 



♦️ The first 15 Seconds will make or break your results. 


♦️ I will explain it to you with an ex. – If someone calls me on the phone – Hello Satyam, I am calling from an XYZ organization, I saw your profile. I want to get to touch with you so that I can tell you the opportunity that I am offering to you. 


♦️ He was calling from a Digital Market Agency, It’s been 15 sec. But He has not told me Anything then I will say, Send me an email and Thank you so much, That’s it. 


♦️ Now, Second Person Calls me, Hey Satyam, I follow you on social media, What If I tell you that I can double the traffic That’s come on your website and Double the views that get on your social media Profile. 


Would you be Interested in Hearing, How I can make that happen for you, I just need 2 min of yours.


♦️ Grab the Attention in the First 15 sec. That is why it is very important that you ask the Right Questions. When you ask RIght Questions then Results come on your way. 


I know that My Product is very powerful. If I am asking for 2 min. And I told them everything within 2 min. Because of What I did in the First 15 sec. I got the Attention of my customer, Who will be the buyer of mine. 


♦️ If you make a video, You are pitching on the road, If someone is coming to your shop you are pitching it. 


If you have an electronic shop, If someone comes to your shop, You ask him, What do you want sir, He says, I want A/C. 


Sir, Why Don’t tell you an A/C that will cool your room very quickly. That works in intelligent mode on its own, It will close if you are out of the room Or Your Power Consumption will also be less. (Would you like to know)


Who will Refuse it? Keep that product with you and the First 15 Sec. grab the Attention. Now Relationship buying doesn’t work in today’s time. This is a long process. Tell people what they want. What is There for me? 


♦️ WITFM, From the Audience Perspective. Explain to them their benefits in the first 15 Sec. 


Now Find tune your pitch. Write your pitch Again and Again, Again and Again. So that People should see the Benefit of your product within The First 15 Seconds of your pitch. If this is not happening then there is No use. 


♦️ If you are given a proposal by reading. So read your proposal or See How much can you read in 15 Sec. 

Does The Person see Benefit in 15 sec? Will not open your mail if not seen. 


♦️ There is a lot of traffic in the market. There is too much noise in the market. You have to cut through the noise in the market. You have to know in front of people by giving something that will take people’s Attention in the First 15 sec. 


If you do something like this, The Results that come after that will be the next level in themselves. This is very important, Execute these strategies. 


♦️ See in your pitch, Whether it is a pitch video or written communication talking to someone in front of you through a message, It should be seen in the First 15 sec. If it does not show his benefit then understand that it is over. If you are running Ads, Reaching out to people, Team Members Hiring. 

        People should see the benefit in the First 15 sec. If it won’t, It’s not going to benefit you. 

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