11 key elements to growing Presentation Skills

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DRINK WATER, (In Presentation Skills)


♦️ Water is the best gift that God has given us. And that is why we need to deserve water as well. If you are not doing that Please do that. Because see, When you drink water, Your body gets calm, you feel really good about it. 


♦️ Your throat is not thirsty anymore. That is why it is really important to have water as well.  


How much water should we have? (Before Session)


5 liters in a day. And Before the session 600 ml. 


SELECTING THE MAIN POINTS,(In Presentation Skills) 


♦️ You have to select the main points of the presentation. You have ripped, you have cut down the things that are not important. Your presentation should not be like, going on, on and on….. 


♦️ Nobody is related to what you are trying to say, 

 So Select the main points. 


Once you have selected the main points, then automatically focus on them. Then you will realize that.  




♦️ You have to decide whether to illustrate or Not. 


What do you understand by this?  


Has to, How do you need to present your content. 


♦️ You need to put a lot of illustrations, You need to put a lot of images, using figure statistics whether these are required or these are not required, everything. 

 And If it is required How much certification is required. So all these things actually make a really powerful presentation. 


♦️ Jokes should be there, it should have an amazing introduction as well as the conclusion, Your content should be edited. 


♦️ If I give an ex. from my side so I would say, That Every Day you are giving Approximately 86400 sec. What you make out of those seconds. It is really important. If 60,000 sec. Are those we’ll utilize for doing good stuff, Then you are doing really good for yourself. 


♦️  If you are only utilizing only 20,000 seconds, then probably or not going to justice yourself. So that is why quantification is important. And see, what you do at the beginning of the session, –  grab the attention of your audience. 


♦️  Obviously, the middle content is really important. That is why it has to be edited as well. But when you conclude both the things are really important- How to start, And How you Conclude, Because primarily a lot of people remember those things. 


♦️  Hasn’t Happened to you that you have watched the movie, You really like the movie but Because The climax was really Bad, But the Climax was really bad, We are like – NO, That movie is not worth it. 

♦️ So that is why Both the things, your introduction and as well as the conclusion part, Both are really important. 



FACILITIES AVAILABLE, (In Presentation Skills)


♦️ Before you deliver your presentation, One More reason why you have to reach really earlier so that you understand what are the facilities available to you. 


♦️ Maybe, You are going to a really amazing presentation of PPT, But when you reach there, The organizer says, Sir, Projector is not working. What do you do? If you have time so you can make a flowchart. You can say to someone that Hold this Whiteboard so that I can do my work. 


♦️ You Realize that. But If you reach 2 min. Early Neither will you realize that the projector is not working nor will you have any chance of delivering a good presentation? That is why it is important for you to reach early. 


♦️ And Understand what facilities are available. Anything problem can be there. 



YOUR EXPERIENCES, (In Presentation Skills)


♦️   Include Your Personal Experiences, Include a lot of personal experiences, Because when you include personal experiences automatically more people would relate with it.  


♦️  Predominantly try to include your own examples, Because when you include a lot of personal examples you would realize that yes, The Content that you are delivering is appealing to a  lot of people. 


♦️ See, I don’t include a lot of examples of Celebrities.  The reason for that is I do a lot of things on my own and I am continuously doing a lot of things in my own world. 


FAMILIARITY WITH THE TOPIC, (In Presentation Skills)


♦️ Be Familiar with the Topic, Because when you are familiar with the topic, you will not Have the awww, omms, and you would automatically be really focused upon what you have to deliver. 


WORKING WITH VISUAL AIDS, (In Presentation Skills)


♦️ What a lot of people do is- They tend to become very reliable. They tend to rely a lot on visual aids only. And because of the reliability of visual aids then what happens is Their performance is affected.  


♦️ When they don’t have the visual aids or most of the time looking at the slides while they are speaking. So better than would be that you do not rely on a lot of visual aids. 

                                          That is why it is important to have a Familiarity with the topic. 


DEALING WITH QUESTIONS, (In Presentation Skills)


♦️ How do you deal with questions? 

If somebody is asking a question to you and you don’t answer that question, what would you do there? 


➡️ So what you have to do is, First of all, there are 2, 3 things, 

One what you can do is- This is an amazing question ladies and gentlemen. I want to make this question open to the audience. Let me take your feedback from the audience. (So very intelligently, Because you did not know the answer so you passed it all to the audience.)


♦️ 2nd thing is – it bit, I don’t know the answer But for sure I’ll take your email id and I’ll answer it. 

Because Nobody is God. 


♦️ So you go to know how to tackle things. You can do both things. But give them the answer in the future for sure. 


STORYTELLING,  (In Presentation Skills)


♦️ Storytelling is an art. If you know the ad storytelling, The world is yours. The world belongs to storytellers. The world needs more storytellers,  You look around, look at the all successful people and you would realize that each one of them is an amazing storyteller. 


♦️ Because being a storyteller gives you the advantage, you can give facts, you can give figures whatever you want to give those facts and figures who not sell.


♦️  How do people connect with someone?


People relate it what He was doing.  People relate it to his journey. Because you know that Ok, This person has gone through the difficult face that we have. And He has achieved something.  


So that is what makes you believe Ok. Let’s do it. 


♦️ People connect when they listen to examples. Then people realize ok this Happened to me. I was not able to present my Idea. When that person told the story when he said this happened to me. Then people say Yes, this is me. This is my story. 



SLOW DOWN & RELAX, (In Presentation Skills)


♦️ Slow down & relax because when you slow down & you relax, you realize, Yes, I am going to do really good things.  


See a lot of people ask about the vocabulary and stuff. Let me tell you something, vocabulary and all those things, They are overrated concepts. Do you understand that, I just need to know a few good words and that is all about it?

                                  Communication is about conveying to have on your mind, in the exact same manner, To the Listener, To the Reader, To the viewer.

         And if you are able to do that and if you just know 10 words so you are an amazing communicator. But if you know thousands of words and you are not able to communicate what you have on your mind in the exact same manner, then you are not a good communicator. 


Do not have limiting beliefs in your mind. That I have a limited vocabulary And that it actually stops me and grows in my life. 


ELIMINATE NEGATIVITY, (In Presentation Skills)


♦️ People say that you are not good, your presentation is not good.  Your voice is not good, you can not bring about the change, These are all the things that people will tell you. 


These types of bitter words will come to you from people. Who is not achieved in their lives? Plane and simple. Anybody who is rich will not say Money is bad.

♦️ Anybody who is fit will not say Fitness is bad. 

                                    All the people who go to tell you what all this negative are the people who gave up in their life and really you should not spend your time with these people. 


♦️ If there are 90 to 95 % negative people around you then you become the positive force then you convert each and every one of them into a positive force. 


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