How can You Asking The Right Questions? 12 Simple Ways

Asking the Right Questions, 

First of all, why is it important that you ask the Right Question? I tell what most of the people do whenever they trying to sell what people do is. They deviate from the topic. 

Ask people unnecessary questions. They start asking questions that do not make any sense. And Because of that a lot of their time is wasted. So What I have realized is that I have trained my team like this- 

     That You asked the Right Question to people – Let me tell you what kind of questions people start asking – Sir Are you married or not? 

  Can I make my content on Youtube also for someone to Roast? 


People ask to start with Illogical questions. They don’t;’t realize that time is precious. So that is why it’s very important. Time is precious for you, as well as for the person who is going to buy your product or your service. 

So what’s going to happen in that case is you need to ask them the Right Question Because of the Rugith the person who is there, Who Wants to buy your product or your service. 

They would be aligned to the same thought process. They would understand the benefits of the same and you would automatically be able to close the sale. That is so very important for each one of you. Because many times you do this when A Guy is going to buy your offering, Your Program. 

   You immediately speak such a thing to them or ask a question that leads to, Leave your sale. You will not make that sale. This is a big mistake which many people make this mistake. I have seen so many salespersons who are more involved in talking around here and there. Rather than asking the Right Question. 

All The Present time, which has more credibility sales than Relationship, sales is more important. The Credibility sales you are bringing on your own are very important. When You understand this thing, Then Results and opportunities will start coming to you. 

   So Please understand, When You ask the Right Questions, You get people’s Right Frame in mind. 

You ensure that They are Always Ready to listen to you, You explain to them the benefits and therefore the People are gonna take those actions that You want them to do take And We are gonna Deep, So That You would understand As to How You can ask the Right Question, You need to Ask from People. 



STICK TO THE MOTIVE: (InAsking The Right Questions)


What is the Meaning of Sticking to the Motive?

For Ex: Let me Give you an example About the communication skills course. What Happens is supposed There is a person who called us, Now That Person wants to know How He would be Benefited After They Become a Part of that Course.

    So My Team Member’s Role is to make them understand Has to How They go to benefit from this opportunity. 

  What Happens in the Majority of these cases is the person who is talking to my team member. He starts Narrating Let say a story from His or Her office, 

   I am making this mistake in the office. People are ignoring me in the office. I am not getting a promotion in the office. And The Entire Discussion Rather Than focusing upon How this program is going to help His or Her. 

Going towards office these negative things like that And After 20 or 25 min. you realize that Nothing productive has been discussed. 

One More Ex.: I would like to say over Here is – There is a person And What They trying dong is, They trying talking about past 10 years. My Life has not been productive in the past 10 Years. I have not been able to get those Results in the Past 10 Years. That is not the motive of that call And If you take 20 to 30 Min. on a single call Where you are not talking about productivity so the Entire time gets wasted. For you, That is my team member as well as the person, who goes to become part of the program And Therefore it is important that you stick to the motive. 

You say that guy Ok I understand that there is a problem in your life, Now You must have a solution for this problem. Let me tell you to have this course will give you a solution to your problem.

Do You understand that is How You need to stick to the motive of the call? So that the time is not wasted and so that the Discussion does not go in a different direction. 

Let me ask you this. We start with some topics and start Heading towards unnecessary Discussions. 

Do You Agree – Has That Happen?

From Now onwards You need to prevent that from happening. What you need to focus upon is that the Results should be oriented Towards getting the end Result towards getting the sale. Towards getting the Transaction Done and it is only going to happen when you stick to the motive during that sales call. 

Please do it every time. 



HOW IS THE GOING TO HELP THEM? (InAsking The Right Questions)


How does your product Help the person who is going to buy your program or your service or your service or your offering?


Now What you go to do in this case is – Make a List of your buyers according to their category, Like What we do is – 

     We have made the list, If Entrepreneur comes, We need to tell them all these benefits on How our program is going to helping entrepreneurs. 

If there is a person who is a Business owner, How is this is going to help a business owner? 

How is it going to help a person doing a Job?

How is it going to help Students? 

We have Maintained a chart and we have written all the benefits on that chart. The Intrapreneur will know How to sell And make the mindset. He will know to scale. he will get a Big network and will get mentoring. 

If the Student is there, What benefit will the student get in this?

How to crack a student Interview?

How to do group Discussion?

How to make videos?

How to get on stage? 

How to produce content? 

We start teaching all these things there. So we have kept that which kind of person is going to benefit from Here. and You have to ask them a question this way. If you are talking to an entrepreneur, What would you say to him? Do you want to learn, How to scale your Business- Of Course. 

He is gonna say  – Yes. 

I wanna learn it. 

Do you want to get the Right Mentoring so that You save your time, as well as your money in your entrepreneur journey? – of course, I need that (He will say)

To the student, What are the questions that we would ask – Don’t you realize How important communication skills are for your growth. 

Don’t you want to crack every interview that You sit for?

Don’t you want to be an impeccable speaker When you are sitting there for group discussions? 

You are asking the Right Questions to people and through your questions. You are also telling them How this is going to help them. So You did both things here, First- You have taken a Yes from the customer. 

And 2nd- You have also told them the benefits of your offering. So Automatically, Those Results will come to you.

Make a checklist of it and then prepare the Questions Accordingly. Through that, you will have opportunities coming up on your own. 


     That is very important. 


WILL YOU TO WHY HAVEN’T YOU? (InAsking The Right Questions)


Hi Sir, I am calling from Team Satyam Vishnoi. Would you like to enroll in our program?

And Let’s change it, 

     Hi, I am calling from Team Satyam Vishnoi. We have seen that you have clicked upon our emails. We are offering a sales program. My question to you is – Why haven’t you done it? 


Hi Prince, You came to our showroom, You took a demo of our Ac. Why haven’t you bought it yet? 

You are not giving them an option. Whether They should buy it or they should not buy it. But you are rather asking them. Why haven’t they taken that decision? 

Why haven’t they taken that Decision? 

Why Haven’t they grabbed that opportunity? And  Because you are asking this question to them. 

So Automatically People would be ready to ask those questions for themselves. Because we know that We need to ask the Right Questions. And That is exactly what you need to do for your own self as well. That is the thing. 

A question may also come to your mind that They might feel forceful selling. They might think whatever, They wanna think But this is the right way to go about it. When You know about the Product is good. When you know the product is amazing. When you know that the offering is genuine. Why would you not ask them the Right Questions? And in a way, This is not even forceful selling. You are asking people why haven’t you enrolled. 


They are going to give the Answer to your Question. Or the Reason, Why they haven’t yet enrolled in the program. So that it becomes easier for you to tell them the Reasons. –  Explain to them the Benefits. 

For, ex: A person would say that I am not quite convinced with your product. So you explain to them about your product. Somebody might say that sir, I don’t have enough money with me so then you can give them The option of paying through EMIs. 


If They have a credit card. But If you will ask them. Will you be able to do it? 

Will you want to do it or not? 

The only thing thing that will come to their mind is that Peo9ple will not take it And Some People will take not take it. And some people will take it or some people will not. 

That is the reason why they are asking these questions but When you ask them why haven’t you done it. Then The Person will realize is man, Everybody does it – So I also need to do it. And Then You will get those results. 

Your time is saved, You also understand the Reason  Why that person has not taken it. And after that, you can explain that guy very confidently. That is the most important part and This is the kind of Question that You need to ask from people in order to get those Results going for you. 

One more Ex: I will give you – Understand that You have a Digital Marketing Agency. You pitch a Brand. And when you reach out to that client at the Digital Marketing Agency, Instead of asking that client. 

   Sir, would you like to offer Digital Marketing Services? What other things would you say to the People, Sir, Why haven’t you yet taken the Digital Marketing services?


  How May We Help you? 

So, Now The Person is going to tell you the Reason why He or She has not done it. Rather than Saying to you – I don’t want to do it. 


Just the Question that you are Asking Automatically changes things. What Have you done instead of will you 

You have put why Haven’t you. 

You just change 2 words and The Entire terminology changes and the way changes And Automatically You will get those Results. Then You will get those results. Then You will get profit on your own Think about How Important it is. 

But the thing is to date, You are not able to do it Only Because You never heard about These strategies You never had somebody guide you. You never had somebody to mentor you. 

But You have. 

Due to this, You will have opportunities to be built on your own. 

 I hope you got it. 


I THINK TO “ I BELIEVE”  (InAsking The Right Questions)


 I think to I believe. 

I think to I believe. 

You go to ask that to people. 

I think to I believe. 

Now, what do you understand about I think to I believe? Let me make you understand this. 

See, When you say to people, I think my product is going to Help you then What Happens is You are still doubtful. That Ok, Maybe Your product can get those results, Maybe your product can get those opportunities going for you, And Therefore You would be able to create those opportunities for yourself. 

But When You say I believe you Automatically tell People that I have 100% faith in the product or the offering that I am providing to you. And That is why you need to say that to people. 

I believe that you need to get it done for yourself. 

Think about it when you reach out to people. How do you interact with them? 

What do you ask them – I think or Do you ask I believe. 

The Day You change from I think to I Believe People would Realise that, Yes This is the product that is so very important This is the Product that is the Bring about the substantial change for you. 

I Believe that You are an action taker. Just imagine People – If You are motiving somebody If you are interacting with somebody. If you are helping somebody and If you say that person I think You would be able to do a great job. 

I Believe that You are cut out for this amazing task –  Imagine The Confidence boost That your team members would have on that note – I believe that Each & everyone Who is attending this article Right now is going to get mind-blowing results in their Life. 

That is the thing. 

You ask the Right Question And You Realise that All Those Opportunities and Results start coming Your way You just go to change from I think to I Believe. 

And The Day  You start changing it from I Think to I Believe. 

You will get those Results Your own self. And Then You will realize That Those Results will come to you own self. 

Understand, What People Need to understand is – The Authority the Confidence the Belief system. That You have upon Your Product. You have to change the sample thing. 100%. 


YOU CAN TO “YOU SHOULD”: (InAsking The Right Questions)


You can to You should. 

Now, there is not a lot of Difference When You look at it. But if you go too deep there is a Remarkable difference Between both things. When You Say to the People – You can. 

What does it mean that You can do that – But if you speak with an authority that You should then the Faith automatically increases. There is no difference But the second word is you should. 

When You use that, then those results will start coming Automatically which I also tell you repeatedly that You have to focus on whom you con to you should. 

When you will focus on what you should then You will get start those Results and Those Opportunities. Ladies & Gentleman,    

   This Thing You should tell to your team members. – You should do it. You should Bring about these opportunities for yourself. You should go all in, You should motivate people. You should get more than 15 conversions in A single day. And When You give that kind of confidence to your team members, People got those results going from them. 

Let me give you an ex: Here – If You see Lord Hanuman too, so There was a time that He had no confidence in His powers at all. Then Jamwant got him the realization of his powers. So If God needs the realization, So we are just human beings- Right!

Even we need that realization. Even we need that confidence. Even we need that Push. 

One more thing I tell you – Your environment is too important. When You work on the environment then Results will come to you. I can guarantee you one thing that Attends Daily Episodes of my podcast People in the group motivates people by commenting in the group. You will make 100% confidence in yourself and you will get 100% results for yourself. There also is a very big reason And the reason is that Your mindset will automatically move towards positivity. That is so very important, This is a Big Thing which you will have. 

You have to do results to do all that and that is the reason why is the environment that we have created for you inside this programmed mind-blowing and When You say to people. You should…….., You should……….., You should…….. 

Then You will get those results. 

Ask this question to people in this way, tell this confidence to people in this way, Tell this content to people in this way, then you will get those results and opportunities. That is very important.


MOTIVATION TO STRATEGIC: (InAsking The Right Questions)


Whenever You are talking to people. Whenever You are trying to get that sale done for you, Your Motivation should change to strategy. Motivation should be changed to strategy.

You can motivate them a little bit But You have to focus on strategies And Why do you have to focus on strategies Because Only strategies can give you the results. You have to understand this thing. 

When I talk to people, I just tell the content and only talk about the strategies. And motivation comes by itself when you get results. But Predominantly the thing that I share with you is a field with strategy. And You have to do these things.

Give the strategies to so many people in my podcast that People should understand. 

When People want to know about your product, Give them Knowledge, give them knowledge of what are benefits they are getting from your product. They should feel that the person from whom we are taking the product is knowledgeable. He has all the information about his product. And He has abundance information then They will buy from you definitely. This is very important. 


You people must have also seen that you also follow the same content where there are strategies, How long the motivation can last. 

Motivation does not work in the longer run. Motivation has never been able to bring good results. So that is very important that change some words and you will have your own results. 

I tell you one more thing that when You are selling a Digital program so do not say to people – Buy our program. 

Say to People – Enroll in our program. 

I know that there are many people who do not take action Because of buying now. Think about that. You might not even think about this. But we focus on each and every minor detail. Or whatever I am talking to people, Whatever I am saying to people Because People need to understand. 

Clothes are buying stuff. These are expenses When I invest in my learning in my mind. That is an investment. So I need to make people understand that you are investing in yourself. And You are not spending. Because You have to change that mindset. This is very important. 

A little bit thing, buy now to enroll now. Automatically all things will be changed. 

How many of you realized this – Yes, 

That we say that.

These things are very powerful. 

People don’t know these things, This is why people do not have these opportunities and these results. Every word mattress. Every sentence matters. 

When you stay connected with people then every word that you are asking people Then a lot of results start coming. When you are working very genuinely How will you not bring the Results genuinely? 

When Won’t you develop your authority, Why won’t you develop credibility for yourself? 

But All this will happen when you follow all these strategies. So focus on strategic content rather than motivational content. So that people also take strategic content. 


FIRST FEW SECONDS: (InAsking The Right Questions)


The first few seconds are extremely important. I tell you why-

Why you are talking to somebody, You would realize that she also has less time, You also have less time. It is very important for you that whatever is your first few seconds that you are talking with people then you only have to take the attention of people, whether it is your videos of your sales call. 


Understand this thing How to do this. Whenever I am making a Podcast episode I tell people so let them know at the beginning itself. As to why this goes to help them. 

Why And How this is going to create that opportunity for them

Why and How This gets these Results for them.

This is very important. 

You start getting those results in the first few seconds. And you clear that mindset of people. 

For Ex: Suppose You have a Digital Marketing Agency. 

You are calling an influencer, What will you say to an influencer?

Read this very carefully –   You say to the influencer – Hello Price, I am calling from this agency. We have gone through your profile and we see that you get about 5 lakh views on a monthly basis on youtube. 7 lakh views on Instagram and Just a few thousand views on Facebook. 

Would you like it If we would double it to your traffic? 

If we would get you more leads and get more opportunities coming for you. Whatever I have told you till now If we are able to get 10% of this done. Will you be interested in knowing more? 

What do you think first 15 or 20 sec? You automatically have that opportunity for you.

Who will you say no to an opportunity like this? 

You have kept your preparation and you have done your ground reality check, You have told the same thing through which it is going to benefit. So what you have done is within the first few seconds. You have got the Attention of the person and You have also realized That this guy would definitely like to hear me. 

On the Other hand, If you say Hello Prince, I am talking with you and I am talking with this agency we work for many years we have worked with a lot of influencers, this is our website. Rather than mentoring its benefits, You are praising your website. 

No matter How Big your agency is, the frontman means it to his advantage. 


They should understand what the frontman is going to get. So that is why the first few seconds can Actually get that sale for you And break that opportunity for you. That is very important. And therefore you would be able to get that attention going. Extremely essential. 

First few seconds. 

And I have also given you 2 Ex. on what you need to do. and what you do not need to do. 100% – What is therefore for me, People need to understand. 

What is there for me? 

When people understand what is there for me – They would be more than inclined to listen to you and to get those results going for you. First Few Seconds will bring the Result of every offering, your product. 


ADVICE AND NOT SELL: (InAsking The Right Questions)


Advice and Not Sell. 

This is the most important thing whenever you bring the sales. Advice and not sell. I hope you get it. 

Let me make you understand Why this is important- If you are trying to just sell, sell, sell, sell, sell. Results are not going to come. 


What is important is – You need to advise people. Advise them about the opportunity that is being offered to them. Most of the people they try to sell to people. Just start one. 

This is it, This is it, this is it, And then people stop and then People don’t take that action. If you would have realized What I do whenever I do Podcasting, in My episodes, I explain to yo9u the benefits I explain the benefit of selling skills, and How you need to work upon that I give you a lot of strategies I give you a lot of content. 

First, we create that authority. First, we create that credibility. 

First Let people realize that Ok I right person whom they should learn get Rid the objection they have on their mind. And then we ensure that Now People are going to become a part of our offering. 


So we give them a lot of value. We give them a lot of information. We give them a lot of support. And After that only we advise them to become a part of our community. And That is exactly what you need to do. Whenever you are also trying to sell a product and your opportunity to people. Advise them and not sell them. 

And Again, How would you be able to advise people? The thing over Here is that You need to create credibility. How to create credibility? 

By Giving regular content. 

By Dong – Regular webinars. 

By Going Regularly in front of people. 

What I do on a daily basis – I add multiple stories, add multiple audio, Multiple videos, Multiple Articles. 

Like Some people are reading this article Right now and later on I take a screenshot and put that on my Instagram. Then after that people see it from Instagram And then come back here to read it. 


So, What we are doing is, We are telling people again and again that we are doing this work Again & again. When you are doing a good job doing positivity then why won’t you tell us that we are doing good work? 

Why won’t you develop that credibility and Authority in front of People? You should do 100%. To create that Authority, it is very important for you to take all those things to produce daily content in front of people. 


Now, you see, it was my motto earlier that I would put 170 episodes but now I have increased that to 250. 

You tell no one gives such powerful content. I know it and that is the most important part. It’\s, not an easy man. It’s not easy. It’s not easy to create so much content. 

Agan what we are doing is – Advising People. Creating an Authority so that We can advise people and doing it with a genuine heart so that you can actually help people and make them become a part of the opportunity that you are offering to them. 

And this community has to be made very Big. it has to be changed in the life of many people. People have just started, Understand this thing And a Lot of things to do and do together. And then that opportunity or those Results will start coming automatically in your life. 

  So I hope you understand the difference between advising and just trying to sell. 


EXPLAIN THE DELIVERABLES: (InAsking The Right Questions)


Explain the Deliverables in a repeated manner to people. In a Repeated manner to people. 


You must have your Deliverables written in a systematic manner. You have to tell those people in question form. 


Do you realize that People would attend 250 episodes, You will usually benefit from this program. 

What you’ve done? 

You also asked questions, and also gave Deliverables. Don’t you realize that once you become a part of the Facebook group and You would be able to network with so many people? How big are you going to get? 


Also Told The Benefit, Also asked Questions. 

This is the way you have to develop credibility for yourself, In This way, you have to create authority for yourself. Explain the Deliverables to the person. 

Let me tell you how much a Facebook group is Benefit. You keep adding value regularly, go on creating opportunities for yourself more than one thousand likes will also come on your post. You will get more likes than if you don’t have followers. You will get a lot of results. 

You have to do this thing. – explain in front of people are your deliverables. I have also explained to you the Deliverables and told you the Honest thing, Do the same thing. Honesty and Integrity are included in everything, I am telling. When Honesty and Integrity are included, the results will start coming to you. 

So explain the Deliverables to the people. Whenever you are trying to explain the content, You would be able to get these results going for you. That is very important. 




Use Stories to overcome objections. I’ll give you a very simple Ex. 

When someone asks me that You can’t give your program for free. 

Read it very carefully. 

I have a cousin sister and I also have a Dear friend of mine. Both of them got to know about my program. 

They were really happy. They were really excited. Satyam, This is an amazing program. Thank you so much for creating it. 


Can we get it access and of course You will not take money from me, You are your own brother. Ok, I will give you access. Then After, Not even Log-in, They did not attend live training even once. They did not say thank you to me. Never even Accessed it. I have also messaged and mailed but they did not put any effort into it. 

People pay and then They Pay Attention. It is as simple as that. 


What I have done. I removed the objections at a time through a story. You have to understand this thing. You also have to bring your own results through the story. 

If a person tells you that sir I need a Discount. You tell me one thing that You have previously received an offering Where you purchased the offering Because of the Discount. And Later it felt like man Why did I take it. 

Once I went to get a Mobile, Then That shopkeeper put 2 mobiles in front of me and showed a Discount on it and I brought it and later it was spoiled. Later I had to get a new phone. Don’t think about discounts. 

Again what you are doing is – You are telling stories And also clearing that objections with stories Then You will clear all objections by yourself. That is very important. 

And Due to the story, The Results will come to you yourself. If A person will say to you that We have done such things before But The Results never come. 

You will say to him. Right, You are saying absolutely Right. I went to the gym for the first time and I joined the gym with a lot of motivation. I went to the Gym, 3 or 4 days after that I left. Then I joined the gym again with the same motivation at another place. 


After that, I stopped going to the gym there too. After that, I went the 3rd place. From 3rd Place, I have been doing gym regularly for the last 8 months. You know why it has a reason. Because the trainer There, If I do not go to the gym in a Day, Then He messages me. 


Why haven’t you come to the gym? When I go to the gym, He teaches me and repeatedly solves all my queries. 

This had not happened in both the past and today Because of this I have been doing gym for the last 8 months. The Mentor I have got is very good. Solves all queries and Teaches me all things. And we do the same thing for you in this program. 

We give regular information. 

We give regular content.

We give regular feedback,

We give regular reminders. 

And That is the Reason You will continue Here, This is the thing. 


Understand What you have done is – You tell people by stories. How His life changed and How his life changed here. So You need to tell people. You need to tell people in the form of stories. That is the most important part and that is How you are able to get those results for yourself. 


So, I gave you 3 ex. Ok. 

On How you would be able to get it done for you. 

I give you the information. I give tasks, Or Tasks so That You can set your mind. And with your mind, You start to implement it. That is very important. 


The Same thing will bring you dedicated results. 


DIG DEEPER: (InAsking The Right Questions)

Dig Deeper. 

Dig DeeperThrough Your Questions. 


I ask a question to your questions to yo – Why did you enroll in the sales Boot Camp Program? 


People said – Satyam Because I want to learn more. I want to become a good salesperson. I want to learn more money. I want more results. I went deeper. 

Why do you want to earn money? 

The answer is – Because Money is very important without money you will not live a comfortable life. Then I knew it but I gonna ask you Why Money matters in life. 

Then that  Person said – I saw that In my family, The Fight that takes place is only about money. That is why I want money. And then I asked him again.  Have You had some battles in your home too regarding money? 

Because That is the Real reason Why that Person has enrolled in the program.  That is the thing. 

That is the Actual Reason. Why has that person done it? But Nobody realized it. Nobody reveals it. Nobody tells that to people.  All of you, When you say that I have enrolled in the program because I want to grow my confidence.   

The reason why you have enrolled in the program is That During your childhood something happened that made you believe that you are not good enough. And You would never be able to speak confidently.    

Now, You wanted to change that And that is the reason why you become a part of this opportunity. The reason why you go to the gym is that you have seen somebody in your family struggle with fitness and you don’t want to do that with you.    

The reason why you have gone to the gym. So this is the Actual reason for you. This is why you enrolled in this program. But You will never say to people Then you have to Dig Deeper with people.

Because when you Hit the Right Thing when you hit the nail right on the head.  When You touch the right pulse then that person takes action. I knew it, Nobody tells you these things. You have to also understand these things.      

Dig Deeper and more you do it and Deeper you go then You will get started with those Results. That is the most important thing.  

Our Past experiences play a very important role in our life and Now it is my Duty to get it to change to get that Down insecurity negative thought process away from people’s life only then their life will change.

Then You will ask for those results and You will get those opportunities. Now some people will think that I am putting my hand on the aching pulse but it is not. But People have to get the realization of why do that. Good results will not come until realization takes place.                  

So it is very important that you tell them actual information. Give actual knowledge, give actual guidance, That is very important. And That’s how you need to ask the Right Questions. And when you do that when you will get started going with those results. 

Very important while you are asking the right questions. If you ask the Right Questions then a lot of changes happen. 


We are going into deep. We are telling you by deep analytics. How you need to ask the right questions and then you will get the results going for you. This is the thing and this change will take you so far. 


LISTEN:   (InAsking The Right Questions)

The Next thing is – Listen to People. 

When you listen to people. 


You are way ahead of everyone else if you listen to people. Believe me, You are way ahead of everybody else. Most salespeople don’t listen. Before listening to them, they start answering there. 


Hey Brother, Listen and understand what the guy wants to say. But what do you guys do? You start explaining them from the very beginning. 


There are many people who think that just sell our items to the in a frontman. And The Problem with that is, You will never be able to sell. Because what happens is – When You do some work. When you do that activity then you got those results going for you. 

Automatically they will refer you to more people. Because you are creating those opportunities for them. And Because you are listening to them. Most people don’t listen. I listen to people.  And THerefore I have been able to provide you with that guidance and information that You want for yourself. 

Which can take you further in your life. And this thing will come to you on its own. 



Listening is very important. 

What the other man wants to do, why He wants to do, What He is understanding is very important to explain this thing to people. Because when you do this thing then it is these things will come in front of you and you will make the Results for yourself. 


You know, What happens with maximum people?

Look at the current circumstances. People don’t even have somebody who would listen to them. Listen to them, understand their problem, and give them Dedicated solutions to it.


If you would see to this. I would say this again and again, again and again… to you.   

                         Because I want to do come across as a consultant as a person who recommends that is very important Rather than trying to sell to the person.  

And I want to tell you the same thing over and over again on a Repeated basis. Get it done people. That is the thing.


And that you have to ask the right questions again and again. Give people knowledge, answer their questions.             

So, This is all about asking the right questions.                                                                                                        

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