How to avoid objections in sales! 7 strategies

How to avoid objections in sales! 7 strategies




♦️ This question also comes, Especially when you are talking on telly calling or Sending Email. So He can say that How Did you get my Details? 


So Don’t get offended. 


♦️ Tell them with clear and cut that you filled up the form we got it from one of your friends, you can tell name when you are doing with Honesty When you have Filled a form our team representative had gone there. 


♦️ Tell them the Real source along with you will explain to them, Dear Sir/Dear Mam, Let us focus on the value here, Do not focus on where we got your details. 


♦️ So, What you did, you give them their questions, Answers and Automatically Switch their focus on the value of your product. What they get results from your products. 


 When you do that then He will say that Ok, Tell me. What are you offering me? 


♦️  You acknowledged the question and switched immediately. If you give their answer and do wait that what he will say then you will go into a problematic situation Because they would not have understood. 


Now, what you will say? So you said simple to them Sir/Mam we got from there your details so Now Focus on the product. 


♦️ In the majority of the cases, He will listen to you carefully and He will understand also. I’ll give you a sales tip, That is very important. 


♦️ Address the Buyers with their name, If there are not huge age differences. When you address the people then equality comes. It doesn’t seem like that you are not selling, you are recommending. 


♦️ 2nd Thing is – People feel good when someone addresses them with their name, But it should not be that if he is 20 years older than you, then you will call him like, Hey John what going on, Please Don’t Do that. 


♦️ So do that when you interact with your same age group, talk their name, Believe me, that shows your authority, That shows How much faith you have in your product. 


♦️ I have already told you, How to tackle this objection, So Do not be afraid of this question, You are serving good service, good product, good course, Tell them in all Details and How did you get their Details. Then take the Discussion forward from there.





♦️ See, Now This Objection can come and someone can scold you also, That  I am not interested in your product. 


Maybe someone speaks worse than this, maybe someone abuses. 


♦️ No Problem, Don’t be afraid, Challenges and Problems come in the way, So Don’t be afraid. Never be afraid of these things. Don’t lose your focus. Don’t lose your patience. What will you do in this situation? 


You will say in this situation- “What can I do so that you can get the interest in this product” 


See, This is the last claim for t his object is, Maybe He doesn’t want to listen to you. You can do one thing more, When he says this thing if you are telling from a big company, So, Try to speak to some other representative, This is very important. 


♦️ Unless you got this thing from the mouth of exactly the decision-maker. Sometimes the mood of the people is bad. 

There is a fight at home, There is a fight in traffic. Don’t think these Elements that is not a problem. You need to ask them. What can I do sir? 

   Which Problem can we solve of yours? What do you know to take that Decision forward? 

Can we start a conversation… 

Maybe sales will come. 


♦️  Understand the Process, Extend the interaction. Extend the interaction longevity. 


You might not know what your customer will like about your product. If the phone call has been disconnected, Mail has been closed, if you were sat in front of them, They dismiss you, Then the probability of having a sale ends. 


♦️ Keep on extending the conversation with the other person. Creating opportunities is very important. You can make it through this question, They are dismissing you but still, you are standing there, So maybe the person in front can see the same thing that even though I speak so much, He is standing in front of me. This would be the reason why they would be more than happy to buy from you. 


                                   Hope you got the answer. 




♦️  What will you do if they say this? You may feel that it resembles the previous one but there is a slight difference here. I want to explain to you what the difference is and How we can bring this situation in our favor. 


♦️  This is important to understand, I know when such objections occur, fear and mood deteriorated. Why is someone telling me this? 


No Problem, You will say this one Liner, that –  NO PROBLEM, BUT WOULD YOU MIND LOOKING AT IT ONCE? 


♦️ Show the Demo.

Please Look at it once. Maybe, what do I know when he gets ready to see the guy. When he is ready to see that. Then He will be happy with that product. And Then Results will come. Many times when you say that I don’t want that product that is why the opportunity is created. 


♦️  Keep your eyes and ears open to learn something New. 


♦️  You can do one thing, Do a Roleplay. Write in your Diary.


Can you see a Demo, Just 2 min? Of your and then they would realize, Yes This a good product. What Happens in many places, we do not ever understand that we are so fed up, If something good is coming into our life, Then we Dispose of it. See Once might work. Use This line and you will get all the results, I Hope, Keep Noting all the One-Liner so that you will get great results automatically. 





♦️ Read carefully this objection. The customer can say to you that I have tried such things earlier. 

See, People have fear in their minds that the last experience was the worst. What will this experience do if it turns out to be bad?


♦️ People have regrets for their past decisions. Read this Carefully, If you will say to people that this is an improved version so they will not buy your product then they will miss the old experience. 


So The One-Liner that you have to have over is- This is a new opportunity that I am offering to you.  Please ensure that this is a new opportunity Because unless you will explain to people that this is a New opportunity so they are associated with a bad experience. So that they don’t buy. 


♦️ People compare your product with their previous experiences. You go to understand you go to tell them, I am offering you a new opportunity. 

It is not at all like, No Opportunity has been given to date. Then They will listen to your product. It means to make them Listen to your offerings. 


♦️ I hope you are getting gradually, You are understanding, consuming the Phycology. You are understanding that we will not give them the wrong offer. We are offering, we are giving information to them. 


♦️  Never make them feel that they are wrong. So that they understand these things automatically and Results will come also automatically. All these are offered to them. This is an important thing Here.


♦️  Do work with Honesty, Integrity, and giving nature. 





♦️  Some People ask you what is the Guarantee?  


♦️ I tell you in  All Sectors. 

   If you have an offline product so it would be written on the box or a guarantee card. Explain to them in a simple way. 


If you have a Digital Product If someone says that what is the guarantee of your product. What profit will I get from your product? 


♦️  See, Make any good product, Make any good service if that person will not implement so Results will not come. 


I tell you with an example – Suppose you bought a car, You saw there was a Dialogue in a metro movie, – Purchased the car and kept it in the house but will take it out when all the signals are green. I will not take it out, So the car never Left. 

  Will that work?  Will that give mileage? Will it transport from one place to another? 


♦️  Won’t do it Because that car has never run. The work for which the car is made is not working. How can you expect it? How will that car give desired Results?  So in This Situation, You have to focus on the explain to people through one line. 



One guarantee is there


♦️ If you continue doing what you have been doing, you will never get what you want. Different action leads to different results. The same action leads to the same results. This thing you will explain to people clear & cut. When you take this clear & cut it in front of people, then they will understand it. 


♦️ One more thing, People Who look for guarantees are actually looking for excuses. We have to understand which Direction the client’s mind is in. Is He focusing on value or is he focusing on negative things? 


♦️ See, People with a negative mindset do not get positive results. One thing, I have told you earlier that you are giving good information, you are solving all genuine queries, But Don’t Answer the illogical query, say to them It is not meant for you. It’s alright, Don’t Buy the Product. 


♦️ Understand, If you tell the truth to one person, you know what He will understand. If He does not understand then you should not spoil your forehead. He or She does not bring change in their life. It’s Ok 


800 Crore People are living on the earth. Don’t be afraid. Always be ready to get new buyers. Whenever you get a New Buyer for you. Your afraidness will be eliminated from your mind. 





♦️  Will I also get a refund? 


If I am not satisfied with this product. I saw that most sellers do not keep a refund policy. They have to fear that. People will come and buy the product, they will take the service, they will watch the program and after using it, They will say that they do not want it and you will suffer loss. Such People will get a hundred percent even if they do not keep a refund. 


♦️ You want to work in the market and think that all things will be perfect, if all things are in my favor, then this will not happen. Everything every time is not in our favor. You have to take action. You have to grab the opportunity. Now I tell you what you will do in this situation. 


♦️ Keep a refund policy for a limited time period. Say to people that if you are not satisfied with our product, we will refund you, Definitely. Understand Man, do you believe in your product? 


♦️ Work with genuine customers, This thing is beneficial for both of you. If you trust your product then why fear. 

People will not take a refund from the product if they are satisfied. Maybe The Cheap Customer may ask for. I am talking about people who are benefiting from the product and who will also ask for money back. 


♦️ I am talking about those people, not those people. Return the money of those who are not benefiting soon. What is the benefit of keeping such brands?


It’s very important that you work this way. 


♦️ If you are selling a physical product, the company is responsible for refunding if it is bad if you get any fault.  You will also find that you are selling shoes, after buying shoes they are coming back the next day that we do not like. 


♦️ That does not mean that we will stop working. You do not quit working because of negative people. Please keep a refund period. More people will buy because of the refund policy. Because it also shows Authority. 


♦️ It also shows credibility. It shows that How are you dedicated that’s why results come. People buy your product, your service. They will continue for always, (Got the Msg, – Keep the refund Period.) 

♦️ If a Person comes after the refund period ends, then tell them politely that the refund period was only for so long. 


♦️ After that, you have the right that you can refuse. But do keep it refundable. If a Genuine person also asks for a refund then give it, If Any Cheap Customer also asks for a refund, give it. 




♦️ These are Sales Objections. So Now, We understand which objection lives most in people’s minds and which objection is the Least. 


Now, I am gonna break a lot of your myths. 


♦️ What you have put in your mind that Because of all these reasons, People do not buy. I am gonna break all by one. 


♦️ The First Objection, I am going to tell is the Least important objection. That Objection matters little to people and what I will tell in the last is very important. So if we are going to the top to bottom the First one is the least important and the last is the most important. 


Got it Let’s continue. 


No.1 ➡️ Because of which a person will not take your product, which is Least important, it starts with M. 


A lot of people think M Means 🤔


You might think that  money is important. Perhaps money is a reason why the person is not able to take your service. You are absolutely wrong. 


♦️ People arrange money when they see the worth of something. It is as simple as that. Right now I am writing this In Lockdown. 

Those who had no money to eat stood at the forefront of the Liquor shop’s line. For that money came, People didn’t have money to eat food for ration. This is the Harsh Reality. 


♦️  You saw, You will have many friends, who do not have money to eat and come for smoking. Such people also live in the office. People find money, People arrange money when they actually want something or the other. 

       So, Money is the least important factor. 

When you explain the Benefits they will manage the Money. 


 Next is  (T), 


♦️  T Here stands for Time. 


    People say we don’t have time, I can’t make time. I can not come to listen to your program. I will not do that at all. We don’t have much time to say. We are among the busy. 


♦️ So, I get it, There are people Like that, Who go to say that to you, completely Right. 

                              Let me tell you. 


Busy People make time. 


♦️ Right Now, You are taking the time to listen to this, Are you Also a Busy Person? 


          You are also learning, But you also have to upgrade yourself. You took the time, You are learning Here. You make time for what you benefit from. And This is the way the world goes.


 If you are also talking to the owner of a Big Company, He will also say that I do not have time. But He also takes time to go to the Gym. He knows that this is very important to me. 


When your product is important they will take out time. (Definitely)


Next is NN, Here stands for Need. 


♦️ Identify Their needs and Reach out. There are also many people who do not know themselves whether we need it or not. 


For Ex. – When I explain to people. You know that Why you are not getting promoted. 


So you know What Results in people give me……


They speak to me that Nepotism runs in the Office. 

Our Communication skills are not good. 


♦️ No, These can be all the reasons But the main reason is That Those people know that you will never leave that organization. 


That is the reason why you are not being given that Promotion that you Deserved. And the same thing happens in your work. 


♦️ Unless your future Buyer knows about your product requirement, He will not buy your product. Till He does not understand what is lacking in me, He will not take that product. Until it is relieved that it can benefit me after coming. He won’t take your Product. 


♦️ It is very important to have identification. You guys need this thing. These people know that you can sell them comfortably, it is very important to identify needs for those who do not know. Then you are going to reach out to those people. Then we get those Results. 



♦️ The least important factor is Money, Second is Time, 3rd is Need. 


♦️ Now, I have to go to the Exam, I need a pen to give exams. 100% will be required. 

           Money is also arranged, took time out and I need it as well. But the exam is after 3 days. Probably won’t buy a pen today. 


2nd scenario – 10 Min. later I have my exam I have to go, I don’t have a pen. I don’t have a pen, what do I do? 


A person comes there and says, Here is the Price of pen and pen Rs. 500. Now you say that it is a pen of 20 rs., it is not a pen of rs. 500. 


You have to buy that pen rs. 500 from That person Because There is an Urgency


U – Here Stands for – Urgency


♦️ You have urgency for that product. You will definitely take time for it and by withdrawing money, you will definitely give it. How to write exams without a pen. You have to convince people not to lie. 


♦️ How much urgency you have for this product. Why do you need this product?     –  Make Them Realise the Urgency. And therefore the urgency is the factor that is important over here. 


♦️ And Now Let us go to the most important factor. Because of which people will come to you, Due to which People will join you. Because of which people don’t even think about you once in whatever services you are offering. 

                  That is Trust


At All comes on Trust. 


♦️ Quit the Talk of 3 Years Even today your parents will say that you should bring the mobile from their uncle’s shop. What happens if it is a little expensive, We do not trust online. Defective products come online. I saw this on the Website. Even today, These Things speak of your family. 


♦️ The Reason, We don’t have trust. We have not Developed that trust Factor. If People do not take your product in today’s date, then the main reason is that your Trust is not Developed. 


♦️ You are Here Because You have trust. So this is your reason for coming here and reading My things. 


The Most Factor Here is – Trust. 


Again – Money Least Important. Then We go down- Money, Time, Need Urgency, Trust. 


This is the MTNUT principle. 


Learn this Principle and it will be very easy for you to sell. Understanding, selling is easy Then when you have all strategies. Then you can Handle Objections When you can reach out to the client. Then when you know all those things.

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