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 BODY LANGUAGE, (In Public Speaking Tips )

♦️ I Believe that The way the body speaks is actually very important. Because many times what happens is During My Mentor’s Sessions When He is actually very excited. Does that electricity which is passing and someone who is in Maybe 20 meters rediatesly feel that energy coming is his or her way? That is the way My Mentor speaks.

️♦️  Supposedly If my hand is always bound, if I am always speaking like that. And there are no facial expressions and I am not looking into your eyes Directly. 

♦️  Do You Realise how different that session would be? 

  The Energy would be missing, The Way I Talk with My Hands would be missing, The way I look at you, The Way I make a face if that is missing The same kind of impact can never be created and that is what I want to do.

And that is what I want you to do as well. Do you understand that? 


 50% (In Public Speaking Tips )

♦️  I genuinely feel People say that this percentage Because from  50%, 55%, 60%, But I genuinely feel that 50% of what people are going to remember 50% of our communication is based upon How we act. 

How we cover the stage, How our hands move, How we see directly into the eyes of the people. Because it is said that what you speak might not be remembered by a lot of people. But how you make them feel that is going to remember by everybody. 

♦️  And that is why visuals are so very important 

How many of you understand that. 

♦️ Now one more thing which I want you to understand is, This My mentor has probably told this to some people earlier. Now I want to repeat it today. 

 “Narrate” Don’t Tell, 

 “Narrate” Don’t Tell, (In Public Speaking Tips )

♦️  When You speak you have to narrate, You don’t have to tell. How many of you understand the relevance of this. The Relevance of narrating not telling this. 

                                      How many of you understand this!

♦️  See since our childhood we have been fascinated by stories. So if I tell you something, Let’s suppose if I wanna tell you about- something remarkable that happened in my community and I wanna tell you about the army That came there which actually happened in  Gurgaon, and demolish all the unauthorized shops that will be here. 

Now there are 2 ways How I can tell you – 

♦️ I could say that The Army came and There were so many people who were there. And All the Shops Who were unauthorized all of those were completely removed, you know, And it was absolutely delighting to see that view blog was clear Where We lived.

♦️   Now if I narrate so I would say. – The Very Road where we used to travel every single day where there was no air every time it was so polluted, every time it was congested. There was a complete Army that came and the Army stopped people from getting into that and after the Army finished its work Each and Every shop that was unauthorized was completely eliminated. 

                                 The Roads were very crystal and clear. It was such a wonderful site and people were Looting the government not paying the taxes. You could see those sad expressions on their face. 

I felt happy you know Because those people were not realising that They were making a blunder. Our lives were in danger. You understand that.

Do you realize the difference between The 2 Things? 

♦️  First, The person is simply telling something 

♦️  And The 2nd is When I am narrating to you something, Which one do you feel was more powerful? (When you tell and when you narrate. )  

           And Have you also realized That Many times it happens in the same story told by 2 different individuals? Create a completely different impact. 

Because  The Way A   Person is narrating that story.  Some People are like in the same Tone and that is why They are not able to bring about that difference. So When you narrate a story, How you modulate your voice is important. The pitch of your voice whether it is loud at a time and it is soft at times. Right! 

 Whether You are shouting at a time When they speak softly at time. Those things are important, besides that Supposedly if you are speaking about something Really powerful. You know it was amazing. 

♦️ Or you are speaking about something Which is really Sad And you feel good When I see it. You realize this along with the Facial Expression along with the voice The body movements also play a very  INTEGRAL role And that is why it is essential That your body movements are absolutely appropriate. 

♦️   When We narrate it is just not easier to explain But it is also important for the people Who are sitting in the audience Because they are also able to connect Better and that is why since our childhood and even today We like reading stories. When something is told in the form of a story pretend to relate better, pretend to remember it for a longer period of time. 

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