How To Prepare For Impromptu Speaking Skills | 6 Strategies

There are 6 strategies of How to Prepare for Impromptu Speaking Skills which would helpful For Impromptu Speaking Skills anywhere.


SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTISE, (IN Impromptu Speaking Skills)


♦️ What do you understand by Subject Matter Expertise? And How is this going to help you in your impromptu speaking?  Whether it is an interview for me and Your salary negotiation. 


♦ Now, What Happens is, you are supposed to be good and have proper knowledge of your subject only. What we tend to do is, we tend to gather knowledge about everything. And that is what actually hampers our growth. 


♦ If you are actually trying to fit in everything, Believe me, you are not going to be successful. Because there are going to be certain things that you are never going to be aware of. What matter is if you are focusing on one topic if you are focusing upon one time content upon your subject matter, 


For Ex.- Your  Subject Matter might be Banking, It might be IT, It might be Finance, It might be Teaching, It might be Solving Problems, It might be Art, It might be Technical.


Whatever might be your subject matter you have to be really good at that. Because if you are really good at that then it becomes easy for you. So that is why having subject matter expertise is so very important and critical for your success. 




♦ Have you noticed that there a lot of people particularly the Bosses Whom be don’t like or The Politicians? Who just continue talking, talking and talking you have to realize whether the person who is there sitting there in the audience,


So We have to avoid the tendency to speak on forever because if he speaks forever if he just continues talking on a continuous basis what will happen is  You would lose the impact that you already created upon the minds of people. 


REPETITION, (IN Impromptu Speaking Skills)


♦ See, My Mentor had a tendency When he had to speak upon Impromptu topics to look down so what He did was told his friend, that Gives me as many topics as I can for the entire night I will Practice. 


♦ And while he was practicing He never looked down because He had a tendency to look down when he was thinking but He decided that I am not gonna do that. So He just focuses, focus, focus, practice, practice, And He repeated it over and over again. 


 When you are able to do it over and over again then you realize that yes, you are able to actually bring about that kind of positive change.  So Repetition is really important. 


ROLE PLAY, (IN Impromptu Speaking Skills)


♦ How many of you understand Role Play? 

 Choose anybody Maybe Your Wife, Maybe Your Colleague, someone from your team, and then what you have to do is,


Do a Role Play, it is not performing on the stage. For ex.- What you have to do is think about these kinds of questions that would be asked to me during the salary negotiations or During the appraisal session.  


♦ Do a Role Play. Have ever done a role play about what you have to do in an interview or what you have to do in the salary negotiation stage. Believe me, if you are not doing it, you are not preparing yourself. And unless or until you are preparing yourself it becomes really difficult for you. 


♦ In My Mentor’s Team people are required to do role play on a daily basis, Because Just One day and the fire that people have, The work that people have just gone away. 


      When you join your office after 2 days, after Saturday and Sunday you take some time to get into the regular work for your work. Everybody faces this challenge. That is why it is really important that you do a Role Play.  

 For ex.-  supposedly I have a team and their task is to sell my product to get my sessions done it. Colleges will be doing is they would be doing a role play. So one of my team members called the other team members and they would be doing it themselves.


 Supposedly you don’t have anyone so make connections with people. Make connections with people on Linkedin you can find so many people on there, when you practice with unknown people that would be a blessing and disguise you. 


That is what you go to do when you have to go and give an interview, speak in front of unknown people, so There doing a role-play is going to be so very helpful for you. 


♦ So What I tend to do is I give them random numbers they are required to call on random numbers which are actually other members from my team, from my friends and they ask them the tough questions so I get to know how prepared my team members are. 


♦ You go to do it for yourself,  you go to do it for the team as well if you know that your salary negotiation part, Your appraisal interview is coming in the next one month, prepare for it. If you have done at least 15 role-plays, use sales through. 


Again What happens is we are not preparing ourselves and because we are not preparing ourselves that is the reason why we failed. 


                 Because in life let me just tell you it, in life, you don’t get what you deserve you get what is able to negotiate that is what is critical. 


BELIEF SYSTEM, (IN Impromptu Speaking Skills)


♦ People, Do you realize what is the difference between self-belief and belief systems? 

So Self Belief is the confidence and the faith that you have in yourself. Whereas the Belief System is the Belief that you have. Can we have a negative Belief System as well? (yes/no) 


Yes, We can definitely have a negative belief system as well. So what is important is that once you have that negative belief system you should take care of it and work upon getting a positive belief system because if your positive belief system has been developed,


if you are self-belief has been developed you would realize that whether it’s an impromptu speech or a topic when you have to speak on a topic that has been given to you earlier in the form of a presentation or a speech you would be able to do that. 


♦ It becomes very important and very easy for you because you know that ok this is how it works so that is why the belief system is very important. 


DON’T GO QUIET, (IN Impromptu Speaking Skills)


♦ Don’t become quiet. Now let me ask a question, what if you don’t know anything about the topic that has been given to you?  


In this scenario what you have to do is, supposedly it’s a group discussion, and group discussion’s easy because you can listen to others and then you give your opinion at the end. But suppose you are given a topic where you have absolutely no idea about, 


what you have to do is related to something else. 


♦ For Ex. you have given a topic Red is Blue, Now you got absolutely no idea about this topic. I am like, I don’t have any idea about it, how I go about this topic, what should I do? Think, Tell them since my childhood in our school we had different teams, 


we had different houses. We had Red House, We had Blue House, and that taught me that we have to perform well as a team. That gave me a competitive edge, which taught me How to compete with others in a positive manner altogether.   


So This is One Example. 


♦ So if you don’t know anything about the topic you got to relate with something else then speak upon the topic, Because Believe me if you just go there and you are quiet, you are attending the Mum, Your opportunities are gone.  So it becomes so very critical for you, 


so very important for you, that you relate it with something else, Because if you are able to relate with something or the other it is going to be easy for you to speak upon that topic. I know that it is not going to be really easy but to make it easy. 


♦ We can also ask questions to the audience related to the topic.  Supposedly we give a topic pertaining to any new deal that has happened. So what we can do is we can ask the audience. All RIght what is your Opinion upon that?  


Ask a few people only, and you get some ideas and you can continue and take it forward. 


♦ You can relate it and you can ask the question to the audience, you can make the audience do some activity in the beginning even if just 10 sec. You just have to remain calm and get your composure with you. Because if you can remain and get your calm composure it becomes so very easy for you. 

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