♦️ Why is Negotiation Important? 


 It is very important. You must have seen me Negotiate, You must have seen How I Negotiate without reducing the Price Through My Webinars. My Team Members Never Reduce Pricing as well. I wanna ask you one thing very Heart to Heart answer you. 

                                                    That Is- Have You Realized This That Each one of you can have 100% faith in My Products and My offering only Because You know that Whatever Pricing You are being offered this particular program would be the same for the other person as well. It remains for the Same Everybody. 


 ♦️ How Many of you have 100% faith and that makes you happy. (yes)

    I can feel so many yes. I want that authority, this credibility makes for yourself also. 


 ♦ When we will do our events in the future, We will not reduce our

event tickets prices and My Teammates will also keep the same words that I have, The Pricing of our event will never be reduced. We do not work like other Brands. Let me guarantee you, Let me say this to you, The People who are the topmost event organizers also do the same thing. You may have seen yourself, They later give tickets for their events at a lower price. 


How Many People Agree with me? 


 ♦️ The People who are the Most event creators in the World, You must have visited them too, You must have sent this thing there too and it will never happen at our event. We will never go to do it. And They gave it for free the Last time Because They can’t sell it. I don’t do it and we do not.   (You know Why?)

    Because we have to make a legacy, work with long term, work with long term vision. We have 100% trust that Results will increase. It will be that people will think that we have to go to their program and event in Advance. You have to do that work. This is what All of you do – Add More Value than The Amount you charge. That is the Thing. 


 ♦️ So Now, Negotiation skills are extremely important and Today we go deep to understand Negotiation Skills. 

No. 1- Why is Negotiation Important? 


There are people who want to reduce the Price only Because of their ego. Many People’s businesses are such that These people have to tackle them. Negotiation Does not mean that Pricing has to be reduced. 


       Negotiation also means that you are creating results in Your favor and That is extremely important for you and You would only be able to do it. Once you have understood how Negotiate Like crazy. 


♦️ This is very important to understand and There are some rules of Negotiation which I will tell you further. Why Negotiation is Necessary for some clients that have to Negotiate and For Some Clients that we do not have to negotiate at all and have to take the Results in front of them. 


   Those Opportunities are to take people, connect And Move forward. That is the important part when we talk about negotiation. One more thing when you learn Negotiations skills, You will work with more Authority and more credibility and A lot of people will connect with you. 




♦️ Rule No.1 of Negotiation is – Don’t Negotiate. 


  Understand, Negotiation is not required. Whenever you talk to someone, Tell them clear and cut that this is my job and I will give it at this price only. Maximum People will take your opportunity. Some of you will feel that without negotiating The Results don’t come but It comes. It comes 100%. There are Many People who try to negotiate with us too but we do not negotiate. 


♦️ It does not have to be done, it does not mean to do it. We will not let you negotiate. So You don’t need to  Negotiate with people, that’s extremely important. Because When You have 100% confidence in your product you will not need to Negotiate so you will never fear Everything that people will do will go away from me. 

     There is a very important thing, You know what it is that you are giving a Product, an offering to people. Think it is so much valuable, so much better than why would you negotiate although I can understand that In the Beginning. There will be no confidence But Gradually you will do all these tasks, When you take all this knowledge. When you get mentoring then your confidence will also increase and the Results will also start coming. 


♦️ Over a Period of time, You would be able to sell more effectively But What’s important is – 

 1- Rule of Negotiation is – Don’t Negotiate. And Many People would enroll from you after They have learned and they have realized that Ok. This is so much worth it and I should go with the same pricing. 




♦️ Focus on Value and Not on the Price. Like Many People say, The Pricing of your product this and That so We change the discussion and Automatically we focus on the Value. 

          We talk to People that Sir, Pricing is the later part But Here let’s focus on what you will get here. Think about What Opportunities you are going to get there. I am sharing this program for free. If I give it for a Few cents then People say the price is very high. Then I would have given them the Answer that Leaves the Prize, What we are giving you. 


♦️ You will get Audio in it. You will get e-books, You will get a case study in it, You will get a chance to connect with good people, You will be given a Daily task, You will be given opportunities, You will be given Feedback, You are getting a Mentor Here to solve your personal query and Professional query going to do, so In a nutshell, You are getting a Mentor who wants to take your hand and take you forward for your journey. 

        So Now, You tell me When you are getting so many things then you should not even think about How Much amount you invest in this Because Here you are focusing on Investment. So Again what we have done is – We have told people directly that focus on the Value. And someone also asked me that You share this secret the Most- This is not a Secret. 


♦️ This is, I am telling you here. Again and Again. You people have no secret, When you work with Authenticity, Integrity then You have to tell the truth. That’s Why I tell you in a very important way. 

     One More thing – Have you noticed this Ladies & Gentleman- There are many programs that do not Reveal Pricing to you until you give your DataBase. All the Things in this program of mine are Revealed. A to Z you can also see and see the competitor. I do not consider anyone a Competitor. Not Because There is anything else Because I make sure to over Deliver. 


♦️ Whatever Happens, I will over Deliver more than everybody else. This is a very important thing and Because of that Results will come ownself. people don’t write it, I write it clear cut man. What is There to be Hidden about it? What is there to be Hidiest about it? 

                    Even When I do my post, even put it on My Instagram, I will write clearly and cut. Whatever Price, I will reveal on Instagram. Why would you not write about it? What is there Hidden about it? What is the Hiddest about it?  We are not serving any wrong thing. You have to see that we should not make any difference. As This Lockdown is open, The Problem will come. Monterey problems will also come. But Don’t be afraid if you are ready to work for 10 Hours, 12 Hours, 14 Hours. 


♦️ Work for 10 hours, 12 Hours, 14 Hours, and Whatever Moentry problem you get, it will gradually resolve. Don’t worry. Because a lot of people just keep talking. They keep saying that we will work harder and put in more effort but they do not. You only have to focus on doing your work. Don’t worry about other things. When you do that work then you will start getting results automatically. And All of you are not part of my Subscriber list,

I don’t look at You as my Subscribers, I don’t look at you as my Followers. I look at each one of you as my family members and that is why I want all of you to learn and Grow to get to the next level. 


♦️ And Whatever would be required from my side I will do it. That is our 100% assurance to you and This is the reason that I have extended more Articles. Because We want to set a Benchmark for you. So, It comes to your mind that someday I have done a lot of work today you would at least have to look at this. Ok, Satyam has done so much I need to do more. So There should be Driving Force. 


So Whenever You are negotiating, You have to focus on the value and not the price. 




♦️  Compared to What? 

If Somebody says, Your Program is expensive, Your product is expensive, Your service is very expensive then you have to say that Compared to What? 

If Somebody will say your program is very expensive – (Compared to What?) Where do you compare it with?


♦️  Because When you ask people they themselves will think that Yes it is true that The Comparison is on What.  People keep saying this thing Again And Again that it is expensive But Compared to What? 


   Because When you ask people this thing People automatically fall silent. If Somebody says that My phone is very expensive so Compared to What? Then People would be Like— Hmmm.., Hmmmmmm….


Then When People say that it is expensive to compare this product then what you are going to do is Focus on the Value, not on the Price. So you ended their objection on the same line. Compared to What? 


♦️ Is Your Investment more than the Transformation you will get? 

  The Person would be like, NoWhere to go, man. Just this one Line 3 words rather, Compared to What? And You get it done. And You would be able to make those results go for you. One of the People who is with me at the moment says that your premier ticket is very expensive. So Compared to What? 

I will tell him that there is No such offering, otherwise whom are you comparing with? 


♦️ We know what we are giving you the value, Whatever you have given us, Its results are going to be much more than that. And Those Results will come own self and those Opportunities will also come ownself. 

     I hope You understand that is what all of you need to create results for yourself and How you Would be able to create more and more results going for you. And Yes, TIme is not a trick. This is not Honesty. This is not Reality. People have got used to id, it is settled in the Blood of people. This is expensive you know compared to what? 


♦️ When you ask people, People will think yeah man. Compared to What? Then People realized that yes this is true. It is not expensive in comparison to something. But How will they understand until you realize this thing? One Liner and You get those Results going for you and you would be able to create all those opportunities for you. If A person starts comparing you to your product,

Then tells him clearly your value. What have you done on the last topic? – Focus on the value & Not on the Price. 


    So With This one line, you would be able to get it done for yourself. 




♦️ Last Man Standing or The Last Man speaking. (Same thing)

But it is a Little Different in this case. I will explain to you how. Read it very carefully. Ok, 


The Last person who speaks is- There are 2 things that I wanna share with you actually Right now. Please Understand this- Like I asked people, Ok Sir I am gonna offer this product at this particular price. How wou8ld you want to enroll? – Debit Card, Credit Card, Google Pay, Phone Pay. 

              Now The Other Person is taking His/Her time. I am not saying anything. Anything At all. You be Mum. 


♦️ Now that you have spoken, the Other Person will take his or her time. And then They would say. Ok, I would like to enroll in a via Debit Card. 

The same thing Goes- When you are trying to Negotiate with something. Alright, This is an A.C., Final Product that I can offer to you is 18,000 rs. That’s it. 18,000 rs. That’s it. And then You be mum. The other might say 17,000 or 17,500 or 17,800 and You would be like. Silent…….    You are not saying a word at all. 


♦️ So, Now What you are going to understand is – You are the last man who is the speaker and that is the reason why you are going to win. You have given them the Final Value, Sir This is the Pricing of 18,000 rs. That’s it. And Then Those Results will come to you. And then Those Opportunities will come to you. I hope you get it. 

Understand This – Last Man speaking. So you go to be the Last Man Speaking for yourself. That’s the Thing And Believe me. You will see with that Authority, Integrity. People would be more than happy and They would be like, I would want to take it Man. 


♦️ They say in your eyes they know that You are not going down any further and They would actually take it. They would actually Believe in this. And That is what you would need to do. Like I am talking to right now. 

You say to me, Satyam, I have 5,000 rs. Can you give this to me for 5,000? Let’s say I am offering you that opportunity at 6,000 rs. I would be like 6,000. 

He has the remaining 1,000 rs. But The Thing is that the person is not taking that action Because He is looking for a Discount. What about you go to do is – Be Mum. and say people This is the Pricing. This is it. 

♦️ And When You say that People this is it People would enroll, People would buy at the same price and You would actually be growing to give to them. 

Many A Times we get afraid of losing the Customers. It doesn’t,

Money, Do you Remember Mtnut Principle. Money is the least important factor. Trust is the Most Important Factor. When trust is revealed people would buy, People would enroll, You would be able to make that sale. But For You, You make that sale, You need to understand those things and You are creating those Results going for you, that is a thing.

And That is How you would be able to make it work for yourself. You gotta be the last man speaking. 

♦️ You have spoken and then you are like. Mum. one more thing: The Reason why I give you this much content is that I do it in Real life. Whatever Things are being shared with you here. Whatever information is being given here with you. I do all that in my life. I don’t have to think about what I want to tell you.

We implement those things over again and again so why do I have to think about it? That’s why I ask you to work on your niche. 

               That You reach out to people after working on Your niche. I hope you get it. When you implement the strategy You would be able to generate revenue going for yourself. 




♦️ Focus on their Push- Why is this important? 

You would have to see the Inclination of the person. Whom you are getting connected to you. Who’s trying to buy your product or your service? You need to focus on their push. And How would you be able to focus on their push? Look at their inclination. 

Are They asking you again and again about the product and the offering? 

What will we gain from this? 

Reduce Pricing, Reduce Pricing. I will take it, I will take you back. I am gonna be a repeat customer, I am gonna come again. All these things identify to you one thing – They want to buy. 

♦️ You People must have understood by yourself that they want to buy. The Only thing is that those people are not speaking to you in a crystal clear way, They want a Discount. 

    Focus on their push, If their Push again and again that Reduce your prices then they want to buy. If they say I want to be a Loyal Customer, They want to buy your product. They want to take your service. They just try to reduce some amount that is and you would not be able to. You would not be doing that under any circumstances. 

♦ Whatsoever, Because You know that They are already inclined to buy your product. I hope you get it. So What you go to do is – Focus on their Push. and that is exactly what you go to do is – Identify and Understand what they want. When you will focus on these things then you will see, Yes you are getting a lot of results and opportunities. So what you have to do. 

     You have to Identify People’s Push. if you think this Customer can go, His push is different, He will not take the Results. When you think that They will not take your product then You have to identify their push. If You think a Person is genuine and You think that This Person will do long-term Business then you can give him a Discount. 

♦ But You saw that I just Did not say in the Last 4 topics that You had to give a discount. If you think that this Customer can bring credibility to me then you can give. I don’t do it. But You are beginning your journey then you can do that. Then You can say to them that You can pay in 2 Parts. You can do that. 

               So Focus on  Their Push. and then Act Accordingly. In Most cases Don’t reduce the pricing But If you feel that their push is that If you don’t reduce the price. They are not going to buy. Then you can reduce some prices in that case. 




♦ This is Mind Blowing. And you would realize that This is so Powerful. I am with you. 

                    I am with all of you. 

♦ Whenever Your customer says- Sir, I am short of money, We are not able to, please try to understand. Mr x. I am with you. What You are saying is absolutely true. But we can not offer a lower price than this But we won’t. You Don’t have to misunderstand the customer. 

     Let me remind you one more time – Do not tell your customers that They are wrong. But you also have to sell. So What You have to do, You have to sell at your Pricing. How It will, I tell you.  

♦ They will say Lockdown is going on at the time I am facing a lot of money problems. People will try a lot of things to save their money. Because They Don’t understand the value. Now you’re gonna tell people I completely understand That Lockdown is going on, Money is coming, There are a lot of Difficulties- I am completely with you. But One thing I wanna tell you is that Lack of Money is a result of a lack of skill sets. 


    ( Lack of Money is a Result of Lack of Skill Sets.)


♦ So You go to understand that and You would be able to get it done for you. And Hope You get it. You create an opportunity for yourself. You have to understand that that’s very important. 

  You go to Restaurant and He would say, Sir 20 Boys will have to do more, Your crowd is too much, songs will have to run till late Night. I am with you, You are saying the right thing, You are saying the absolute truth But The Thing is we have so much budget, We will not be able to do more than this. 

♦ What will happen if you start fighting them – What happens if you are bringing New Boys, Your Job is not will you? 

You are getting involved in a Fight, What is the Main Objective. 

So the Objective is not to Fight. 

The Objective is to get results in your favor. 

And How do You get the Results in Your Favor by saying to them? 

 I am with you. 

♦ And When You say to them I am with you. You create Those Results and You get those opportunities going for you, Very important. 

A Person asked me what to do if He does not have money genuinely. 

I will tell you what to do with such peo0ple. 

♦ Understand – Say to them that Arrange the Money, Learn from me How to earn and then Return the Money from whoever took the money from. And if you also feel that somebody can not do that, give them some work. 

       What I do is – I feel that He is a genuine person, He can not raise money under any circumstances, I say to them work for me. Do this work and You would be able to earn that money from my side. Don’t give it free of cost. If You give it to people free of cost they will not value it and they will not value it ever. 


♦ I hope you get it – Right! – That is very important – Please Understand. 

I am with you when you say to people I am with you. You will create those results ownself and You will create opportunities ownself. 




♦ Ask a Person How much Discount do you want? 


Read it very carefully – Ask a Person How much discount do you want to tell me. 

  Now That Person would be saying that I want a discount of 2,000 rs. Then you need to tell them. 

Mr. x the thing over here is that you are focusing on Rs. 2,000 only. Rather than focusing upon what I am provided to you If Your decision-making criteria are – Just 2,000 rs. I would recommend you not to do it. I would recommend you – Not to do it. 


♦ I would recommend you – Not to buy it. And I guarantee you that person would enroll. I guarantee you that person would buy it. 

I guarantee you that Person would buy your product/ Your service Whatever you are offering to him. Ask Them clearly How much Discount. 


 People would be asking that He will feel that Yes, I can get a Discount here, He will ask and You have to end that conversion Right away. You will tell them that You are focusing on the Discount rather than Focusing upon the Value that we are giving to you. That Result will come ownself and opportunities will come ownself. 

♦ How Much Discount tell me? 

 You ask them and  tell me, What Do you want?”  After that You have given them the Same offer at the same pricing as you had to give them but Why have you done it? 

    Because You have Complete control over that Authority. 

♦ Now, Some of you might think that Satyam, is very practical stuff. How are we going to – How do all these things – that is Because I implement all those things. If you work with Honesty and Integrity then why won’t you work? 

      You see that I am working with you with Honesty and Integrity and I have told you the same thing together. It is not easy to make that Authority take time But You have to work for them. Those Results will come to you. 

♦ And You see How You are making Opportunities for yourself. So Ask a Person How much Discount do you want and then tell them that your attention on this, Ideally Why this is important. People need to know the Harsh Reality that You stand at this place. 

       And Even then You are focusing on the Above rs. 2,000. Because Nobody tells them the Harsh Reality Because Nobody tells them about all these things. This is What you need to understand And this is what you need to support and guide people with. 

♦ Do You understand this And That is so very important and that is How you would be able to create that kind of authority? Nobody Talks to people like that. They Live in a comfort zone, where you talk to your family members. 

                       Where Your Mom says Oh, You are a very good son. Did You try at least once? What Does it Mean to Try if You Quiet After trying? What Does it Mean to try if you were so close to winning after trying? 

♦ People Don’t Get to Hear the Harsh Reality. And If you genuinely care for them – You have to tell them The Harsh Reality. 

A reality check is required for them. You have to understand this. 

You will not get those results until you understand. (Got It!)



♦  You got to use this line – Quality itself is a Discount. 

 I hope you understand. 

Tell This to People When People ask for a Discount. Quality itself is a Discount. The opportunity that we are providing to you, The Knowledge that we are providing to you, The Information that We Are providing to you itself is a Discount. 

♦  When People would focus upon this that Quality itself is a Discount then they would stop asking for a Discount. When somebody asks for a Discount – I am saying this to people, I am giving you so much value inside this program, The Quality that has been provided to you is super amazing. 

       Why are you focusing upon a Discount? 

♦ We go to tell this to people and That’s How it is to do work for them. And The Strategy that I am sharing with you, works everywhere on every single segment on Online, Offline, Digital. 

         Understand This- Say This to People, Quality itself is a Discount and Amazing way to not even start with the Discussion about Negotiation at All. (You can write it down on the Website as well.)

♦ One More Line You can write over Here is that You can use Here is – Customer is Kings/Queens. Kings & Queens Don’t Bargain. 

    I don’t think anybody would bargain after Listening to this. What says that is the thing and that is How you would be able to get those Results.

     You are My King Sir. How Do We Accept Our King to Bargain?  


♦ It may be that He can remove a lot of Anger in His Mind for you But He won’t bargaining. Both These Things Quality itself is a Discount. The customer is the king or queen. Kings and Queens’ Don’t Bargain. 




♦ Whenever People are asking for a Discount so What you can do is – You can give them Add ons. Give them something extra, Give them something Additional. And When you get it Done, When you provide them something More Information give them something Additional that you would be giving to them. 

      For Ex: W@hat we Did was, Whenever we have that product and an offering, Whatever we do is, we give something extra to people. What Happens – When you provide People with something extra. 

♦ They Don’t ask for a Discount. They get to offer more from you. 

  Understand This – For Ex: Like I gave so much value inside Sales Boot Camp that You don’t mind. There is a Big Truth there and You have to figure out the same thing. And Everybody else so very happy and Nobody Actually will say anything, 

               Because People Know that they would deliver a lot more value compared to the Amount that They invested and that is exactly what you go to do. A Clear cut example of giving Add-ons. 

♦ You give people more Add-on. You give people more information and You will get results for yourself. So Rather than giving them a Discount – What you would do is – You would give them some Add-on and Once you would focus upon giving some Add-ons. Then Those Results would come to your own self that is the Thing for everybody.




♦ Focus on the Core Purpose. Let me explain How very important it is – 

     When someone comes to you for a Discount, Repeatedly says to reduce the money then What Happens there they forget their core purpose. People forget why they came to you. 

         So You have to focus on this thing Very important thing that gets them back to their core purpose.

♦ One Reason came to take the Mobile and He is asking you for a Discount for rs. 1,000. You have to convince them that you came to take the mobile Because You will benefit from it. You Brought Here to update Your Mobile, That is the reason Why You came here.  

              People need to completely understand that Because When People would understand that Then they would be more than Ready to focus on That Opportunity. Focus on that What you are offering to them. 

♦ If You are in an Online Program then What would be doing is Ensure that You make people to focus on their Dream, Why Did you come over here? 

          You came over here Because You wanted a Transformation in your life. You came over here Because You wanted to Bring about a Huge Change in your life. So Rather Than Focusing on Discount,  What you need to Focus upon Right Now is the Core Purpose. Why are you here? 

♦ Realign The Conversation to the Core Purpose. When You Bring that conversation to the Core Purpose then Those Results would come automatically and You will win ownself. 

    Is Everybody clear with this? I hope You are able to understand this. So You have to Repeat the Discussion over the same core Access. 




♦ When We are focusing upon the Negotiation Skills and that is Listen. Listen to Other People. 

           When You are Negotiating and When you are Listening Carefully to the other person So What is going to happen that you will be creating opportunities for Yourself as soon as You listen to His words. 

♦ You will go on creating more Chances For Yourself as soon as you listen to him – That is very important. 

   Do You Remember – The Recommending Vs Selling 

What You need to do is. You need to recommend and You don’t need to sell. When You focus upon Recommending, You will get more results and More Opportunities. 

♦ And How Would you be able to Recommend – When You would listen to another person. When you would listen to What They are sharing with you When You would listen to the Kind of information that they are sharing with you. 

Listen to them and Start Answering their Query slowly. Ask their queries Again And Again and Again Bring Results for them. And you will start making opportunities for yourself by listening to their words Again and Again. And, an Amazing Salesperson is one who listens to the other person, and Based upon What they are saying you will get those Opportunities going for you. 

♦ I do it all the time. I listen to people. Whenever I am doing some work and Because I am listening to my buyers, My Potential Buyers, My Team Members, I listen to them and then I give them a Concrete solution based upon what they want. 

    Based Upon the Information that is required for them, Based Upon What is Actually going to get those results going for them And You also have to do that same work. Listen to People and You would be able to negotiate like crazy. 

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