How to improve presentation skills? 12 Ways

How to improve presentation skills? 


♦️ If we want to present something and if our presentation is not good When even if our content is really nice, it would make a difference. Now Let me ask you one question, 80% good content and  your delivery just 20%,  


♦️ And the second scenario is if it is 30% content but the delivery is 95%, In which scenario do you feel will you be more successful? I hope all of you would agree with scenario 2. Wherein our presentation is 95 and the content is 30 is what is you go to help us, 


♦️  Of Course, both should be more possible but we don’t have a choice here. The choice that we have here is that if we get the content is really good and the presentation also that is amazing. But if we have 2 scenarios 1 scenario is the content is really good, 


♦️   But the presentation is poor and The 2nd scenario is, The content is average but the presentation is really amazing. So the 2nd scenario will always win. 


ENGAGE WITH AUDIENCE,  (In presentation skills)


♦️  How would we improve our presentation skills? We all know that Presentation skills are really important. And most of the time though we know a lot of content but we some of alter we have to present. And that is why I am telling you this information. 


♦️ I feel that presentation is more important to attract as well as engage people. Because I have seen a lot of speakers who make amazing content but  Because the Delivery is poor Nobody actually cares about it. 

That’s a fact. 


♦️  Because The Best product never sells, the Best marketed product is what sells. The presentation which is the best, most of the cases will be the one That would sell-through. Will be the one that wins. Compared to the other presentation. 


♦️  Which is loaded with content but the delivery is poor because the vision and the feel that we have, the experience that we get is much more important than the content.  The first thing that you have to do is, Ensure that you engage with your audience.


♦️  If you have an audience that is sitting over there who is eager to listen to you like, When My mentor does his session He ensures that His engagement to one of the people is at the top. The intensity is always there. 


♦️  So when you are conducting a session, when you have to engage with the audience, you go to ensure that you are asking them the right questions, you are getting involved as much as part of it as you are, that is what creates a  difference. 


♦️ Because there are a lot of self-centric speakers who are always thinking only about themselves and not about the audience. And then that happens nobody wants to listen to you. So the first thing here is you have to engage with your audience. 


PLAN AND PRACTICE, (In presentation skills)


♦️ You go to plan, If I have got 25 topics so my first 5 topics would be complete in a particular duration. Then I will include a story than 5 more topics then 1 more story, then 5 more topics then I  do some different things. 


♦️ So that I break the monotone speech of the presentation, I keep the audience involved,  and then it is through planning and practice as well. 


 ♦️ Now, if I am not including a lot of stories, if I am not connecting with you people, You would automatically realize that the attention stand will go down. 


PAY ATTENTION TO BODY LANGUAGE, (In presentation skills)


 ♦️ Raise your right hand, and Put it on your cheek but You put it there on your chin and you realize that Everybody is doing the same as you are doing. So Body Language is really critical. If you are talking about something excited about and You’re about is like, 


♦️ I give you ex. –  I had an amazing trip to London (My body did not move), The 2nd thing is I had an amazing trip to London It was really Nice, 3rd thing is I had an amazing trip to London, 


♦️ You will realize all the 3 things. The 1st one was  – My voice was loud but My Body was shrinking, The 2nd was My voice was loud and my body was also insync. That was the best part. And the 3rd one was the most disappointing part, 


 ♦️ Either Your voice was powerful, Either Did your body reveal anything. So you go to pay close attention to your body language. Your body should be completely in sync with what you are actually delivering. If you are delivering something on a really high note, positive note, 


 ♦️ If your body does not reveal the same, so it means that you are lying, somewhere deep inside you are not convinced about it. 




♦️ Before going over there always say that yes, My performance today is going to be superb. 


COPE WITH NERVES, (In presentation skills)


♦️ You go to cope with nerves, I know when you are about to deliver a speech or a session, you will always have nerves. Now, Let me tell you something when you are excited about something and when you are nervous about something predominantly your body has the same Mechanism. it reacts in a similar manner. 


♦️ So you have to train your mind in believing that you are not nervous but you are actually excited about it. You might feel that it is difficult but gradually it would realize, No it is not. 


♦️ The important thing is that you go to cope with your nerves and that is really important. 


How do you calm down your nerves? 


When you make your mind believe that this is actually not nervousness. But this is excitement. When you get excited you have got sweaty palms.  The same is the case when you are nervous as well. Your heartbeats get hired in both of these scenarios. 


So when you do these things automatically you realize that you make your mind believe. Because of the excitement. And that is how you train your mind. That is how My Mentor trained his mind. And that makes all the difference. 



WATCH RECORDING, (In presentation skills)


♦️ Watch your recordings, What happens is many a time we tend to work, we tend to deliver a lot of presentations but we don’t watch our actual presentations, our performance and when you don’t watch actual presentation and performances,  


♦️ You will not be able to realize Has to where you actually delivered the punch. And there was little down so. When you are able to realize both things only then will you be able to work upon it when you are really good at it? 


♦️ And where you believe a little bit nervous about your performance, a little shaky, you will work upon that and you have to improve that even for them. Believe me, watching your own presentations and your own speeches might be boring. 


♦️ But you will do, You don’t have to do things that you like doing, you have to do things that you have to do in order to bring about success in our lives. 


ARRIVE EARLY, (In presentation skills)


♦️ Why should you arrive early? 


  You get the custom of the place., You let them know about the audience., To select 3 spots., To get comfortable with the Clients., to become familiar.,  Comfortable moving on the stage., to get confidence,  


♦️ To know the audience category, to prepare for the comfortable, to shake hands with people so that  you become a part of their team., the demographic knowledge, The basic discipline., To check for your comfort stage.




♦️ Get comfortable with your surroundings.  When you will do all these things, you realize that yes, your presentation skills are improving every single time. I tell you something When My Mentor did his first launch on the Internet about 5 people told him, 


♦️ You don’t have a really powerful voice, you should tend to voice narration from someone else. All those things people told him But He never listened but he never heard all those negative voices, and Now he does all the driving himself.


♦️ Everybody is happy with his content. Because the important part is, that you should do the work. I know a lot of people are going to have really powerful voices.  Now, what is the point of having a good voice, if you are not practicing it? 


♦️ Because you might have heard this time and again. Hard work beats talent But Talent doesn’t work hard.  So if you feel somewhere deep inside that my voice is not powerful, 5 people say to my mentor after his first launch. But They don’t listen to them. 


♦️ It does not matter. What matters? There are a lot of people who are listening to you. 


TAKE DEEP BREATHS, (In presentation skills)


♦️  I do it when I am flying, when I am afraid of the turbulence of the flow, Plan is moving, I take deep breaths, You know when you do that automatically your body becomes relaxed. And it is very important. And it is really important. 


♦️ that is why it is critical, so you have to take a deep breath. Whenever you feel really uneasy. You go to calm down your body because, at the end of it, you know that delivering this speech in front of 7 people or 7 thousand people, I know that you will become nervous when you have to speak in front of 7 thousand people.


♦️ But predominantly your voice is the same, your performance will be the same. Because you will have a bigger audience, you will have bigger speakers over there, you have a good mic, so automatically your performance would be better. 


♦️ So the point here is, that you know that your performance, everything that you want to do is the same. It’s only in the mind and your mind is really powerful at doing anything. 



WORK ON YOUR PAUSES, (In presentation skills)


 ♦️ You go to work on your pauses, My Mentor used to speak really, really fast. Many times He still does, But He has realized is, when He includes a lot of pauses, Automatically He grabs the attention of everybody.


♦️ Suppose, I am speaking with you, that I know I speak on a constant basis, I don’t have a lot of pauses, I don’t have Awww, Ummm, You know, I know, All these things. I know I don’t have those things. So if I give a pause, a deliverable pause, for 5 sec., 6 sec. , 


♦️ Even if somewhere your attention is wavering here and there. Automatically you will be, why is he not here. So pauses get the attention back of the audience. Pause also helps the audience think about what you have to speak ness. 


♦️ So please, work upon your pauses, and if you are really nervous, you tend to go really fast. So with pauses, you are also able to calm yourself. 


BE ENTERTAINING, (In presentation skills)


♦️ Please be Entertaining, When My Mentor does his session, He is only focusing upon the difficult things, what you have to do and if you don’t include humor it is not going to work.


♦️ I tell you something, How many of you feel, How many of you like to sell?

    Let me tell you something today, and That is: If you are into sales and all the time you are talking about the good parts of your product, why is it the best product? If you can not make your customer laugh, If you can not become familiar with your customer, 


♦️ And He/She has a gap, They will never buy from you. You understand that. Now what you have to do is even if you are giving a presentation, if you want your pause to have something that you have your own mind, you wanted to accept that what you have to realize is,


♦️  That you have to be on the same page and how do you become on the same page? And how will people come on the same page, when you are entertaining them. And people are able to relate with you.  


USING POWER STANCE, (In presentation skills)


♦️ Stance means – something that you do with a lot of conviction. A Body gesture of yours. 


♦️ So, Have a power stance of yours, When you deliver that so everybody is like, That was terrific. And Believe me, it’s not difficult. We make things difficult. I mean, I know, when I fly on that plane. We are going to land safely, But still, I am afraid. So it is all in our minds.

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