9 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Selling Through Social Media

Selling Through Social Media (selling on social media)




♦️ Sales are everything and the Reason why Sales are everything is that you are going to understand everything around us. It revolves around sales. When we work, we generate revenue. 

          When we work, we get results, 

When we work, we are able to sell. 

We are able to generate money for ourselves. 


♦️ I have also said in the Previous Article that on one side write your expenses and on the other side write your sales. And You will see that both things become equal. You should do a lot of webinars, you should run Ads. 

         Being A social media marketer, You should put a lot of content on your social media. And the only reason why you can do it is that you should come to generate revenue. It is very important. 


♦️ Selling is a very important part of our life. So If I talk about an organization, So a salesperson is the most important part of an organization. If I talk about any company, Talk about any industry, Talk about any niche, The Person who generate revenue, 

                   The person who gets the sales is the one who is all going to be respected and who will always be in the limelight. 


♦️ In fact, When you come to selling, You will come to lead generation then you know what else you can do. You can work on percentage sharing once you are perfect in sales. 

       You will say that so many clients will come from my side, So many leads will come from my side, In Return for that much percentage revenue should come to me – That is a Big Thing. 


♦️ Till Date, People were afraid of selling Because people thought that we would have to lie in selling. In selling, We have to cheat, In selling, we have to give unnecessary information, We have to tell people the worst things. 

         But That is not actually in this case. The Big truth here is that when you are selling with authenticity and integrity such a product takes you in front of people who need people and you are working with a lot of Honesty. 


♦️ Just You have to take care of some strategies And You do not have to be afraid of sales anymore. You need not be afraid whenever you are pushing people to become a part of whatever you are sharing with them. Stop Being worried about sales. Start focusing upon sales. Start focusing on Becoming good at sales. 

                                              Just like you put effort into other work, You make opportunities, You become a good salesperson, similarly Here too you will be able to do that work. So this thing is very important. 


1: The UnderstandingThe Sale is important. 


2- You need to understand that we need to become good at sales to generate a lot of revenue and monetize things for us. 


3- If you become a good salesperson you will always be ahead of your competition if you are good at sales. That is what I am gonna guide all of you. 

     And The Next Thing is when you learn How to sell it becomes easy for you. You need to have that confidence in your product and then you start creating those opportunities. 


♦️ Once you start learning those things and you start implementing all those things for yourself. I Hope The Desire Motivation for sales has already been provided to each one of us. 

     Let me promise you, people, 110% we are going to change the way people look at sales. People sell, People, bring about results for yourself and you create opportunities for yourself. 




♦️ Changing Your Mindset From Selling to serving is Extremely important. 

      Let me make you understand How this works., 

Till now used to say that if you have to sell then it means selling the comb to the Bald. Which was also taught from childhood and was given as examples from childhood. 


♦️ If you sell a Comb to a Bald then you are a good salesperson. But it is not so. What you go to understand is- That, You are actually serving people and you are able to create more opportunities for you. And you are getting amazing results going for you. 

                                     I give you a Simple Eg:- All the People who are Here each one of you, I have sold you something or the Other, I gave it to you for free. I have given this opportunity to you for free But you are trading your time here to take this opportunity. 


♦️ And That is the Reason why Because you understand this opportunity is very good for me. So All the People are Here Right Now. you have been sold to me Because of the Opportunity I have provided to you. Now, How many agree to this When I say selling is serving,

               That Right now When I am selling you this program. I am actually serving you so Everybody understands that you are learning. You would be able to create more opportunities for yourself. 

            That’s extremely important. 

♦️ And the 2nd is – When you know the Price that People are paying and the value that they are getting instead, When The Value is greater than the Price that Actually means that You are serving people. 

                       Because You would create more Results and opportunities. 


♦️ So First of All Your Thought Process change is very important From Selling to serving. 

                     Till the Time You go to think about it from the perspective that I am trying to sell to another person. You will never be able to push, nor will you be able to put in the effort, never will be able to create that impression in people’s minds. 

                      And That is the Reason Why I say to people over and over again – Don’t ever think that you are pushing some people After today to buy something. Rather, When you have full confidence in your product then Trust in this thing that you are sharing the opportunity with people. 

                      Because of that Opportunity, they would be able to make more. 


♦️ And They would be able to get more Results going for them. That is the most important part and That is How They are gonna be Ahead of everyone else. So that mindset From selling to serving needs to be changed. 




♦️ Why is Social Media so very important today? 

 See, Long Before today, We had many resources to consume content. We used to consume content through TV, through Radio, through Radio, through Hoarding, through Newspapers. We used to consume content from all these places. 

                                But Now it is very important is that People are there are on  Social Media. People spend their time on Social Media. Their Mindset changes on the Basis What they see on Social Media, They spend Most of the time on Social Media. And Our Thought Process is affected by Social Media. 

 This is very important to understand. 


♦️ This is why it is very important to get our content on Social Media. 

        2nd thing- Now You have a Limit that you can work for 12 hours, 13 hours, 14 hours in a Day. But what we have to understand is that Here is if you are putting content on Social Media, Even if you are sleeping at Night, Your content will continue to work. That is very powerful. 

               Right Now When I am writing This Article, Even if I am creating opportunities for myself, My Ads are still running. And Because of that, the results are automatically going to come for me and the Opportunity will always be created. 


♦️ And The Reason for that is Because Social Media running 24*7. When you focus upon creating content on Social Media you are going to close it to the People to Whom you want to sell your product or your service, or Your opportunity for your offering, or Your Course, Your Program, Whatever it is, 

    You will be able to take that Result in front of them and then you will have a lot of opportunities to create yourself. So that’s the Most Important Reason. 


♦️ Two Reason In Fact- 

   1- People are there on Social Media, 

   2- is that A lot of Attention is there on Social Media and your Content stay is for a Long Period of time. 

         Like even today The Article  I have written, Maybe 4 months Ago they get me Leads, They get me messages they get Mails. I don’t even know, as to which of my Articles are getting me those leads and The Opportunities but They come. 


    Reason Being, I might be not creating content today But the Content that I have already created that already exists on Social Media and that is the reason why. 





 ♦️ Traffic comes from where the Attention is that is why I go to share with you. Social Media Following is equal to Revenue. I hope you understand this. 

     If You have the Attention and You know How to Monetize it. The Money would come from you. The Result will come for you. 

          And Therefore you need to understand where Traffic Attention is there, the money would come. 


♦️ So, Please Understand this, Once My Personal Profile has grown, Once more people have started knowing me, What has happened is- Attention has come my way, And When you talk about traffic then Money also come Where the Attention is- 

                          So Automatically you are also able to generate more revenue. Why? 


♦️ More People Following Up, Some of them become part of my free training, Some of them become part of my paid training, Some of them Buy our software, Some of them Become part of Something else offering to them. 

            And That is How  You would be able to monetize it, That I also get brand endorsement I have not yet taken even a Single Brand endorsement to Reason being. I don’t want this way In which I can give that product to you by having faith in 100%. 

♦️ People spent their time on Social Media. People’s opinions are based upon what Happens on Social Media and that is the reason why They are able to generate revenue for themselves. 

                                Just That Monetization Plan is important for each one of us. 

♦️ Now What I have done is- have created the Opportunity Because of a lot of people following me. 

                  Always Remember This Rule- it is 10% of the 10%. 

   If you are not getting a promotion, If you are not getting Results, Not making money this is the Reason. 10% of the 10%.

♦️ I will give you an example:-  Suppose, I have about 1.2 million followers on Social Media, Out of these 1.2 million followers, 1.2 Lakhs are those people. 10% are those people who like MY  content. They are like, Satyam- We are really proud of your content, We Really love your content. You help us a lot. 

                                      Out of Those 1.2 Lakhs People, 10% would enroll in my paid offerings. That is How it works. It has around 12,000 people. 12,000 would become part of the paid offering that I am providing to them. And that is exactly What you need to do yourself. 

              Once You create that Awareness for yourself. Once more people know about you, Do That calculation. 

♦️ If you are generating Revenue, Let say, 1 Lakh rupees and you know that Your product price is 10,000 rs. So you need 10 customers to need to Reach out to 1,000 people. So it’s simple 10% of the 10% is gonna get those Results. It gonna buy your opportunity, 

                    And Maybe in the Future, The Remaining People would become the Part of the Result that You are going to offer to them.

♦️ So on Today’s Date, Out of All the Followers you have, 10% Peopole3 will follow you Rigorously, and out of that 10% of People will Enroll in your product or service. So you go to understand- 

              Traffic or the Money comes where the Attention is. And you need to follow this Rule- 10% of the 10% to create opportunities for yourself. 



♦️ The First step Before starting selling on Social Media is – Finding Your Niche. 

          You need to Identify your Niche. This is the First Step, What you sell through Social Media. 

♦️ I’ll give you an example: – Maybe You are selling food in Restaurant, Maybe You have a gym, Maybe You are in Digital Coaching, Maybe You have software, Maybe You are selling Fitness Programs, Maybe You are from IT, Maybe you are from Banking, You will be from some sector or Some Other Industry- 

                  Now, what do you have to do, Now You already know your niche? 

♦️ Your Niche is the Industry You work in. So it is very important to first Identify Your niche. So That what kind of content you will bring to people. So you need to understand- This is my Niche and People should also know what content they will get through you. 

       For Ex: When you see my Content on the online Platform What I do, People know that Satyam is going to help us in Sales, So People know what is my Niche and What information will I present to you. 

♦️ Now This Thing can also come in Your mind that There will be more restaurants, There will be more gyms, There will be more salons But What Does it matter even though you have opened a Restaurant, There are more restaurants in the Market. Yes Or No. 

                It simply means for us that If you have opened a Restaurant then you have to Differentiate yourself compared to other  Restaurants. You have to do that thing here. 

♦️  You will not change your niche. If I have a competition today, I will have to change my niche. Maybe in the future, You have to do it. But Even if you do it, then You will tell people what is my niche, What is an opportunity for me. This is very important. 

             The first step, Before you start producing your content on social media is that you need to identify what your Niche is. Till the Time you Don’t identify what your Niches are. You would not be able to get a loyal audience. 

♦️ 2nd Thing is Maybe your Niche will be such that there will not be many viewers. Few people will like your content. But you should not matter and the Reason is why you don’t mind. That’s why you understand one thing-

                               If your userBase is less then the Buyer is the same. 

♦️  What do you prefer, 100 people who are ready to buy your product or 1,000 people who are watching your content? But of them, just 10 people are enrolling in your program. That is the Harsh Reality. (Right) 

    We would want 100 Buyers who would be ready to become a part of the Offering that I am giving to them. The most important part and that’s the Reason. 

♦️ Why Your Niche Identification is Important. Which is your topic on which you want to give knowledge, on the Top of which you want to give information, Your Audience should already know about that crystal clear. 

            Before Coming Here, You know that I’m gonna cover this topic. I will explain this information and Because you already know it. You have that Mindset, Ok. This is what I am going to learn from this topic, from this module. 

              ♦️ The Same Realization should happen to the people. What are they going to learn from you? When they have realized then you start getting results and opportunities on your own. 


So I hope The First step is clear to each of you that you need to clarify your niche. 





♦️ Sales through Facebook Group. 

        Now, You guys already know that That is My niche. Now you have to make a Facebook Group Based on your niche. If I do my thing, I will create a group on Facebook Called Sales Podcast Value. Because I help People regarding of Sales. 

♦️ So My Niche is Sales. So Now What I am doing is taking the Sales Niche in front of People. OR, How- To create a Facebook group whose Name is Sales Podcast Value. So What we are going to do in this case is Because We have created groups. 

                 No.1- I am going to provide people with a lot of information and a lot of content. I hope all of you remember The Most Important part of Selling is- The Trust Factor. The Trust Factor needs to be Developed. The Trust Factor is extremely Important. 

♦️ Now You have Become a part of that Facebook group. How many of you remember the Customer Journey. Customer Journey starts from Point A and Wants to reach Point C. Now You have to take him from A to B free of Cost.  Customer Journey from Point A to Point B is free of cost through Facebook Group. 

                  How to do it through Facebook Group, Give them The Tasks to perform, Give them Opportunities, You will motivate People to Add Content, Give them Regularly information, Go Live in the Group, Increase Engagement in the group, Ask them Questions, 

♦️ In Nutshell, What you are doing is keeping people involved. Ensuring that people are learning and ensuring that people are creating more Results for themselves. If You start Doing these things for people then you will get results due to this. 

                                      And That is How Facebook Group is going to work for you. Maybe the Facebook Group will take Let’s Say 6 Months to 1 Year If you are Beginning Your Journey Before You start monetizing it. But if You look carefully, Nothing Happens in 6 Months to 1 Year. 

♦️ After Spending Lakhs of Rupees After Going to college, After Spending 3-4 Years, We start getting results. Isn’t it. Everybody understood that, (Right)

                                     Now What you have to do is You have to give value to your Audience in the Facebook group, You have to give information. You have to give support through that. You will start getting results. 

♦️  Another Benefit That is Available in the Group is that. Ask people to invite their friends. So now you can ask more people to invite their friends. You would be able to monetize that. And You would be able to create those Results for you, that’s the Most Important part. 

               Create Your Facebook group, Give the Information to People, Ensure that They are Learning, Ensure that Your Trust is developed. That You are taking people from A to B and You are also giving a Lot of Value. 

♦ See, Everyone Wants to Buy, Everyone Wants to Improve, But Whether They want to buy from you or Not entirely Depends Upon your Credibility. Like I am very proud about it, I know the way I reach out. I know how to help people. You would get amazing results. 

                         I would be able to create results for you also. Because After working so many years, I have developed that Credibility and that authority. For Myself and That is exactly what you need to do for yourself.

♦️ So The Facebook Group is going to help you with this Merit. 


    Using Your Niche, 

    Make A Facebook Group, 

    Keep the People Engage, 

    Give them Tasks, 

    Give them Information,

    Give them Awareness,

    Ask Questions from them,

    Tell them to perform Duties,

    Give them Regular Feedback.  

    And Because of that, You would be able to gain the Trust and After the Particular point of time. You can give them A Particular Product or Can Offering or Any Sales, Any Opportunities. You would be able to get amazing results. 

♦️ And You would be able to sell them in any manner. That is the Most Important part and That is How you would be able to get Results going for you. That is How The Facebook Group is going to work. 




♦️ How do you Monetize using a Facebook Public Page? 

    Now My Facebook Page is made in my name, is Satyam Vishnoi.  


What are the Advantages you get on Facebook public Page?

1- You can run Ads, 

2- Reach can increase a lot if You put content there. A Video Remains confined there is a group put if a video is put on the public page, it can go viral from there. 

  3-  You are able to develop a lot of Authority and credibility after you have created a public page for yourself. 

 4- If you provide a lot of value to people, People would also give you Reviews Based upon the information that you are sharing with them. 

And The Basis of more Reviews Your authenticity and credibility Develop again. 

5- You would be able to share your Public page with a lot of people. And People would be able to identify both the Things. That is OK. You also have a Page. You also have a Group. 

♦️ If You take your sharing, You take your content in front of people, Information is brought in front of people then The Results and Opportunities for you start coming on your own. You have to do it. 

                     That is How the Public Page is going to work for you, So All the Advantages Have been shared with you, And One Thing Note down that Facebook Recommends videos of more than 3 minutes. Whatever video you will put on that they should be more than 3 min. 

♦️ The Next Thing is- 

         You can run Ads Through your Facebook page, You can also do lead generation and You can share any opportunity with people. So you can run Lead Generation Ads, You can Directly sell using Your Ads. you would be able to monetize it for yourself also. 

                    Just Like I already mentioned to you- You also get a lot of credibility because of the Facebook Public page. And Because of the Reviews when you give yourself The Results start coming for you. So Facebook Public Page gives you more Authority give you more credibility.

♦️ You would run ads, You would generate leads for yourself. The Videos, You have put should be longer than 3 min. The Probability of a Video going viral would automatically grow and therefore you would be able to generate more results and more revenue for your own self. 


 I hope that is clear. 




♦️ How Do you monetize your Facebook Personal Profile? 

   A lot of profiles think that our personal profile is of no use. 

  It is very worth it. 

♦️ You should not put the photo of the wedding, you can take the opportunity of the work you are doing to the people. It is very important for you. 

Now, I will explain to you How to do this- 


1- Remove all the people who don’t add value to your profile. Your social media accounts are not for your friends, they are for your growth, They are for your growth, they are for your opportunity. 

♦️ Use Your Phone for your Family Friends. Not your personal Facebook account to wish mommy dad. But the most important things are going to be for your work. This is going to be for your business. 

      I hope you understand that. 

♦️ Any Such person is in your personal Facebook account, Who will be sharing all the Political posts worthless, sharing memes, or something that is not Benefiting you. Rather Your mind is getting disturbed that person needs to be removed from your life. 

                     If there are some people whom you can not remove, Unfollow them. You don’t want this Distraction, Anyhow. 

♦️ One thing I want to tell you is very clear and cut Here. start taking your social media seriously. Share the Content related to your work then Your work will grow fastly from there. And Do not be afraid of sharing your content. 

              That I have an opportunity which is helpful for you. 

♦️ How can I get it to you? 

  One thing you have to do Here too: First You have to Add value. Add value through your personal profile and then try to monetize it for you. 

♦️ One Opportunity has been made for you by the people who are your Facebook personal profile. They already knew you so that trust Factor has been Developed for you. Although the Thing had not worked for you here is –

        There are some people who have been connected with you since childhood. They will not understand what the problem will be with them, Whatever will be offered to them. This is true for you. 

♦️ Do not be sad thinking about people who have not known your opportunities. Don’t worry about all those things, But the Thing is- There are already some people who know about you so Trust Factor has already been Developed over there. 

                                       So use Your Facebook Personal Profile in order to get results for you and in order to create more opportunities and Revenue producing Activities for each one of you. That is How you would be able to make the most out of it. 

♦️ How will you grow from your Facebook Personal Profile? 

  Tag People, Work LIke Shameless Self Promoter. 

People who tell you why you are tagging me, again and again, have to tell them that this is my job. I would expect you to support me. Removing people who don’t support you is as simple as that. 

         Convert Yourself from the One who consumes content to the One who creates content. 

The Day Start Doing that will be the day you would be so very Ahead of a lot of people. 

   Hope you get that. Keep the Mindset of Helping People. 




♦️ How do you Sell using Instagram? 

   Let me make you understand How- Right now what is so very important is- 

      The Engagement on Instagram is mind Blowing. The Engagement on Instagram is much higher compared to other platforms that is why I say that it is mind-blowing. 

♦️ So Now you go to do is- The Page you’ve created on Instagram You need to increase your awareness And That’s How you would be able to get those Results going for you. I will inform you How that is going to be Done for you. 

  No.1- Create More IGTV Videos. 

What do you understand about IGTV? 

♦️ IGTV means- Videos that are longer than 1 min. They are the IGTV videos. So What you go to in this case is that IGTV videos get a lot more engagement compared to other things. 

So Do more IGTV videos- That’s No.1 

Do more Instagram live sessions- No.2

Because When you would do an Instagram live session then you would be able to connect more people and get more results. So you have to put in more IGTV videos. And Post more stories- Your Engagement will increase. 

♦️  You have to increase your live session, If Some of you say That Satyam- We are not getting a lot of views. 

So Does not matter, keep posting your content and the results are going to grow for you. 

                       Some People also say that if everyone Becomes a creator of the content then who will view the content. I give you all the information But I still guarantee you that Not Everyone will be able to create that Content. 

♦️ Now, How do you Bring engagement to your Instagram page? 

1- Your Bio should give clarity about your niche. 

2- Put Multiple engagement stories. How? 

   Will you post stories, Ask Questions from people, Do a Poll, And There are also some other creatives inside the Instagram story, Use Them. so that people will engage with your story. You should have a business account. 

♦️ One More Thing you have to do – It is so very important – Reply to All the comments personally. You must reply to all the comments that come to you. Because what you are doing is – You are engaging people. You are replying to them and you are making them Happy. 

           And Actually, you are creating more opportunities for yourself because You are caring people. That is so very important and you have to do this. 

♦️  One more thing – Reply to even negative comments in a positive way. They are just misinformed. They don’t know about the Value that I add. Don’t worry about Negative comments. So follow All the Strategies that I have told you and Generate Leads Also from Instagram. I hope you understand that. 

                       Selling over Instagram is very effective. One more very important thing is that you get results when you are regularly connected with your Audience. 

♦️ What you are doing is- You are creating that Attention for yourself and You are creating more opportunities for Yourself that’s the most important part for you.





♦️ How would you be able to Sell Through Youtube? 

  See, Youtube is a platform where people come, When they are there consume video content. 

                        Predominantly or In Fact Most of the People who come on Youtube at that Consume video content you know that. Youtube pays attention to the Duration of your videos consumed by the Audience. 

♦️ For Ex: If your video lets say 10 minutes long, If People are watching your videos 4 Minutes- 5 minutes that means You have that attention, And They would be willing enough to listen to you for a longer period of time and that’s How Youtube is going to recommend your videos. 

                         One more thing on Youtube which is good that even if you don’t have a lot of subscribers, the probability of your video going viral is still there. 

♦️ Now, What I recommend to you – How you would be able to sell through youtube is- in Your Description write Down your form or Whatever way you are generating leads for yourself, Write it down in the Description. 

               And You can say in the VIdeo that I have given you a Form Below if you want to learn from me write it down. If You want to know more about your product pull up the Google Form that I have shared with you. 

♦️ So You can put in a Google Form that can be created free of cost Or if you are doing Email marketing. You can write down and share the Link of the Page so that you can generate more Leads. 

                          That is How You would be able to monetize youtube. \

♦️ If You want to earn money through Youtube Ads – So Not Bad. it is good. 

      One more benefit is still on Youtube that Your videos grow over a period of time. Unlike Facebook, Unlike IGTV videos, or Instagram. The Videos on Youtube stay for a longer period of time. Even 1-Year-old video, 5  Years old video. They are recommended to people. 


  The Best part about it is that The Contest stays for a longer time on youtube that is 1st Benefit. 

2- People come there looking for video content. That is how it is going to Helpful for you. 

3- You need to generate leads from people who follow your content on Youtube by writing in your description. Therefore you would be able to generate more and more leads. And then you would be able to convert them By giving them your product and offering whatever you can do that work also on Youtube. 

4- You can go live on Youtube, When you go live on Youtube so connect with people and opportunities will come ownself. 


   And you can post the same Videos on Instagram And Youtube But Mix And Match. For Ex: Today, The Videos you are putting on Youtube, After 5 Days But the Same video on Instagram. This is the way you can put your videos with Mix and Match. 


♦️ And Lead Generation is very effective. When you will do Lead Generation effectively then those results will come that are so very Amazing. So The Videos you are putting on Youtube. Please Understand that Videos need to be comparatively longer. 

          You need to provide people with the opportunities and you also need to get the Leads of people. That means you need to get the Database, You need to ensure that They are giving you voluntarily their Phone Number, Their Email-Id. 

                      So that You can do further communication with them and they are doing it voluntarily and After every 20 Videos you can also tell people to Directly buy. 


♦️ Again What you are doing it- You are Giving value, Giving Value, Giving value…………  And then you tell people to Buy from here. That’s How You would be able to generate more Results and more Opportunities going for you. 

                   Everybody is clear with that. 




♦️ Linkedin is one of the Most Professional Platforms. And 2nd Things is Linkedin, You would realize that the Organic reach a lot. You can reach out to people By Organic. 

               3rd- You can put a lot of articles on Linkedin. 


♦️ Ex: Convert the Script of your videos into the form of an Article. The Videos Script that You would be writing, You would be writing Let’s say. 6 Pointers. 

            Write Down The Article and ensure that you are elaborating on each and every topic. It is as simple as that., 


For Ex: I made a video, 15 strategies to become an amazing communicator. I will write these 15 strategies and I will elaborate all of them and I would be able to use them as an Article. Do you think it is difficult? That would be able to use it As a Blog also. 

                                 Just that we put a lot of unnecessary pressure on ourselves. 


♦️ How will we do? – What happened And Organic Reach I just like told you,

     Organic Reach Means- The content that it is reaching out to people without putting any money on Ads. The Reason is Why I am telling you to write more Articles just because those Articles are going to stay for a longer period of time. 


 2nd – All of you can get up to 30,000 connections on Linkedin.  And How would you be able to get up to 30,000 connections on Linkedin? 

        Understand This- You would be able to send up to 100 requests in a Day. and then give it a gap of 3-4 days. So what I would like to recommend to all of you is to share some posts. 


♦️ Put in Some Articles and Put in Some Videos also. And at the same time once connecting with more people, Write Comments on their posts as well so they would be able to remember to connect with you and You would be able to make the most of it. 

                   One More thing, platforms can change their strategies every single day. (I hope you get it)


♦️ If he does not allow you to send 500 go for 100 And do it for a longer period of time. Over Linkedin, you will have the opportunity to meet more professional persons. Along with the connectivity of your professional people, you can also content there. 

                               And You would get more serious people Who are serious about their work, Their Career on Linkedin. Therefore you would be able to get results going for you. I would recommend to you that you should work upon your existing page. That’s the thing. 


♦️ One more thing that is very important for you that creating a connection will be of no use unless you appreciate people’s content. Please Reply to the post, Put the Article if someone puts a content then reply to it. Send Personalized messages to people, And Do not send the same message to everyone. 

                  If you send personalized messages You will get more results and more opportunities. It is very important. And Each platform has its own importance. Now you have to see how you have to bring the Results for yourself on every platform. What you can also do is, You can share the link of your product as well as services inside the Articles. 


♦️ So People who would Read your Article would also be able to visit your pages and Buy Any Product on the service that You are offering to them. So More Articles, More Content, More Videos- The Length of the Videos as of now on Linkedin is 10 Min. it might change in the future. The Maximum Length is 10 min. On Linkedin. It is very important to keep the Engagement there, If There is no engagement then there is no use there. 

      So Post after every 2-3 Days on Linkedin. 


SELLING THROUGH WHATSAPP:  (Selling Through Social Media)


♦️ How do you monetize Whatsapp? 

    How do you sell through Whatsapp? 

   Let’s Focus on How we would be able to monetize on Whatsapp. 

See- 1- Create your Broadcast List. identify people in your broadcast list, You can have up to 256 people at a time. Out of those 356 people, Out of your entire contact list, Identify 256 people whom you are serious about, Who would be willing to learn from you, Who would be willing to learn from you. 

                   So What you go to do is- Reach out to these 256 People, Connect with these 256 People and Provide them with regular updates. 

♦️ 2nd You need to do is-  Use Your WhatsApp stories as well and the Best part about Whatsapp stories is – When you Post the Link in the What’s app story people will be Redirected from your story to that page or that Link or that account whatever it is. For Ex: As Soon as My Podcast episode comes, I put a link on my stories and people get Redirected from there and you have to do this thing for yourself. 

            People Have to Redirect to your Social Media, that is so very important. 

♦️ In Your Broadcast, Whoever has saved your Number will get the message and Your status will also be visible to those people who saved your number. So 2 Things Here who are so very important here- 

    1- Create Your Broadcast List and Be Connected with People as many as they want. Someone tells you repeatedly that you do not bother, Do not send messages again and again so you are not worried about that. Understand you are the Shameless promoter. 

       And Whatever content you are giving to them which is so very important for them. Now What you are doing is trying to sell to them, You need to understand that selling is serving, So Don’t worry about that selling is serving. And Don’t worry about that if People say to you that if, You are reaching out a lot of time. Don’t worry about All those things- that is very important. 

♦️ One thing you can do there is that it is very essential to Engage the People and You have to work with those people by Whatsapp. As soon as you make them part of a Regular information group then you will provide information regularly. So Those People would connect with you and Those People would be more than happy to learn from you and get that information going for you. I Hope You realize that.

                     And I hope you will be able to create more opportunities using Whatsapp also. So Whatsapp stories work like anything—- (1)

♦️ 2nd- We need to focus over here is that you can make a group so that you can reach out to people. 

♦️ 3rd- Create a Broadcast List for you and use that Broadcast list as well. You would be able to monetize stuff going for you. And One more thing is that I will recommend that You will not have to use the Tools that Your Whatsapp has. Because there will be very few groups that are authentic. Broadcast means that You have made a List then you have to send a Message to a Member and That Message will be sent to All Members. 

                  The next thing is to Help People with your content. Put in content that is going to be helpful for people and You will get results from there. 

♦️ Understand, Let me Repeat, Sales is a Contact spot. What are you doing Right now is that You are increasing your contact using all your contacts using all these platforms to Reach Out to more people. And That is why you need to do it. If You wrote an Article on Linkedin so put that’s Article Link on Whatsapp stories If you make a Video on Youtube, so put that video link on Whatsapp story and Can share and forward with people. 

                 If You make an IGTV video, You can share this video’s Link on Whatsapp. Wo what are you doing – So you are taking your content from multiple places to people and that is exactly what you need to do for your own self. Money comes, Results come But You have to put in more effort. I put in a lot of effort, I put in a lot of information. I tell you one more thing that the Individually Platform will have little impact. cumulatively All platforms will have a lot of impacts that are very important. 

♦️ If you are able to understand that Then you will realize that Yes it is bringing results for me. 

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