Setting up the profitable Sales Funnel, 11 Ways

 There are a lot of important things in sales, Because of which you get results, Because of which you can take your customer on the customer value journey. 

♦️  As You can transition your customer from cold customer to Hot Customer, It is the most important to do, It is called a sales funnel. 


       In this article, I am going to explain to you, How we create a profitable sales funnel. How we get results through the sales funnel, How we get opportunities.  What are the Components of a Sales Funnel, Why Sales Funnel is important? 


     How Your Revenue Increases Through the Sales Funnel and How you can get Such good results through Sales Funnel. 


 ♦️ It is very important for us to understand, And This is what I want to explain to yo09u through this Sales Funnel. 


Now Let’s Go Head. Let’s understand Inside This Article. 




♦️ No. 1 is known as Lead Magnet. You have to understand What this Lead Magnet is, 

                          See, If you want to sell anything to a person, You must have his contact details, Their Email Id, Their Contact Number, Their point of contact, Whether it is through Facebook, You have to reach people in Any Way. 


♦️ It may be your online mode even if it is offline mode. So There must be something that will serve as our lead magnets. The meaning of lead magnets, Due to which They are either giving you their time or giving their Email Id, or Giving Their Phone Number, 

                In Return, You are sharing information with them about a substantial or tangible product or service or knowledge or information. 


♦️ Now What do we use as our lead magnet, We use ebooks, we have given people a free-of-cost Ebook or have done a webinar, We have invited people to a webinar, That is our lead magnet done. 

                               We use this way of things, Through lead magnets, Because when you give lead magnets, You will tell people that I will send the E-book, You should share your Email List, Share your Email- Id with me. 


♦️ 2nd Thing- 

                   If someone wants to attend my webinar for that also have to register then to register, THey given their email id or Phone Number. Now, this has happened in Digital format. If you had to do the same thing in your shop, What would you do? 


♦️ If you are a Dentist, then you will tell people that you come to us, Take free consultation with us, This is our phone number to give a consultation call on it. 

                                 If you have a bakery, then you can tell people that you come here with us. How do we make a cake with photos? You come here and do the taste. 

                                   You can call for coffee, You can say that this is our product, Take the experience of this product, it is free of cost. In the Beginning, you can also do such things. 


♦️ So that makes your customer aware of your product and taste it a little bit, Tell them a little. Then After that, they will feel good then they will be motivated to take your product. 

                                       This is known as Lead Magnet. 


♦️ In Return, People give you time, give an Email-Id, or give their phone number here, so that they can stay connected to you. 

                   Understand that it is very important to have lead magnets Because of this, the inflow of your lead remains. 


Why People don’t sell Because they don’t have enough Leads. 

Who do we follow up with when we don’t have leads? 


♦️ There are a select 3 or 4 or 5 People, We try to reach out to them. And when we try to reach out to 3 or 4 people, How will the Results come, How will the opportunities come, Think about it. 


It is not possible, Right. 


♦️ Because some of them refused, you don’t have the lead to reach out. But if you have lead magnets, then will keep coming to the leads. Your team will continue to convert it and those people are also giving it experience. 

And voluntarily are sending their data happily and it becomes your duty that in return you will give them something worth it. That is what the concept of lead magnet is. 




♦️  Now, I ask you one thing, Now you are reaching out to a new customer who does not know anything about you. That person has absolutely no idea about you.

             Absolutely no idea about you, Who is that guy. In which category does he belong. 


♦️  Obviously, Cold Category, Because He knows nothing about you. 

     Now, How will you do lead generation in this case, it is very important to understand. 

                    What you need to do for lead generation is to get to where people spend more time. Where do people spend a lot of time today’s time? 


♦️ Over the Internet, Over Social Media, You also have to generate leads from there. Put in the Facebook group that I am giving this Value, generate leads from there. Put on your Facebook profile, Put on Whats-app, Put on whats App status, generate leads from there. 


                Reach out to people through Messages, Send Different Messages to everyone, If you copy-paste, Your account will be Blocked, I am telling you free of cost resources. Apart from this, you can generate leads by running ads. 


♦️  Everything I am telling you, If you say that even Satyam, I have less money Now, Then Increase your Facebook friends list to 5,000. Get Added to a Facebook group, give value to the people there, Tell them there then I am doing a Webinar so that people will stay connected with you. 

     Start Generating Leads from there. 


♦️ If you start creating your authority then you will continue to generate leads on your own, Start making youtube videos too. 

       Generate Leads on top of Instagram Generate Lead Wherever it is traffic. Because you will not be able to generate the lead then Understand that your process is over before it starts, 


     If no one has come into your funnel, Then How will He get out? 


♦️ And Therefore, I have told you what you have to give them in Lead Magnets in Return for the same Lead Magnet you need lead, You will get lead from the places where people have attention. 




♦️  Now You have understood Lead Magnet and Now started generating Lead. people have got your name and you have their Lead, But still, a lot of people will be in the cold category. 

               What is the reason for this, Hey Brother, You have not given them enough substantial? They thought if I could get something good from here, They come. 


♦️  Understand them Semi-warm, They are still not completely warm customers. Now you have to give another first and this process is called value addition. Understand what you can do through value addition. 

    What can you give people as value addition, Give them, E-book, Do Training more for them? Do Question answer section for them, give video series to them more. 


♦️ Create a group on Facebook to solve queries of people there for question Answers. , Create some moderators so that the problem can be solved. 

         Whatever the query people are asking for on mail, Solve their query on mail. Share your old articles with people. 


♦️ There will be some videos of yours that will not show to the general public. Tell people about them, Tell them Any Case study. When you do all these things, then who are you adding value to people’s lives. 


    And Understand what you are doing, You are transitioning from a cold audience to a warm audience. You are developing a trust factor here. When your trust factor is developed, People will be inclined to take your service. 


♦️ But for all that to happen, You need to do value addition very much. The more you add value, The more people will consume your content.   

              Your Name will go in their Mind. they will understand well that Yes, This guy is Adding value to My life. And Later on, whatever you want to offer, They will want to take, Paid Program, Information, content from you. 


♦️ You can follow the same process for offline Business as well. You sell offline, You have a phone number, You also have an Email-Id. Take All these things to them. 


♦️ If you have a restaurant, Send the cooking recipe to them, Do not think that if you send the cooking recipe, They will cook it at home, It does not happen. 

  No one will cook at Home every day, Nor will anyone come to your restaurant every day. It will recall. If there is any discount, You send the message through them. 


♦️ What did you do, You gave value, recalled they Became part of your community, Gave some special Discounts, some special things, Gave some specials on the Anniversary, Made cake complimentary.


♦️ Do These Kinds of things, so that you are giving more and more value to them and you are giving knowledge and Because of them They are going to transition towards your cold customers into warm customers. 




♦️ Now Let’s  focus on Nurturing the leads, 

                                                               Finally What is Nurturing the Leads.


♦️  This is the sampling process that I told you about in the previous Topic, that you have to nurture your leads, You have to give them more value. 


♦️ Now, It is to understand why the Lead has to be nurtured. 

      Can’t I sell them today, Won’t people buy from me? Some people can buy But Not everyone will buy. 


            Everyone is not going to take action right now, Everyone is not going to be a part of it yet. Because that trust has not been developed yet. 


♦️ Let me explain In Detail why this happens, 

                      There were many products and services that promised and did not complete the falls. What happens to people like you and people like us who want to work with authenticity and Integrity, They have problems later. 


♦️  Many people show big dreams and We don’t do this. We think work by speaking the truth, Don’t act by saying this fraud. People say that by making such a small investment, You will become so rich, 

               You accumulate so much money, You will start getting a lot of money. All These Things have been told to the people If People made these things happen due to their grades. 


And there is a fear in people’s minds that these things do not work. This kind of stuff gets into people’s minds. And That’s why it is very important for you to nurture your lead. 


♦️ If Your Lead is not nurtured then it makes No Sense, Some People will buy and Many People will miss you. Some People are negative about that, They say that They were trying to sell us. They don’t value what to give to them. 

            Such people will also meet, But I have already explained to you that I ignore such people. If you nurture people, Then some people have gratitude then They will begin to understand. 


♦️ You Don’t worry about those Things at All. Keep Nurturing your leads. Understand that If you are building a house then Its foundation should be the strongest. 

                         Here You are strengthening your foundation, The more opportunities you come to you, The Results will come to you. The More people trust you, The More people will be inclined to buy from you. 

                      Because They will also realize that He always gave me a lot of value.  


♦️ There will be some people who will not buy your product and will not buy your service yet it will happen to them that something good will happen in their life, It’s too much to be and that is why Nurturing the Leads is essential. 

                            Maximum people get stuck here. They Do not nurture their lead, They think we have worked very hard, It is enough, Now The Money should come. No, Firstly Build a strong foundation. 

     The Better The Foundation, THe Higher The Opportunity comes the better Results will be. 


♦️ Now, We need to focus on building that strong foundation. 


       Hope You understood, 


 Regularly You go Nurture your audience and go so that they will be connected to you. Whatever you are giving them offers, You will focus on it. 




♦️ Heard this term before Today? – Tripwire. 


 No one has taught what Tripwire is. 

 Taught in sales in college, MBA taught in marketing But it is not taught Anything. 

             When They know about it then only they will teach you, Then They will tell you when they do not know themselves, then How will they be able to teach you? 

                     When They have not done it themselves, Where will they teach you? 

      “ This is the Harsh Reality.” isn’t’ it. 


♦️ Let me tell you, Now You started generating Leads and now you just started nurturing your audience, Now You have to give them Tripwire. That is the Minimum price product. A Minimum Price Product. 


♦️ If you want to pitch a product that costs Rs. 50,000 And Rs. 1,00,000 Then you first gave them a minimum price product that will cost Rs. 99 And Rs. 150. 

                      What can you give in it now? 


♦️ If You have a Physical outlet Then you gave them a small product which costs Rs. 50 And Rs. 100. 

                You can give them a keyring which is worth Rs 30. 


♦️ Now, Customers are getting connected with you Because of Tripwire. It is very important to start with Tripwire. Many people do not value tripwire,

          Let me tell you This Tripwire is very important. Because When you are selling, You are going to connect with people and it is very important to start a way of revenue from them. 


♦️ I will explain this in more in Detail in the Next Topic. But Right Now Please Understand the value of Tripwire. 

                                                            What do so many people do in India, They make a webinar of Rs. 99 But I don’t do it. I think I can give a lot of value to you without it. I tell people about my Sales boot camp (Podcast). 


♦️ It requires Credibility, But Now you will take time to go there. So you can start with a Tripwire. Now you gave the Tripwire, Gave the product to the people, and proceeded. 

                                        Now Understand This, Write in your diary what could be your tripwire for your Business and also share it in Facebook group. (Sales Podcast Value). 


♦️  What are the things that you can give people at a low price so that Now you have transitioned your customer warm audience to Hot audience who bought something from you? 


♦️  Now, You are doing the Transition again, First, you have done cold to warm free of cost, Now you are doing warm to Hot Customer, Transition by Tripwire. Now you think what could be your tripwire. 


Think of a Tripwire to take your customer from a Warm audience to Hot Audience. Because when you offered all these things in your tripwire, then people will connect with you,

                                                    And then people will understand and that people will become your Hot Audience. 




♦️ Now, I have explained to you the tripwire. I told you in the last topic that I will tell you in the next topic Why the tripwire is important. Here it is called getting the buy association. 


♦️ Now Your Buy Association is very important to make. Unless The Buy Association is formed, Your customer will not be inclined to buy your product. 

           People do not pay attention without paying money and getting associated with you. If you really want to bring them into your funnel so far that you have to create at least an association. 


♦️ If you see this is also a part of Trial closing. If you have created a Buying Association then it will be connected with your buying association. 

                   Believe me. You will see that many websites do this. Your buying association starts and gives you products at low prices so that your buying association starts after that key also tell you about the rest of their services. 


♦️ What Did Ola, Uber do? They gave a free ride in the beginning and after that, they started to ride for Rs. 99.  Because of that their Buying association was formed, Because that we swiped our Debit and Credit card, 

          Because of that, There was no doubt in spending money again and our trust was formed. We had become their Hot Customer. 


♦️ You have to do the same thing as soon as you make your buying association after fulfilling the same strength will become your sales funnel. The more you will get revenue. 

                                                           It is very important that you should start a Buying association. Now you must have wondered who to start your Buying association with. 

  Through this Module, you have to tell that Why Starting the Buying Association is important? 

You need to understand this thing. 


♦️ Unless you have clarity in your mind you will not be able to move forward. And that is exactly what I want to do. Please Understand, It is very important to have a Buying Association. 


♦️ There are some people who do not want to spend money on themselves, Those people are also starting to filter out. We do not want such people. 

              Those who do not want to spend money on themselves, Those who do not want to spend money on their own Learning then what is the Benefit of working with them? Because No Matter How much you learn them, Those who do not take action. 


♦️ No Matter How hard you work, Those people don’t work, As I told you that those people are going to be freeloaders. So when you start the Buying Association in Actually you get revenue people. 


              Whatever you are giving them when a person has given money to them, then of value to him. This is what you need to understand and you need to get started with the Buying Association. 




♦️ Now, We will talk about your Basic Offer. It is also possible that this is your offer. 

               I call it a Basic offer Because I think the repertoire that you have means All the offers and services that you have in your portfolio should have a lot of products and services. So that Customer has a lot of choices. 


♦️ Now you have started your Buying Association then You will give your Basic offer to the customer. Your basic offer can be anything if you are in a coaching sector then your offer can be Rs. 7,000 or 8,000. 


♦️ Suppose If You are in the clothing sector then your 1,500 And 2,000 rs Jeans which have been your basic offer. 

     Suppose, You are in the catering business and you have made arrangements for 100 people, That has become your basic offer for the Business. You know there is going to be a wedding in their house. So you gave them this kind of tender for free. 


♦️ By doing this, You put your basic offer in front of people. 

   Understand, How many things you have done here. 


First You generated lead through Lead Magnets, After Generating Lead You Gave them repeated Values. You Nurtured Your audience, gave a lot of value, gave a lot of content, You gave a lot of information, 

            You gave a Tripwire, Through a Tripwire, You created a Buying Association and Now, After That Buying Association you made your Basic offer. 

             (This is a complete journey that Has to be completed by the Person.)


♦️ All These People are in your product, In your service. Now You have to see what you can give in your basic offer. 


♦️ I tell you this example, through Digital Because it is also a fact that if your Business is not on the Internet, then your business is not in actuality. Your Business does not exist, your Business can collapse anytime. 


♦️ And You have seen This thing in the Covid-19 situation. Businesses that were not on the internet are over. You must have seen it is very difficult to survive them. And that is why it is very important that you take your content online you take your business online. 

                               You help a lot of people by taking your business online. It is very important for you. 


♦️ Because of this, when you put your basic offer in front of people so far you nurtured them so much and have developed so much trust that the money-wise, Timed, Need, and urgency, 

                Objections have ended, Automatically will be of urgency will talk about that. 

And you have finished all the other objections yourself. That is why it is very important that people are gone to buy your product, your service Right now. Whatever you offered them. 


♦️  This is known as the Basic offer that you are giving to them. 





♦️ Now, That you have made your offer when you have presented your basic offer then you have to do the closing. 

         Believe me, Closing needs to be super strong. 


♦️ Like My Mentor talks with energy. You have to do the same closing with that much energy.  I say this Again and Again – Be a Shameless Self Promoter. 


♦️ If you are providing service, offer to people, If you can not speak with confidence then it does not make any sense to offer people to take that product in front of people. Because the Point Here is- 

             If you don’t talk with confidence, How will people take it? 


♦️ As Long as, You are reaching out in your words, In your eyes, in your way of talking, in your mails You should have authority in everything in your Messages, 

                         When you will not do this work with regularity, You can not bring the results. 


♦️ You have nurtured them, You have given them earlier, You have told them all the things, You know this product is super powerful for them. Now telling all the features and doing trial closing, You know what Trial Closing is? 

                     Saying Yes, Saying Yes. 

♦️ Now, You have to do this selling. You have to create opportunities and you have to take your product and service to the people. That is what is the key and that is what is gone to results for your ownself. 


♦️ Understand, Until you do not focus on these things, You can not create opportunity nor can you bring Results. Now, it is very important for you that you close strongly. 

                                    Go all in. 


♦️ Some People will find the Objections you will give, some people will give you problems, some people will say that you are trying to sell, Why do you do Messages so much, Why do you do so many emails? But you don’t have to stop. 


♦ You have 100% faith in your product. You know that this is going to help them so Do it. People all know that you go to the gym, eat good food, Make good physics, But how many people move around with good physics. 

            People know that the Results will not come due to the work they have been doing already. Even then people do not change. People know that No Results come after saving money. 


♦️ If you save Rs. 8,000 in 1 Month, you save Rs. 96,000 for the year. If your salary increases a little, then your expenses also increase, You save about 14 OR 15,00,000 Rupees in 10 Years. What happened today. 


♦️ If Our Mother’s Father had not built the house, We can’t even build the house for us. Nothing Happens in this amount of money in today’s time. Even then people do not move even then people do not try. 


♦️ It is now your responsibility that Does closing strongly and tell people about your product. Give Buying Links in front of them and Buy it. Offer your product to them and say that that is a must for you. Buy it from Me Right Now. 

                You have done all things, You have got all ground covered. You are serving people fully. 


♦️ Taking care of you guys. You are doing good value addition to them, You are nurturing them well. Now The Opportunity for you to go Ahead go bang. And get those results for you. 




♦️ Closed well, Pushed a lot of people. Initial action takers are connected to you, But would all the people have bought. What do you think? Has Everybody bought it? 

                               This is not the magic that everyone will buy right away. There are still people who did not buy your product. 


♦️ Now Understand what you have to do, I have already told you that I have explained. If it was so easy to convince people to sell through products, Then everyone would take it.

                                75% people buy after 8 Interaction. Now you have to follow up. 


♦️ Reach out to them through all the platforms. Reach out through messages, Through Email, Through Phone calls, Reach out to them By Runnings Ads. reach out through Whats app story, Do through Reach out of Instagram, Do through reach out of Facebook groups. 


♦️ At A Place Where you are connected to your customer, You can reach out to your customer at that place. And then you see how the opportunities are going to come to you,  How many good results are going to come to you. 

                                       What is going to be fun when you start doing this stuff. But it will not happen until you follow up effectively. I have already taught you the Follow-up. Now is the time for you, Implement all those things. 


♦️  So now you can follow up very easily. Now you see my Follow-up, If that guy comes then He will remain, 

                                        The reminder will go on going everywhere, We will see him everywhere. (simple)


♦️ You know how powerful your product is so why wouldn’t you follow it up? 

    You have seen Actor’s movie coming, How much He follows up. (Trailer comes, Teaser comes, Songs come in, They do shows, They give interviews By visiting Different youtube channels, Their articles go to different places, PR campaigns are run.)


♦️ We see the same everywhere, Why is it that Before a Movie is Released, He is seen everywhere. All those are planted in front of you that is what is known as Doing Follow-up. 

                                                                So When Those People can be so rich, Then why can’t we empower people to give value to people for running their own home. When we are doing this work with full sincerity then we have to do this work. 


♦ I told you to write their Name, Up to Bottom, Write Their Date in the Right to Left, Write Their Reaction, Write Their conversion, Write your success story as it happens. 

                                          As People are Benefiting from the Product, People are sending you testimonials, keep it in front of people. Reaching Out through All the Platforms to your potential customers is the essence of selling. 

                Go and Do the Follow-up. 




♦️ It is not a mistake, Man, Do not panic by reading the Closing Title Again. Don’t think about what happened after closing again, That’s wrong. How so closing again, Now. 

♦️ Earlier, You had the opportunity to buy a product, Whatever your product was. After that, you follow up with regular people. A Factor is very important that comes Before “T”. (This is the MTNUT rule)

                                             Now, What is It? It is Urgency. 


♦️ Now That Urgency has to bring you in front of people. 

               Whatever Your product is, Whatever Your pricing is But it does not always remain at the same price. It does not always remain at the same price. 


♦️ After that The prices increase, the same thing that you have to do Here. you have to bring the same thing to people.  It must have urgency. 


       When Did you fill the College Form, – Last Day, 

        When Did you pay Electricity Bill – Last Day, 


Sometimes when the Light was cut when the electricity Bill was given. When is the Telephone Bill pay? 

When is the Setup Box of D2H Renewed? 


When it finishes on TV, It is seen that we immediately with Draw money and Think that our show will not be missed. Recharge is made when calls are stopped from mobile. (Why?)


♦️ Because That is How Human Nature is and that is why the Urgency is very important. People will not buy until you create the Urgency. If People feel that it is always with us Then people will Deny that. 

                                 Things Lying at Home rot Because People Think it is our, it will always be with us. Closing is very important. 


♦️ Now is the Final Deadline for people. Buy now if you Don’t buy now nothing will happen. So You will never get this chance on this prize. Repeatedly call people that chance is going to go. 

                                          This is time to get those things, This is time for you to group those opportunities. Take All These Things in front of People. 


♦️ Only Then you will say that Yes, This is the Right Thing to be spoken and Right Now I have the chance that I will take action and I will make these opportunities for myself and Take it Further.

                                         Understand, This is All Possible, All These Results are Possible, Everything is going to happen for you. 


♦️ Closing is a must. If you will not give closing, If you do not give Deadline, Then give Anything to people, Even if you give the Best thing for Rs. 10, People will not buy. 

                                         Deadline is most important. Closing has to happen. 


♦️ You closed earlier that Day to convert people. You Follow up Again, Now you will closing Again, After 2-3 Days. When your product is Deadline then people will buy your product or service. 


     To be honest, after closing Pricing will increase. Remove those who have left Not greed, get them away. From Nextime They will also Buy on time. Only then speak with you, Keep Long term vision. 


♦️ Long Term vision will help you grow. 




♦ Worked Hard, Gave knowledge, Gave value, Done closing. Still, Everybody hasn’t bought. 

                         There are people who have still not bought your product. What would you do? 


♦️ People will think that I worked Hard On you Even after you did not buy anything you do not deserve, I will Delete you from my Email list, I will Delete You from all my Lists, After Today I will never get reach out to you.

                        People will think the same. (Isn’t It.)

  But You will do that Because people take time. 

♦️ People have lost their Hands, old memories are refreshed, They Think that we had done something earlier too, so How will it happen Now? 

           There can be many reasons. A quite possible Right. 


♦️ In the coming time, If I sell a Program, All will not take that so I will not remove That person, I have just kept you from the Heart, I will keep you from the heart even further. And you have to do the same thing. 


♦️  Never Mind a Person who might not be able to Buy. So Give them More Value to nurture the things that you had given, Now you give them more value. Give them New Content. 

                                                             Whatever You had given In value Addition, Old Information, Old Consultation, Old Content. In Addition to what the old E-book had given, Also prepare New Content and give them new content. 


♦️  Keep Adding More value and stay connected. They will appreciate your efforts. 

                     I am being given so much value even if I did not buy, I am being given so much love even If I did not buy. Even if I did not buy, such a good connection is being made with me, Due to which you will have very good results. 


♦️ This is How work is Done. Doing so much work gives so much value that people are always connected to you. We will not stop, will keep giving value. 

                That’s why I said in the Beginning whatever I teach you, will work only when you will nurture people and grow connected with them through moving from heart to love. 


♦️ The Same thing you still have to do, Keep giving more value. Will be carried forward further the value Leader. 




 ♦️ Now, Our Last Scene of this funnel. It is spoken, Up-Serving. 

       I don’t call it Up- Selling. I am calling Up-Serving. 

    Because You want to serve more of the People. 


♦️ Remember What I told you from the previous topic, so far you have given the Basic offer to the people. You want to serve people more. 


     Let me tell you as an Example.- Apple’s iPhone, Apple’s Laptop, Apple’s Watch, Apple’s earphones, We use all things of Apple. 


♦️ Apple has not cheated us. Why are we taking Apple’s Product? Because we were satisfied with its first product. We were satisfied with its Second Product, We were satisfied with its 3rd product. The Utility of each product is Different. 

                                     And this is why We continue to take All their products. We might have started with their Ipads. They had their earphones in the Beginning. 


♦️ We started by taking fewer money products, Now we also take their expensive products. Previously we would have taken the iPhone 5, Now We have the iPhone XR. 

                                      We have done the same and All people do the same Because We were satisfied with the first product. Now we have to take the Next product As well. If we get Benefit from their first product then we will not stop our journey. We have to move forward. 


♦️ Suppose someone must have got 100 people catering through you. Now He is getting a tender of 1,000 people then He too would like to have it done By you. 

                              Now you will up serve if You have served 100 people, it Does not mean that you can not up serve 1,000 people. It does not mean that you can not up serve to 1,000 people. 

                                                                         If A person has bought my Program, I have given him that much value, so much information, So I do not have that much I have more to give. 


♦️ The Less they have to learn, The More they have to learn, They want to learn more, They want to go to the next level. We do not speak to buy, We Recommend. 

                       What is the Meaning of selling? 


♦️ Whatever Value you are taking from people, You are giving more value than that. Suppose you are giving a Product of 5 Lakhs then In return you are giving it the value of 10 Lakhs, 50 Lakhs. Again you are doing a favor to the people you are actually serving people. 


        Selling is serving, People. Now, You have to Up serve them. 


♦️ One more thing, Who will be Up-Served, Cold, Warm, Hot. obviously to Hot Customers. That’s why Up-Serving is done, After  One Product They have been given another product. It is very easy to sell there. 

                           The second Sale is Easiest And we can say Second Sales is easier. Because Maybe You have to sell there too. And In That Case, You have to do this thing, You have to Up-Serving. 


♦️ When You are Up-Serving, You will see Whether the opportunity has come or the Result has come. This is why people want to stay connected to you, People Have to move forward. 

                            After Finishing 12th, He also studies college and goes there.


♦️ Knowledge has to be enhanced. If the income has to be taken at a good Level then the Knowledge will also have to be taken to a good level. If The Business has to be taken to a good level then You will also have to increase the work, 

                           For That, you need knowledge, for that you need support, for that you need connection. 


♦️ And When you are up-serving, You also Become part of a good community. Suppose I up-serve you in My Previous product In my Basic offer was 10,000 people. And I had 2,000 people in the Next Product. 

These 2,000 people are people who want to work on themselves which is more inclined. 

      Those who have a Higher paying capacity want to connect with the same people so you reach a good level. 


♦️  The More People are good, The More people are at the successful level, Who are Rich Tycoons, Who are Business Tycoons, What they do, They spend time with the same kind of people and stay connected with the same kind of people. Share everything with the same people. 

                 And that is How They are actually upgrading on their own and that is exactly what you go to My Dear Friend. Up-Serving is very important. 


♦️  You are getting an idea of what will be up-serving in your product. How long to up-serve. Do not up-serve if you have not over Delivered in the Previous product. What you need to ensure is- 

                                  Give so much value, So much content, give so much information, Take care so much information, Take care so much, keep your customer so lovingly, If you have to Up-serving, Next time, You will be happy. 


♦️  And People will also take pleasure, Money doesn’t matter. This is the way to create authority and it only happens when you work, Does not happen without that. And that’s How you up-serve the people. 


       This is The Funnel you need to follow.


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