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Social Media Mastery

Social Media Mastery



♦️ Let me ask you people What is the Relevance of social media in today’s scenario? What do you think?

It gets a wider audience, Social Media is the key Factor now, Quick Reach out to More People, More Visibility for Online Start-up,     

See, Whatever Sector You might be in, Whatever Your domain might be, Whatever Your work might be doing Unless and Until you help other people know what you are really good at You will not be creating more opportunities for yourself. 

Initially, People Use Newspapers, Hoardings, and other things But Today We have social media. So one thing that I want you to understand is that – 




♦️ You are a Brand. If you don’t realize it so Let me tell you that You are actually a Brand. If you have a presence on Social Media then You are nothing less than the Brand. Because, Supposedly if There is a Page on Social Media on Facebook, on Linkedin, on Instagram, on Pinterest, on Quora. If you have an account on all these platforms, This is going to be really helpful for you Because, 

                   All the Knowledge that You have will be able to display that Knowledge to the Right set off audiences who have followed you.  


Whatever you are good at, You should be sharing with People. Supposedly you are good at something and You would that content on social media automatically that is going to help your presence, Grow and You will be able to create more job opportunities, more business opportunities, A much wider audience and it is going to help you grow your brand, Whatever sector, Whatever your domain might be in. 


If you are in business, You can reach out to more customers. If you are in coaching You can reach out to more people who would probably become Your student, who would learn from you. If you are in IT, if you are in HR and You know the HR po0licy is really good You reach out to more people and You share whatever content you have on your mind through social media. 


Now, How many of you are really on social media? How many of you are beginners in it and How many of you are at the intermediate level? 




♦️ So the first important thing that you need to do is – You go to pick your niche. 

What do you understand by the term Niche- Niche is a very important factor not for social media But Everywhere. 

Something that You are really good at – Let’s in this segment we should sell the niche and something that you are really good at – Your points, Your USPs. so the First thing that you need to do when you have to master social media is – You have to Pick your niche, You have to understand that You are a Brand, You have to understand the Relevance of social media and then you have to pick your niche.


Now, Why is it important we develop All the Social Media Platforms Not just 1 or 2. 

The Major Reason Why you need to work upon all the social media different platforms is that the way people consume the content is different. Some People consume the content in video format, Some People consume the content in written format, Some People consume the content through images, Some People Consume the content through Articles. 

And All These Platforms have different USPs. Now you can not let go of a particular set audience Only Because You are not good at that particular segment.

I will tell you How All these things are interrelated. That is why it is important You work upon all these segments Because the People who are here are on different platforms But All of them want to consume your content. So you have to produce your content in various methods, in various scenarios, and in all these various platforms. 

  So that People are able to take your content according to their choice Because  The One thing that we should understand is at the end of the day We are here to serve more people. 

When you are able to serve more people when You are able to reach out to more people automatically you leverage Your Position irrespective of the work that You are doing. (Right)

So, now you understand why it is important for us to grow in all the various platforms, not just one. Because the Consumption of content is different for different people. 




♦️ You have to use 30 Hashtags in every post that You put. You will not be allowed to have more than 30 Hashtags otherwise Hashtags won’t be put. 

Now, How Do you select the Right Hashtags for yourself? 

So What you would do is – Once You have selected your niche then You would select put in Hashtags on Instagram and look for the Right Niches and Look for Right Hashtags.  

Once You can select particular Hashtags What You would is – Instagram would show you How many times are that Particular Hashtags have been used. 


For Ex: Let’s Suppose – I travel a lot And I use this Hashtag. That Hashtag is #Travel. 

If I am using this Particular Hashtags – #travel then I tell you How Hashtag Helps you. Then What Happens is – As Many times as Particular Hashtags that are travel would have been used Instagram would show that to me. So what I would do is – I would pick my 30 Hashtags. 


Once I have selected those 30 Hashtags of Mine I would post that along with every image and Once I do that – Supposedly People look for Travel then My post would come at the top. Along with other people who have used those tags. 

So, Supposedly I travel a lot what would be my hashtags –   #travel, # traveler, # traveling, #travelerofinstagram. 

These would be the Hashtags that I would be using. 

So All These things would be shown to me By Instagram. I would put on Instagram all the Hashtags travel, traveler, traveling, travelers of Instagram and Instagram would show me That These are the Hashtags and These Hashtags Have been used many times. 


So You got to use 3 Kinds of Hashtags. 

1- That has been used very widely. 

2- That has been used a medium number of time 

3- and the Third would be those Hashtags that have not been used very frequently. Maybe 100 times, Maybe 200 times. 

How This is going to help you is – You would be able to reach out to all kinds of Audiences. Select Your Hashtags as per your niche and The Second thing that You need to do is that You should put in your Hashtags on the Basis of the Uses. That is A lot of times, medium times, and very few times. So I hope You clear the concept of the Hashtags. 

If I search for Travel on Instagram then what would happen is all the primary pages and all the posts of Travel it would show. 


  • Now, You have to put in Location. Did You see that option of a location? 

So when You post a location at the same time, Supposedly If a person is looking for a  particular place and if you put a location there automatically your photo would be on the top. So Both the photos and location you can use. Now, One more tip that I want to give it to you – Supposedly You are based in New Delhi (India), Whatever your location would be, and If you are planning to reach out to people from Your Location What you could is – 

    Look for Location Tag – Type in Mumbai, Dehradun, Whatever Your location might be – Go to those particular once You type there You would see a lot of Photos that Have been posted very Recently and You can type a comment on the post of those people so that It serves Your purpose. 


That is also one way that You can reach out to more people and look out for the right set of audience for your business and your work, whatever your work might be. 


  • What Happens is Supposed, there are certain pages that are bigger in Nature that has got a lot of following. You can ask those people to give your shout-out so that more people can come to your page. You have to put a lot of stories on social media because Instagram is particular Because People look at those stories and Stories are really powerful. 


Now, You should post daily at different timings in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, and at night.


Ok, Let me ask you – Why should you post daily at a Different time? 

See, People would come online at various times, Some People would come in the morning, some people would come in the afternoon, and some people would come in the evening. So when you post at a different timing so You are able to reach out to all the people at different timings. 

But Do Ensure that you post different content. Just Don’t paste the same content. That is really important. In Every post of yours write Just like my hashtag is #sattyam03 So I would write #followsattyam03formoreupdates. 


Again it is going to help me because Certain people are not yet following me. They might follow me there. And How they are able to find me through Hashtags and Through Locations. 


The Next thing that You have to do is – Tag Big accounts that have millions of followers. Because One of them likes a page or your post – Your post will automatically go organic. And Instagram as of now gives you the Maximum organic content. 


What do you understand by the term Organic content? 

  • There are 2 things. One is your paid content, 2nd is your organic content. 

Paid Content is when you pay money and you get content. 

Organic content which comes- You can say natural, comes to you freely which is not paid. 

So Instagram now gives you the most amount of organic content. This will change in the future for sure. But Right now Instagram is giving you the maximum content so Do Reach out there. 


This is just like your reality TV. It is more attention grab. Because people have chosen to follow you here. The problem here is or Another platform is that there, people are following some people But They are getting to see the post a lot of people. That is not the case on Instagram. On Instagram, you can only see the posts of those people whom you have followed.  And That is why it Helps your growth. (Get that) 




♦️ The Best point about Facebook is That The Content flows really-really Fast. but there is also a negative aspect here and That is it goes really fast. But The content also dies really soon. That is the Negative point. 


Have You seen that When you post something on Facebook – You get a lot of likes in the Beginning But Gradually the Number of Likes and comments Die down. It happens with you – Yes?   


Why do you think this Happens- See, There is a lot of content that Facebook is being Bombarded with Because of us on a really regular basis. So a lot of content, a lot of content, a lot of content is being shared with people. So the content once becomes old then it goes back. And Facebook has a particular affinity index. 


And This is The Facebook Affinity Index – 

When there are more comments coming in your post when Your post is being shared on a regular basis, Then Your post is getting more likes, When Your post has less text and All these things are happening in real-time then your post reaches out to more and more people. (You get that)

     But What Happens is When Your post is not getting a lot of likes and is not getting a lot of comments, is not getting a lot of shares. Facebook Realises that This Post is now no longer valuable, People don’t want to watch this post presently so this is just getting lost. 

   So the key to ensure that posts have greater longevity is – You get comments over here for a longer period of time, You get more likes, you get more shares and That’s why you would have seen There are certain posts. 


Has it happened with you that One photo of You which You have posted 6 months back? Then Somebody does comment on that pso9t and that Post again becomes life and A lot of people liking and commenting on the Same post. Has it happened to you? 


It has happened with you Because it comes on your recent updates so that is important for you. 


Now, As per the Facebook Affinity index, You should not have any links on Your Facebook post. No .com there, No other websites link there, No Youtube post, anything. one thing that I want to you understand this Facebook wants you to stay on their platform. 


You should do whatever is on your mind that You feel might get greater visibility Because unless or until you try You won’t get to know.  

So Facebook doesn’t want you to go away from your own Facebook. That is the irony. But you want more people to reach out to your website, go to your post out of Facebook as well. 


And One more thing that Helps you grow is to make your website. Believe me, when you have your own website  enlightsaleshub.com  it is going to help you to grow. So what you go to extra is rather than www.satyamvishnoi.com I would type www.satyamvishnoi .com. People would figure it out. They would type it as content on a different page and then my website would open. So it would happen in that case. 


So The Facebook Affinity index- Don’t use links, More shares, Ask questions and puzzles, use more likes and ensure that you have got less than text over there Facebook. Then Join Relevant Facebook groups so that You can post your content on different media. 


How can you post content on Facebook? 

Through videos, Short, Long, As well as through written content. And The Best way is supposedly You have an image and along with the image You have written a long text, People read those things and they share them too. 

One more way that helps you is Because You know that visuals are more appealing and that is why Facebook has got more videos coming up recently. 




♦️ So You have to start a channel based upon your preferences. That is why I have said about Your Niche, Your sector is really important. Because You will be able to make more videos very easily when you are working and making videos of your own domain. 

So Once you make videos as per your preferences it is going to help you. Now The Videos is here are long-lasting Because the videos grow over a period of time. And All of you have agreed and you understand that Videos are really powerful. 


Now, How many of you feel that it would be difficult for you to record your video, then edit your videos, then post your videos on Youtube. It is a long process. How many of you think so?


I have the solution for that and The Solution for that is – You can go live on Youtube, When you go live on youtube there are two things that are going to benefit. 1st thing is – When you go live the notification goes to a lot of people. So There is a Higher Probability that People would come and watch your live.

2nd thing is that – Live videos come in your youtube videos.  So you will not have to make videos, record, and edit. 


Let me tell you the reason Why you are not posting your videos on a Regular Basis? 

It is not because You are not good at it, it is not because You are afraid of the fact that you have to edit. The reason why you are not posting videos on youtube is That you are still worried about what others are going to think about me. 

            You have the time, You have the content, You have got everything You are worried about what people think about me. 


Once you travel, take out your phone, just record a video and just post it on social media. Because 1>0. So When you will put a video there would be people who would watch the video. When You post a video on Social media then People will realize that Wow, He is doing a nice job. And When They realize those people will also start following you. Because The Most Important thing that You go to do here is That You go to take initiative. 


When You take initiative You grow. Unless and Until you are ready to take that Initiative Things won’t change. 

So post videos on Youtube, You have the time, You have the energy and only because you are worried about what others are going to think about you and People, One Day, You and I are going to die. That is going to only time When People are going to say all good things about that us. So You should focus on the positive aspects. 


So You can use 20 Hashtags, Use Trending Topics. By Trending topic I mean something that has come out very recently and it is also from your niche. And that is how it is going to help you.  


So What do you understand by this – Thumbnails, Cards, End Screen. 

Thumbnail is the icon of a Particular video, That is known as a Thumbnail on which people click that is known as Thumbnail. so Your Thumbnail should be appealing, Interesting, Different, Thought Provoking, should be there on Your Thumbnail.  So that People that get inside to click on your thumbnail. 


Now- Has it happened to you that You are watching a video on Youtube and You get a link to watch another video? Has it happened to you? 

It has happened – That is known as a Card. 

so Once you have put a video on youtube then what you could do is – First Put a Thumbnail, The Second thing that you have to do is have put a card so that You can send people to different videos. 


If You have seen videos of another person End screen How is going to help is – End of the video I can put an End Screen. Wherein I can give it to people to link to my other videos or I would ask them to subscribe to my channel. That is an End Screen. 


I hope – Now,  You have understood about Thumbnails, card, End screen. 




♦️ Now, Let’s talk about Linkedin. 

You can send 500 Requests but You should do that every 3 days. Again The Important thing here is You should only send friend requests to People who are from Niche. 

So You should reach out to people from Your different niche, Your different domain. 


Now, Supposedly Students Find you and You are from the IT industry. That student will write a msg to you which would come by the Name – It would come by The Name, Dear Sir. Because He or She sends that message to a lot of people – Dear Sir, I am pursuing B.tech, I want to work in your organization. I am a Hardworking Individual, I am looking for a Job. Will you respond to those messages like that? 


You don’t respond to them Because You don’t have the time. You see people who are responding to you actually are not enough. You can’t respond to all.  And The Reason for that is because You know those people are not good at communication skills. You know that Those People would not be able to add value to your organization. And that’s why you can’t do it. 


Supposedly, You have a package of 8 lakhs per annum, and You want to reach out to a package of 12 lakhs. You have identified that XYZ is the organization that can offer me that package and what you have also done is – You have connected to a person who can get you there. Now, what You have to do – 

                 Just go into that person’s profile and look at the Interest that person has. You have to find a similar interest. Now, suppose that person and You have to be really patient Because Good things take time. Look for a Similar interest in you and that person might have. If you don’t have a similar interest – So, Develop One, Find one. 

 Supposedly That Person really interested in Basketball or let’s say Cricket. What You have to do is – You would see that You would share the Posts Pertaining to Cricket on Linkedin, as well as Facebook. 


Now, What You would do is – You would comment on the post that He has shared pertaining to cricket or His Interest. What you have to do is – You have to build a Repo there. Once You find those types set of interests, You comment on his post, You like his post, then One fine day You might send a msg – We have a common Interest and Till now, Probably one month has passed, 2 months have passed. 

         When You will be able to post a comment He or She will like your comment. And He Or She would also reply back to your comment. So What You’re Doing is – You are Building a Repo. get that my point. 

         Once That Repo has been built, Once you interacted with him/her a lot of time then You have to find out the way Still you have not sent your CV, Then You have to find a Way – Mr. you are from IT, I am also from IT and Then You take the communication forward. 


Build a Rpo with patience. When You build a Repo with patience You grow. You do this with not just One Person, You can do it with a lot of people at the same time. 


No sharing of Your CV in the first place, Don’t do that. First You have to build a Repo, That is why it is important.

Someone can ask that – What if that person does not accept your interconnection request? 

Answer- So go to the next person, Go to the next person, go to the next person. It’s all about reaching out to the next person. Because Here what I feel is – No Means- Is the next opportunity. Imagine You are looking at a 50% hike, People. If you are not ready to reach out to more and more people chances are not that You won’t grow. So Do That.  


  • So ask questions on a Regular Basis, Don’t just write articles But also Share Articles. Articles that have been written by predominantly people, that is how your article, Your account will grow. 


And One More thing that You have to do here is – Give and ask for more and more testimonials. Because Testimonials help you grow, Because When You write more and more Testimonials Automatically Your position will leverage. (Yes or No.) 


So How Do you get more testimonials? 

  • When I give more testimonials to others. By Repo. when you write more testimonials for others When Others will write testimonials for you Automatically. 


It is all about giving to others. When You work with the Intention of giving to others without any expectation, You won’t even realize it But Good Things will come your way. 


  • Join groups & communities that belong to your niche. 


PINTEREST: (Social Media)


♦️ How many of you are on Pinterest? 


Pinterest is all about images. It is a Visual Search Engine. 

What happens is if you type something on Search on Google images particularly – it takes you on Pinterest. 


On Pinterest, You pin your interest. It is as simple as that. It is more commerce-driven, There you have a Female-Centric Audience. Because 70% of users on Pinterest are Female. 


So it is really important for you to ensure that You have the right base there that You are posting there a lot of images on a regular basis on Pinterest. And You are posting content Pertaining to your niche.  


 So, What you have to do is – Supposedly You have posted an image on Instagram, You can share the same image on Pinterest as well and That is how You can grow And That is how it is going to help you grow. 

Now, You can post videos that are 25 minutes long. The Other content that you can post on Pinterest is Your Own Photography and inspirational quotes. And If you are actually to sell something then Pinterest would help you Because-

              This is a Platform that would really help you sell. And End of the Day we are selling something or the other, Either selling a product, Either selling a service or selling ourselves.

Supposedly, You People are good at IT or Technology or Whatever domain might be. Write Your Content share on Instagram, as well as on Pinterest. Because Your content has to be shared on various platforms Because The People there want to consume your content in different methodology, on different platforms in different ways. That is why it is important for you. 


On Pinterest, You can share your photos, inspirational quotes, photos that click yourself, Photos pertaining to your interest, and Videos pertaining to your interest. And You should find out more people of your interest and They will be able to reach out, Also the Content Here is really organic and It is going to help you. 


Supposedly, You are in a Business Then You can share the photos of your product Because People Buy your product from Pinterest. And also their Ladies over there, So Ladies like do, Buy things online. That is how it helps you. And Your work. 


QUORA: (Social Media)


♦️ How many of You are on Quora? 

When do I ask a lot of people what is your favorite form of content? 

They Replied that – Their favorite form of content is Articles. 

And If you are good at articles Then why are you not posting your content on Quora? 


Quora is Content Driven and only content-driven. And It is important because of the Keen Audience. Why do you think it is important? What do you understand by this?  


Now, What happens is – On All the Other platforms People might have various interests. But Here, People have just come for one purpose, which is to read. 

What happens on Quora is – People would type a question, Supposedly, Somebody type a Question – How can I improve my communications skills? 

So, I would go there And I would tell him some good tips and techniques, When I give tips and techniques – What they would like is They would like my post, They would like my answer which is known as upvotes on Quora. When I get more upvotes on Quora Then people have greater belief in those things and Then You would grow yourself. 


Supposedly, I will become an instigator on my quora and then I recommend people to enroll for my course. Will more people enroll in my course or not? 

Definitely, Because They are coming there Because they are interested in developing their communications skills. And That is why the Audience that is coming on Quora is coming just to read. So That is How your work is going to increase. That is How Your domain is increasing. 


Supposedly, You are in IT – What you have to do is – write an Article, Put that article on Quora, Make an Image, put that image on Instagram and The Description write that You have written in a smaller version. Do The same thing for Facebook then Whatever article you have just recorded on your screen and talk about that Article so That your same content can be reproduced on Different platforms.  


Now, How many of You Agree with What I told you and Believe Yes, You are actually a Brand. And All these forms of content reproduce very easily. It does not take a lot of time. You just need one form of content. And Then Once you have done that Gradually You take care of all those things. 


And You People are a Brand, Because Once you have developed a Brand for yourself All These Things Job insecurity, feeling that you are not good enough, Getting Negative thoughts in your mind, All those things would go away. because You would know from Deep inside that Yes,  You are much above all the others. 
























This is all about Social Media Mastery

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