How to improve Time Management skills in the workplace, 12 Ways

There are 12 Ways to Improve Time Management skills, So You would get here  Awesome Value.


RIGHT ENVIRONMENT, (In Time Management)


♦️ Get into the Right Environment. 

So, when I did not enroll in My Mentor’s community, I was in the wrong direction, the wrong mindset. But when I enrolled in my Mentor’s program then I realized that Yes, There is an amazing environment. Because In my mentor’s community people encourage each other, They help each other. 

         And My Mentor helps everyone. This is an amazing thing in my mentor’s community. 


 So get the Right Environment. 





♦️ A lot of people might be thinking that you are really good at multitasking, A lot of Mentors, A lot of People Also would have told you that Multitask is good. 

                                   But Believe me, Till the time you are not 100% confident, Do not multitask. Never Multitask. 


♦️ There would come a time in your life when you would be able to multitask. Not a problem at all. But if you can not focus right now, if you feel your focus goes away, then what you have to do is, – Presently Do not do it. 


♦️ In the future Definitely, you would be able to do it. But Presently Do not do it. It is so very important and so very critical for everyone. 


♦️  See, there might come a few days in your life when it becomes absolutely essential, absolutely critical that is why also remember that one particular topic When I explained to you, Be Flexible. 


♦️ Be Flexible as well, It is required for you if there is a deadline and you have to do it somehow then you will have to do it. But if not, You can do it or you can delay that the same time. 



WORKING ON WEEKENDS, (In Time Management)


♦️ Start working upon your weekends, if you are not doing right now, start doing right now. Because when you would start working on weekends, you would realize that you are getting a lot of work done. 


♦️ If someone asks this-  I want to give my time to my family. 

                    So I would say that, – Do it, But Do it after one year, Do it after 2 years. Or you can spend some time with your family members. Because Along with your time, Your Family members also meet one more thing that is a comfortable life and a really good life. 


Ask yourself this question. 


♦️ The kind of environment that you got for yourself. Would you want to provide the same kind of environment for your children as well? 


If the answer is no, that Put in the work. Plain and simple. 

And do not give any reason that sir, Life has to be live, I know all those things,

          Nobody appreciates your work if you are not bringing Revenue. 


♦️ Think about it, And ask yourself. 

             Even in your family, Whether it’s your parents or It is your husband or it is your wife or it is your children, anybody- They would not appreciate you a lot.  And you might listen to certain words from them if you are not actually contributing to the family. 

           This is the bigger truth of life. 


SLEEP SCHEDULE, (In Time Management)


♦️ This is essential for everyone. I even found it really difficult for myself, Having the right sleep schedule, But It is very important. 

   Once you have made that sleep schedule you would realize how important it is. 


♦️ When you go to sleep, So your phone should be kept away. The best time for sleep is – 7 Hours. 


KEEP IT TO THE POINT, (In Time Management)


♦️ Whatever work you have to do, Live your life and live a life of minimization. It is very important. Keep everything to the point.


♦️ I’ll give you a very important tip- When you meet people and you don’t want to continue the discussion and you want time to be only used for productive stuff, Do not say A lot after – Hello. 


♦️ Do not drag your conversation because if you drag your conversation, You would have a lot of negativity and maybe a lot of people coming into your life. 

                                          My Mentor Does not do physical meetings. He does not go and meet a lot of people. He does it Online. Because it saves time. Very important it is – Keep yourself to the point. Keep your work to the point. Keep your meetings to the point. If you have a meeting, do it over skype. Do that.



AVOID OVERTHINKING, (In Time Management)


♦️ You have to do it. Avoid Overthinking. Overthinking kills. We can torture a lot mentally than what we get physically. 

We think Ok yes, this is going wrong in my life. I can guarantee you most of the people would be doing this. 


♦️ The Only way to get rid of overthinking is – Doing the work. When you do the work you would automatically realize that you are not overthinking a lot. 

                             When your mind is concentrating on the work, When you focus upon the content, You would do it. 


SMART WORK V/S HARD WORK, (In Time Management)


♦️ This is very important. Supposedly If we are doing a session and also recording that is smart work. A lot of people do not do smart work. 


For Ex.,- Now, That you people are here on this website, you have done smart work. You are learning actual strategies, How to take good value out of your time. How to manage your time very effectively? 

              That is gone, save your time, your energy, your efficiency. 


STOP LYING TO YOURSELF, (In Time Management)


♦️ Stop lying to yourself, Because Believe me, A lot of people do this. People lying to themselves that Ok, It is ok to live an ordinary life, People lying to themselves that it is ok, You can go watch one more Movie, We can spend our time doing something else. 

                                  Deep inside People know that it is not Ok. but People still do it. Stop doing that. 


♦️ Introspect and Realize, Where you are lacking, What is done you are lacking at Then Change it.  You have to absolutely change it. Nobody else can do it for you, Only and Only you can do it for you. 





 ♦️ Take Decision based upon time, Not upon Money. Stop wasting your 4 to 5 hours going to departmental stores, Stop wasting your time doing things that can be outsourced. You got to push yourself. Even I am pushing You Here. 

                So You go to do this for yourself as well. 




♦️ When You turn your key tasks into a habit, Once you turn into your habit then you will realize that Yes,  you have become habitual to success. You have become habitual to get new things and great things in your life. 


♦️ Success is no accident. It is a combination of consistency, perseverance, learning, and implementation. 

                  All these things put together on a consistent basis would make you successful. 




♦️ What do you understand by this? – Waste of time. 


I tell you with an ex., –  One Day, I was going somewhere. So I had to take an Ola. When I was going there, I saw 2 people, One my Ola driver, and one more person. He stands and fights on the road. 

         I tell you what happens, That Driver went a Little Ahead, and the Other person was coming from the opposite direction. He was not able to take his car inside. So both of them started to fight. And I am like, (come Back). It is only going to take 5 seconds. 


                   But what is going to happen is, Otherwise you get in an argument with that person, Your mood would be really bad, This is probably the Last ride that you are taking and you go back to the house and All that Anger, Frustration would be gone up upon your family and your children. 


♦️ It is really very bad. I would say avoid the discussion as well. If discussions are not productive so Avoid those kinds of discussions. 





♦️ Do not wait for any inspiration Because the Inspiration has been given to you right now. Stop wasting your time  Ladies and Gentleman. 


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