♦️  We will understand that people’s sales Objections How will be tackled.


♦️ I have a simple rule of Sales tackle that if you can not handle sales tackle by One Liner so You are not a Good Sales Person. 

     That should read a line full of the Excuses that consumers are giving you. 

Now We Took Top Objections or Excuses of customers. We have covered all of them we gave answered and that answers getting your sales easy. 

♦️ Let’s get into this sector Unless Understand that How we will overcome these objections. 




♦️ I Don’t have money. People say these things again and again. For this One-Liner is ➡️ Lack of Money is a result of a Lack of Skill Sets.  


♦️ If you are selling A Digital Product then you are giving knowledge to people, so people will learn to sell. 


♦️ So I tell you the truth, Maximum people give excuses, But When There is a need people will arrange money any How. 

 Some People say I don’t have money but if iPhone is selling at a minimum price then they will definitely arrange money. 


♦️ People arrange money when people need it, And When you know that you are working genuinely you are helping, You are teaching people, They will get profit from that product. Whatever Price they are paying But that Product’s value is very high to pay so You have to Push people. 

♦️ When I push too much, I act like a Parent. 


 When I am in work mode When people learn from me. Whether They are younger or older than me, This is what I feel for them. 


♦️ This Information, knowledge I want to give them. I work like that. 


♦️ You will also work like that. So This Objection you will eliminate by this line. Lack of Money is a result of a Lack of Skill Sets. 


Have you ever thought about why you Don’t Have Money? This Second Objection answers you. 


♦️ You can tell them 3rd Answer that – Alright If you don’t have money, What is the plan of action that you have? 


♦️ Because the Majority of People do not even have a plan of action, When they realize that I have not any Plan of Action then they will listen to your speech. They will listen with interest. 


 Then the Dedicated Result will come. 

 End This Objection Forever. 




♦️  The second Objection We get Regularly If you say to Anyone that Sir, Please see my product Demo Once. Sir See My Product, It is good or Not, If you will not see so How can you determine. Then people say —- ➡️  I DON’T HAVE TIME. 


♦️ What you will give  Answer to them ➡️ Busy People make time. 


I know that you are busy. We work with those people who are very busy. But I know that we can help you to increase your productivity with this product. 


♦️ All that I want is, I just need few minutes of yours. I will tell you in detail. Then That Person will say send them the mail-in Advance. You should have their Email id, So you will tell me, I have been sent you an email. Just Checked it. I am with you on a call, If you are talking on call. 


♦️ If You are talking in the market, Here is the Detail, Just Read it.

♦️ If you are selling by calling tell them that Sir, Please open your email and I will explain all the Details. 


This objection should be clear on the spot. By This Line ➡️ Busy People make time. 


♦️ We know that you are very busy person. We want to work with these people who are very productive. Who would want to work with those who are empty at home? Sir, Neither you nor me. 


Don’t Hurt their ego. 


♦️ Honestly, Integrity and giving nature, you will sell with these 3 mindsets. 

     Then Result will come automatically. 




♦️ Your Product is very good. It’s an amazing product. 




♦️ These things say people again and again. 

Now, I will give you 2 Oneliners for this Objection.

1st is Quality itself is a Discount. Who quality is giving you which is a big discount for you? 


♦️ You do not need any discount. 


Focus on the quality.  


♦️ Because that thing will get results for you. People do not have this problem in their minds because you will tell the answer to people, you understand. 


♦️ People do not bargain by going to a good showroom. People Bargaining, when someone is selling poor on the roadside. 


♦️ You will make products along with Authority and Have to talk with the Same Authority. 


No. 2- Life never gives you a Discount.. 


When you do not get a discount in life, so Why are you saying in this product for a Discount. 


♦️ Focus on the Value, Not on the Price.


Until you will not focus on a value so Price Has no meaning. 


3rd Thins is — This Discount will lead you to a Doubt that we provide Discounts to anyone. 


♦️ Our Universal Price is the same. That is the reason people rely on our product and you can rely also on us. 


♦️ You will come today price is Same and you will after 5 years, Price will be the same. Therefore People have faith in us. We are giving results like this. 





♦️ There are some people who say if I can get it for free.


♦️ Physical Product may have less number but Digital Product has more. Now-Again Do not Hurt Their Ego. 


Tell them a Story,


When we were younger you saw that If the Parents had to give something, then what happened to the bicycle, they could not afford it? 


They could, But They had said, get good numbers in the class then you will get 


What do you think, why did our parents used to do this with us?


Because Our Parents had wanted that we need to realize the value of things given to us. 


♦️ Simple Here is your One Line Is – ➡️ WHEN PEOPLE PAY, THEY PAY ATTENTION. 


♦️ When you will explain to people Until Unless A person will never value a free product, they won’t value it. 


I tell you with Example, – You saw that in India, Water keeps on flowing, Nobody values that. 

                                 If People are going by a road they will switch off their engine while traffic Because Petrol is Costly. 

                     When you will see in Arabian Country, there is an opposite system, Because There is very less water there. So Water is given a lot of value there. 

                         The same thing is here too, If you are giving a product to someone free of cost, They will never value that. So Why will you give it to them? 

♦️ You are giving more value than they paid so Why will you do it free? 


This Objection will tackle these lines – As long as you will give an answer people will understand that Yes, He is saying the right thing. Then they will not ask such stupid questions. 


♦️  Why do I have to say that because People Don’t understand? But It’s alright it’s our duty to make them understand that is why we are learning all those things here.  Because People of all kinds have to tackle it. 


♦️  See, Don’t think that you will get good customers in the market. Don’t think that you will also meet like these people who will think that today I buy his product and I will refund tomorrow. 


♦️  You will meet like these people. Those who will do that. So don’t focus on these people. 


                             Avoid Negativity. So that We can focus on positivity and get those mind-blowing results. That we want for ourselves. Let’s do it together. 




♦️ Whenever you guys try to sell your product. One Objection comes Again and Again that Someone else is offering the same product at a Discount Price. 


♦️  Here I give an example then I teach you One Liner-, 

   Suppose, You say a Person – Sir this is my product and its pricing is 25,000 rs. 

Then He says that Mister X is giving me this product in 20,000 rs same product. 


Maybe your customer is telling a lie. Probability is mostly that he is lying. 


♦️  Understand that How will you solve this problem, you will say that OK Sir, I understood. We will talk about that person later, Let me explain first What all does my Product offer, That is why I came here. Give me Those Rights. 

Then you will take time. Tell them the product’s features, tell them qualities who things are providing in the product, tell them. Tell All things one by one.


♦️  When you explained all things then Ask Questions to them that Sir If both of us are offering the same product at the same price, whom would you buy it from?  

                         Then He will tell you your name because He wants to Decrease the price of the product, then say to them – WHY WOULD YOU BUY FROM US?  Again the ball in their court. 


 They will say, Your Product is Amazing, Your services are very good, you are presentable, Your clients are very trustable, and you have good goodwill in the market. The Way you gave me a presentation I had not seen such a presentation till date. 


Your Refund Period is very long. Whatever you taught them, They will say all things. 


♦️ Again, They will make you count the benefits of your product. They are becoming converts in their mind that I have to buy from this. 


That’s what you are doing. 

Keep it Honest. 


♦️ Now He explained all things that is the reason He will buy from you. 


So Now, You will say, Sir, We are giving amazing services, we have goodwill, we have trustable clients, My Presentation was very good. So Just to save some money you will not buy the product? 


♦️  How can you do this, Sir? 

Your Business is worth millions of rupees. 

Will you lose millions in the course of saving 5000? 


♦️ Understand, What you have done, 


♦️  You have sold them for 20,000 rs. Now you are not selling 25,000 rs. Product, Now you are only selling the Difference of 5,000 rs. 


♦️ Think, Your Sales is done, Automatically. 

   Don’t Hurt Their Ego. (Be Patience )


♦️ Follow this strategy, word for word. Guaranteed that sales will come. 


This is the best strategy of till now. 




♦️ One More common objection which comes 100% in front of you, That is I WILL GET BACK TO YOU. 


♦️ If someone said that I will get back to you, You know very well that He will not come back to you. 90% of people will never get back to you, Now What will you do in this case? There are 2 reasons Why a Person says so. 


1- They are not interested in your product 


2- They do not have complete information about the product. 


What is the reason for your Case? 


♦️ Now what you have done. You gave them an option, They will explain one situation for those 2 Reasons. So that you can take the Discussion ahead. And close that sale on the spot. Otherwise, you will not close the sale will end. That opportunity has ended. 


♦️ Therefore you have given an option to them, Now They gonna answer you. Ok, I want some information about your product. One more thing that they might not have money at that moment. 


♦️ What you do in such a situation, Please understand this. Tell them Ok, Give them more information and give them an EMI or installment option. Again you did not say to them that you don’t have money, You did not make fun of them. You are telling simply that we have an EMI option also. 


♦️ When you do that, that is when you are going to that sale. This situation has come again and again. I will get back. So Close that objection on the spot. 


♦️ If the sale is not closed on the spot it will never be closed. That is why it is very important to close that sale. You understood this thing. 




♦️ One More Objection which is come regularly to us, That- I WILL TALK TO MY TEAM OR FAMILY MEMBERS, Then I will take Decision. 


♦️ I have a simple one-liner for this Objection – With all Due respect, your Team has not got these details. 


With All Due Respect, Your Family did not attend the session. 

♦️ Do not expect them to give you the Right Answer, As they do not have the complete information. It happens that I explain to you 100%, But you got 75% Percent When you will explain to your family members, Percentage numbers will Decrease. They will get only 20 to 30%. 

If you have any query in your mind, Let’s sit down, Just close it Right Now. 


♦️ You have to explain to your customer that our end goal is the same. It means you want to profit in the end, We also want profit in the end. When Our Goal is the same, So Why Don’t, we just close it. Because If we solve it so it will be profitable for both of us. 


♦️ If He has gone to his family to ask about this product and family members don’t know about that so what will those people do, Then He will not buy your Product. 


♦️ What you got to is in this case, Please Ensure that The sale is Closed on the spot. You will explain to the customer Logically which information I shared with you.



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