What is Always Be Closing and Customer Avatar – 2 Important Factor of sales

ABC Principle

ABC Principle, (Always Be Closing)

♦️ ABC – Always Be Closing. 

   This is very important. 

 You are giving regularly value, You are regularly nurturing, You are going on giving regular content. 

                 I agree with everything, AOB makes sense, LTV also makes sense and knows everything. I have taught strategies, I have taught all the content. 

  It is very important to have this thing that you are always closing. Always go closing, Always go on creating opportunities. 

        I go to college or go to any place, I ensure that people follow me. I ensure that people join me. I ensure that I keep telling people about my work, My product, My service. 

  If I meet a client, I create opportunities for myself. If I mail someone I create opportunities for myself. If I go to meet someone I tell them about myself. Because I like to be in the mood for always closing. I always want to be closed because I know that people look close. 

  Do you understand The Meaning of Closing that will be able to conduct transactions? The one who can do the Closing will move the most. You also have to be in an Always Closing mood. 

              Anywhere You add value, explain it to people, and tell people about your service about your product. 

  Wherever You are going to meet someone, take your visiting card with you and Make T-shirts of your Brand and Make mugs of your Brands as well. Always Be in the closing mode. 

                              Because If you will not be in the closing mode You will not get those results in my I am the Brand, I am the Person, I am the Face. So, Promote the Face of your product. This is a very important thing. 

  When you are in a closing mood you will get results and opportunities. 



  It is a very important component. It is called the Perfect Customer Avatar. 

       See, it happens in many places that you do not know about your customer. You don’t know who your ideal customer is. 

  I have taught you everything and told you everything and you have also learned everything But till the time you have not created your perfect customer avatar. 

    P C A – All These things Become meaningless. 

Now How to make the perfect customer avatar. First of all, you have to understand your product, who will take your service. Are They students, Are They working-class people, Are They 50+ elderly people, Are They Ladies? Are Those People who are going to the office, Who are not getting time to exercise? 

                        Are those People unable to travel and need home delivery? 

 You have to understand who your perfect customer avatar is. Suppose If I sell a course of communication in this case, I will create the Perfect Customer Avatar. Those who are between the ages of 25 to 50. 

                  People who work elsewhere, People who know How important communication is in their life to advance in their jobs, For promotion, For Leadership, For connectivity, For Making Connections with more people  And to Lead the team well, To be more presentable. 

 They need all these things, They also have their inclination to buy, They have buying behavior, They have money and They also have a pocket. 

           Now When I have made My Ideal Customer then I started to note down everything about them. When will he get up, What is his Ideology, What Problem does he face, What is The Reason He is not able to move forward? 

  Note Down All These things Due to which they are unable to get the Results. And I started giving solutions to All those things to people. Through Presentation, Through Webinar, Through My Content, Through Ebook, I will solve All their problems one by one. 

                   I know all things about my Perfect customer Because I have made his perfect customer avatar. What do you have to do? Pick a person’s name, Like –  My Perfect customer is Satyam. 

 Satyam is 30 Years old and Satyam is a Public speaker. Satyam is a good content creator and I am a Video editor. If I want to help Satyam, How can I help Satyam? 

                                 By doing good editing, Here I am giving You this example. 

   You too have to make such a perfect customer. Write His name, Write his age, Write His Habit, What does He work to do, He has an interest in what, What things does he need and How can you give solution to those things. 

  How can you help it? You have to make this structure. And this is the exercise that I want all of you to do. Write that This is My Perfect Customer Avatar, This is his age, THis is his Habits, This is His needs, You have to go and find your perfect customer. 

           Due to the same perfect customer, You will get results Because you will get a lot of people like that. 

 Find 1 Perfect Customer, create that Avatar. Make an outline of that and make all the content according to that outline. Prepare all the things, Bring the content in front of him in that way, and then you will bring these results for yourself. 

       If I talk about My Podcast Also, Who have we reached out to? 

    People who are freelancers, who are Business owners, People who do Network marketing, People who are in Sales jobs, Who want to sell. So All those people whose job was necessary to sell somewhere, We have reached out to all the people. I have created My Podcast Program for all those people. 

 So My Perfect Customer Avatar was ready and that is why you people are listing My Podcast Right  Now. And All that happen I made my perfect Customer Avatar. And that’s what you have to do.

  Write down your perfect customer avatar. Write those names, age, write down the things they would do in their life. Write all this and Solve their problem. And your sales graph is going to rise very fast. “Do This.”

This is all about Always be closing and Customer Avatar.

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