What is Sales Mastery – 14 Elements

Sales Mastery

Sales Mastery

 ♦️ Some of you know about this 





These are the just 5 Objections that People have in their minds. And All These 5 Objections actually are based upon Fact that The First One is the least important factor when it comes And The Final one is the most important objection that You have to take care of. 


So in this scenario – How many of you know What is, M going to Stand for – Which is Least important. 

M- Stands of Money

T- stands for Time 

N- stands for Need 

U- stands for Urgency

T- stands for Trust 

The Reason a Person buys a product, Primarily  From 1 individual, is because of Trust. 

You go to break all these 5 objections the day you are able to do that, will be able to actually ensure that you are able to sell your product. 


Time V/s Money


 ♦️ Now, Let me ask a question.

   What you think is more important – Is time more important Or Is more money more important, When you are selling a product? 

Most People say Time is more important. Let me explain to you why time is more important.

See, once you create more time for yourself You create more money and Revenue producing opportunities for yourself. 

Let me tell you the things that people do That actually hamper their growth. 

The First thing that People do is – Which is a lot of you would be doing is  – visiting the Departmental stores. Doing household stuff. Doing Stuff where you save $10 or 500 INR. you are people doing this on a daily basis. 

 Not Realising that How much time is being invested in it. – 3 Hours. 

So Let me ask you a question – Those 3 Hours or yours are more important than and can’t you make more money in these 3 hours just compared to the amount of money that you are saving. 

What would be fruit full for you – 3 Hours Or 500 Rupees. 

Anybody would say 3 Hours. 

Let me give you an example.  – I have my online course So My Online course, Supposedly My online course costs rs. 10,000. Now, My Mom says Son, let’s go to the Departmental store, Because I love her – I can not say no to her. I go with her But I do it – When she is shopping up stairs, I am down doing the work on my laptop. 

    So In 3 Hours, Let’s suppose I call 5 People and I sell 2 Products. How Much Revenue I will create, Supposedly in These 3 hours I make 5 calls, One of my products is rs. 10,000 – How much money will I create in these 3 Hours?  


    It’s very simple Mathematics – So, Everybody agrees that I will make Rs. 20k. 

Now, Let me give you another scenario, I trained 5 salespeople during these 3 hours. And I do repeated training for them. I trained 5 salespeople of mine Rather than going to that Departmental store or wasting my time on Household stuff or My Grocery or by doing anything in that store.

Imagine How much money I will be able to make Now, it May Be Just 200k, can increase up to 200k.  

So you realize that Time is much, much more important than money. So Whenever you are selling a product ensure that you are selling the time and You are not selling the money. 

What you sell, You sell the Time, You don’t sell the Money. Because When you sell time, Money Automatically comes to you. 

And substantially, Those 200k will reach 2000k. That is how it multiplies. But what you are doing is – You are not giving yourself the time to actually think as to How you would run your next Business Idea, Business Campaign, that is why don’t waste your time on something which is not actually worth it. 

And that is how Your Business Idea or Your Sales Proposal should actually be based upon. 


VALUE V/S PRICE: (For Sales Mastery)


♦️ Let me ask you one more Question- 

  When do you think a person will buy Your product, Your idea, your service? 

Why Does a person buy a product, a service, or anything? 


A Person buys a product to solve a problem. So We want to solve a problem. So that is why the importance of money in our life is just that is just a commodity that You use in exchange for getting a service or a product or something that is going to be more valuable. The worth is going to be much more than the Money that You are actually paying for it.  

And when would you think a person would buy a product? 

We compare it with its value.

A person is going to buy a product when the value of your product is more than the price that you are charging for the product. People will buy your product. 

Again, If we talk about need itself, We talk about problem-solving as well, There is one more scenario that People will not realize, Many times that it genuinely requires something. 

Till the time you actually tell them, You go to tell people that You are not cheating with anyone, You are telling them How my particular product can solve your problem. 


Because Many a time, People will not even realize and It is your job to actually make people realize.

  Whenever Your Value is more than is the price that a person is paying You automatically make more sales. Your value has to be much more. Now, A common mistake that People make is When they are trying to sell people unknown products which directly go and sell a product.

What happens is – What a lot of people are trying to do is – When You meet someone for the first time, When you interact with somebody for the first time, We just try to sell a product to that person. If you are doing something like that. Will that person Buy Your product?  (Yes or No.)

In the majority of the cases. 

  Yeah, The Answer is No. 

Then Why do you, When do you feel will buy your product? 

The Trust Factor. Ok. 

But How do you build trust? 

You will Trust this simple Funda. You go to give, Value, Value, Value, Value, Value, Value, Value, Value, Value, Then Sell. 

  The conveyance is different Ok. You go to give people Value – Value – Value and more Value. Once you have given so much more value to the person then you try and sell. 

 It is not again 100% sure that That person is going to buy your product, So What you continue doing is – Giving Value, Giving Value, Giving Value. 

And I also tell you How you will do it without wasting your time. 

So, value is the key. When You give value to people, Eventually then a Person Buys your product. 



  ♦️ Now, How many of you understand this? 

The Customer Value Journey. How many of you understand this? 

   Supposedly, A is the place where your customer is Right Now. and C is the place where your customer wants to go which is his Destination or When He reaches C His or Her problem would be solved. 

So, A is the Present Situation of the Person and C wants to go. 

   You need to convince that person That I can take you from A to C. Now, How do you convince that person? – Think and Then You also have to make money at the same time. You will not do it for free for various reasons. If you are not making money, You will not be able to solve People’s problems Because You also take care of your infrastructure, Support Mechanisms, Your courses, Whatever You might be offering to people. 

   You can’t do it for free And the Second Thing is Unless and Until People pay for a product they don’t value it. So What You will do is- You will take that Person Not from A to C Directly But You will take them From A to B. 

   Let’s Suppose B is a Place Where 20% of their problems are being solved. You are taking them to 20% – 25% points. 

Imagine, What kind of Leveraging You would have done in their minds once You have taken a person From A to B. 

   Does the Probability of them investing in your product, Buying your product, Getting involved with you, Does it increase When you do this – When You take the person from A to B and then Eventually You offer them a paid product that is going to take them from B to C. 

How many of you are actually doing this presently for your Business? 

That you are taking a Person From A to B Free of Cost, How many of you are actually doing it? 

I hope you understand this concept. OK. 

So, From A to B, You have to take the person Free of Cost and Then You give them a Paid Product which takes them From B to C and Eventually solves all their problems. 

Believe me, This is the Exact method and The Exact scenario and That We have been doing for the for so many years and we have actually so many products. 

Sounds Good. 


3 MAJOR FACTORS: (For Sales Mastery)

Now, These are 3 Major Factors Why a Person will not buy the product. 

3 Major  Factors why a person will not buy the product. 

  The First Major Factor is – That People will not believe in the product or the service or the opportunity that You offering to them. People will not believe the product or the service or the opportunity that you offer to them. 

   The 2nd Thing is – Internal Believes. 

  That Person would feel that I am not capable enough of bringing about that change in my life. That person will have that doubt in his/her mind that Ok, The Product is good, an opportunity is good, The Service is good. 

Yes, I can lose weight with this opportunity But I am not good enough to do it. But This person is asking me to do it – I just can not do it. 

  And The 3rd Factor is – External Factors 

  That is when Others convince us that You can not do it. When you are being convinced by others That You can not buy or You can’t do this That is the Reason Why Somebody would not buy the product or the Service.

   The first Reason would be They Don’t Trust of your opportunity, or your product or your service and the Second and the most important reason people Believe me Here is – People doubt their own abilities.

  Outsiders convinced us by saying that – An Online course does not work, The Online things does not work.

People get at least 10 messages on a daily basis When My Mentor does a webinar. Because He wants that People come to His Webinar. That is why it is important. 

So, People will not buy the product Because of these 3 things. 

Let’s Do a Case Study Here: 

The 3 Things – First They will doubt your opportunity, on your product, on your service. 

2nd is They would feel that I am not good enough.

3rd one – People will believe what others say to them. 


This Case Stryd based upon My Mentor’s Program. That is Communication Mastery. 


Let’s understand some of the scenarios as it Which category this fall. Whether it fall category of the Non having trust in the product, service, and opportunity. Or the Internal Belief or The External Factor.  


I Hope These 3 things are clear. 

So, let me put some scenarios in front of you and Think about which factor makes this lie. 


1- is, An Online course has never solved the problem of anybody. (Which category would fall in) and We can say that Category 1,2,3. 


1 is the Product. 

2 is Internal Beliefs

3 is External Factor

  Think about it. 

Will it be in 1, 2, or in 3rd. 

Ok, I would say that it is the combination of both in a way. It falls in category 1 or 2. 

2nd is – I have tried so many opportunities earlier But I have never succeeded. These opportunities just don’t work. (Which category does it come from?)

  The majority of the Cases would come under 2nd. Because The Person feels The more affinity is towards to Because That Person feels from within That this is not going to work for me.

   3rd one is simple- I have not achieved any substantial in my life and I am not going to achieve anything substantial in my life even with this course. 

Now, Which category falls 1, 2, or 3? 

   This is 2. Everybody agrees with it. 

  Now, My Uncle calls me- and My Uncle says Just Don’t invest in Online courses, These things just don’t work. I also did it But it didn’t work for me. 

How many of you drop your ideas or invest in something good Because of Your uncles, Your aunts? 

   We make decisions based upon what others have to say to us. And You don’t go with our instant gut feeling. The life of others will not change. Maybe Your life will change. So, When you make a business idea – So, what you have to do is – write down a list of all the objections that People would have on their minds. Then classify them under these 3 categories.

The Product, The Internal Belief, and The External Belief.  And then provide a solution to each one of them. Every time you try to sell a product – What will happen is – You will encounter a new problem. And If you are encountering a new problem, Believe me, You are growing. 


If you are fighting with the same problem again and again – Are you growing or not growing? 

You are not growing. Right!

So The Important thing is That You encounter New problems. Like the problem that I am encountering now is – How do I fit so many people in One Seminar / in one webinar. I will get a lot of people, it is absolutely true. So it’s absolutely essential for you to encounter new problems, Bigger Problems – because when you encounter bigger problems that means you are actually growing in life.




Now, How many of you understand this? 

The Eternal Desire VS The Internal Reason. 


This is very serious.

Ok, You think – What is your Eternal Desire? – What is the Biggest Desire that You have in your own mind? 

So, A common thing comes that – Money.  

Now, Let me ask you a Question – When You say to me that You want to make more money. I’ll ask you a question – Why? 

  What will happen now? – Think – You will give me one more reason, I am close to your internal reason as well. 

Ok, The Reason Why you want money Even I ask you again and again and again – is Because During your childhood You realize that  In Your family All the Fights that were happening majority of them Were because of Money. 

You realize the Reasons why Everybody in your family was not happy – Because of Money.  

You realize that if you had got more money in your family Life would have been easier for you.  

You realize – You thought that people who have got more money are living a better life. They have got a better piece of mind. And That is the reason why you want more money. 

Who else would say that I want money because it gives me time, it gives me freedom and it gives me a lot of other things – Whereas the Actual other reason why you want more money is That You know that Money solves the Problem – Which was not being solved when you were young. 

So, Unless or until you are able to break that barrier  – Internal Barrier – You will not be able to sell a product. Isn’t it amazing!


  • People Do things based upon what their past experiences have been. People Buy things based upon what has happened to them during their childhood. 
  • If you want to become a master at selling things You have to become a master and understanding People, Unless and Until you become a master and understand people’s minds You will never be able to sell anything worth even 10 rupees. 


When Someone tells you that I want to lose weight, So, He or She does not want to lose weight Because He or she wants to look good. Because He has seen, There are people in his family who have struggled all their life because of their weight and That is the reason why They want to lose weight. 

You go to ask the person why and why and why again and again till the time You get the real answer. That is how You sell. 

People would tell you what they want to reveal to the world, But their Eyes and Their actions would tell you what they have concealed with them. Think – What is your Internal Desire – When you make money.



TRIAL CLOSING: (For Sales Mastery)


How many of you understand this? – Trial Closing.

When My Mentor conducts a session – He says a lot of time – Yes. 

My Mentor told about the price of His course after 1 Hour. 

He says yes approximately 15 times. 

Can You Think – Why does He do that? 

Imagine, What He would have done. If He would have told – All The Benefits and everything about the course Then If He would have told to buy his course Right now – The Probability is That most People will not enroll for the course. 

So What He actually Did was. He told 1 part of the course then He asked – Do You feel this course is going to help YOu And People answer was – Yes. 

Do You feel this is work for you – People said – Yes. 

Do You feel that if You buy this course it is going to bring about a change with every feature He was asking people, and People say – Yes.

Because He knew this course is going to work for you – But He also knew that The FIrst inclination of every person says a No. 

So, He wanted to get into the Yes Mode Before He actually did the closing for his product. (You get my point)

That is why it is so very important to do the Trial Closing Because He gets into the Yes Mode, When You get your customers into the  Yes Mode that is when They buy your product. Because the Irony is irrespective of How good your product might be The Initial Reaction of Everybody would be – NO. 

You know What When We make our sales videos – You know How the content of our videos. Imagine, When You read a book, In a Book the content goes from Left to Right. In a Movie, Most of the content goes from Left to Right. But when we make a sale video, the content in our video – goes from Top to Bottom. Because Left to Right – it means No. from Top to Bottom is a Yes. 

That is why it is important for us to do top to bottom to get people to say – Yes. 


NEGOTIATION SKILLS:  (For Sales Mastery)


How many of you think that you are good when it comes to negotiation skills?

So, What is the First Rule of Negotiation? 

The First rule of Negotiation is Don’t Negotiate. 

If you know that Your Product, Your Service is good then You just should not negotiate.  The Person who will give you the maximum discount will turn out to be your worst customer. Because If you have given some a 10% Discount or a 15% Discount,

    If You have given someone 15% Discount and Next time When you offer a product worth rs. 1,000, He or She will actually feel that Ok I will be getting 15% this time as well. So He would think that the Price of this product is not rs. 1,000 But it is actually rs 850. Then He or She would think Because I got a discount last time as well. So this I’ll again have a 15% discount on Rs. 850 as well. 

So, First Rule is – Don’t Just Negotiate. 

The second Rule of Negotiation is – Never, Ever make the First move. Ask People what He or she is willing to pay for your product. 

That is the Second rule of Negotiation. 

The next Rule is – Never Reveal How much profit you have made from that one Deal. 


NO IS NOT FINAL: (For Sales Mastery)


When a Person says No to your product When A Person says that no, I don’t want to buy a product That No is Not Final. That would change. 

  Initial Reaction of every person – Whatever Scenario might be The Initial Reaction of a Person is always going to be a No. So, This No is not Final. 

And Why You should expect a no is Because – Finally if someone says – He is not ready to buy a product or service right now, Give Them Time, They will come back to you provided that you are giving them value on a regular basis. If You are giving them value on a Regular Basis that person will come back and buy Your Product. 

     Because You had solved a problem for them. 

A No is not Final. That is what you go to understand. 




A No Also means the Next Opportunity. That will come your way. Why This is saying I am- 

  Because People, There are 800 crore People on this planet. Just Don’t worry just not Buy Your Product and One more thing which I want you to understand is – Act Fast. 

  If You feel that there is something that is going to add value to your product, in your life – Act Fast for enrollment right now. Because a wrong Decision will not hamper your growth as much as regret for it. 

  So, if You feel that this is work for me – Go For it. Again Because Why you have to go for it- Because When I give you the concept of Time vs Money – Always Choose Time. That is why Act Very Fast, If you are a seller, somebody does not buy a product – Again, Don’t spend so much time and energy on them. 

  If your product is good, They will come back and They will buy your product. Ignore them and move ahead in your life. That is how you become successful in life. And keep giving them value over and over again. 


Because 70% of sales happen after the 8th interaction. 

   And When I say Interaction – I don’t mean that You always have to talk about a person to buy a product. When You share a Youtube video of yours You interacting with a person, When You giving them free Ebook – You are interacting with a person, When You are giving them something valuable You are interacting with a person – Why you are doing all these things is because Over a period of time You go to build trust. 

And When You are also giving them things free of cost – What you are actually doing is – Remember What I told you – You taking them to A to B. All of this Now combined. All of this makes sense to you. 

You are building trust, You are creating a scenario for them – You are taking them from A to B which is absolutely essential. That is why it is so very important that You give a lot of value to people then You go to take them From A to B. You gotta do it free of cost so that They will buy your product. 


ONE TO ONE SALES: (For Sales Mastery)

When You do a One To One sale A Few things are very important. 

  First is Your Body Language. You should always be very confident.  Something is a must irrespective of, which platform you are selling. The FIrst thing is Your Knowledge, The Second thing – Your Communication skills.

Because When You have knowledge about your product, When You have good communication skills – You can tell others what you are actually so very confident about, What yo9u are actually good about And What is good about the product – You, what to sell much more.  

  So it is absolutely essential for you to ensure that People do understand your value. 

   When You do One to one sales – Just look directly into the eyes of the person. I tell you why you should do this – When You do this The person realizes that Yes, There is a lot of Honesty in you and You’ve got full faith in your product. It is not just about your body language But a lot of honesty is being reflected when you look directly into the eyes of another person. 

   You should always have an upper hand – WHen You sell to the other person. And How would you have the Upper hand is – Again, You knowledge. When You have got your knowledge – You will beat everyone. 

  Ok, Let me ask you a Question. 

What will people work with – Will People work with a company or Will people work with you? 

  When You know that People will work with you then Why is it that You People investing a lot more money in your office, On Your Sofa or everything else. And Not investing in yourself. People Buy you and then your company.

People make restaurants – They invest so much money on their restaurant inside But They don’t invest money in marketing. If you would not invest in your marketing You will not grow In your business. 

  You are making 50k rs. Per month. You save 18k rs. Out of 50k rs. The4n Next Month You don’t buy some clothes, You don’t do some extra expensive things and Instead of 18k How much money Will you save – You save 20k Then you can solve your problems. 

No, You will not solve the problems – You can only solve the problem when you are able to save the entire 50k rs. So, People, You don’t have the problem of How much money you are saving – You have a problem, How much money Actually earrings. 

   And The Only way you can earn more money is – When You develop Your own skills. 

So, When You do one-to-one sales – Your confidence will sell your product, People will buy you. When You reach out to another person Yo09u should be so very confident That the other person will just buy it instantly. 


SALES OVER THE PHONE: (For Sales Mastery)

When you sell over the Phone – Just call the other person. You don’t’ have to give them a long introduction, Don’t getting into the connection with those people.

Just say a Simple Hi, And start with the session. 

When You do a Sales call the only thing that You have to first do is – Greet the other person then You qualify the other person. You just simply ask the other person Are You still interested in enrolling for that course, or that product, or that service. When The Person says Yes – You present to them your proposal Then You ask for their Doubts and Queries.

    Solve Their Doubts and Queries. You ask them to buy one more Time and then You follow up. You don’t need to give a Long Introduction. You don’t need to build a lot of connections with that person. 

First You need to tell them the Opportunity. No Hi, No Hello, Don’t Waste to The Time Doing That. Tell them what You are offering to them. 

The most important thing is – Ask them – A lot of people don’t ask.

How many of you are afraid of asking people – Do you want to buy this product, Are You Ready to buy this product or not. 

People If you will be afraid of selling your own product You will never become successful, You go to be a Shameless promoter of yourself. Because at the end of the Day it doesn’t matter What other things about You. 

If You say Being a shameless promoter is a Tough task – So it is not. You are doing a Business. 

The First the Most important person in your life has to be You. 

The Other most important people in your life have to be – Your Close Family Members. 

The Other person important in your life should be Your closest friend. 

Whatever You do,  If you are taking care of all these people, You are doing a Good job. 

That is How You Sell Over the Phone. You have your confidence, you qualified that person, You ask them if this is going to work for them? 

You get Yes from them and then you Present your opportunity And then You close And Then you ask. Buy This Product.

That is How You sell. 

You go to push people Because You are doing something which is Beneficial for them. If You are not confident about your product How Will you Sell? 

And I am telling you how you will become more confident.


ONLINE SALES: (For Sales Mastery)

Now, If you are into Online Sales What You have to do is – Your headlines Have to be very, very bold. Because A lot of people don’t read your entire sales page that is why your headline should be Bold. 

Then The Social Proof Has to be There – That This product works. 

How Do you give social proof? – By Testimonials. 

Nex thing is – GIve to People – Money Back guarantee. Not a lot of people do that.

How many of you are actually given more than 100% to your work?

When You give more than 100% to your work – You know, Even If You don’t succeed, Your deep satisfaction This happiness within you. And even if you make a sale, When you are not giving more than 100% – You feel avoided inside. 

Does it happen to you? 

So, It is really important that You give your, more than 100%. Because When you are giving more than 100% Results will definitely come, that is why it is so essential. 

So, In Online sales, Your credibility develops by social media presence, Your Deadline on the website, Your Testimonials should be there. 


TAKING INITIATIVE: (For Sales Mastery)

Take the initiative to sell. Because When You take the initiative to sell, you want to make much more sales. 

I hope you got about the Sales mastery. If you will implement these strategies You will become a master in Sales Mastery.

If you have any questions – You can ask me on my Instagram  – Sattyam03

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