Why Trial Close and Law of Averages is Important in sales – 2 Strategies


There are 2 Strategies of Sales Which is very important.

TRIAL CLOSING: (Trial Close)


♦️ You must have heard the closing word again and again. Closing is a very powerful thing. If you cross very well then you have very good opportunities. But ultimately what is a trial closing. 

♦️ What is the Meaning of Trial Closing? 

Let me tell you this. We have got maximum results because of trial closing. Let me make you understand, Ultimately what is a trial closing

Why do you have such results due to trial closing? 

♦️ If you are repeatedly telling people about your product, you are telling the quality, you are telling the specification, You are telling why this product is good, You are telling all the things in Detail, Are you not? 

♦️ He has been listening but will not take it from you. Because then you will ask for a complete commitment from him. Sir, I told you all the Benefits, Take this pen and sign and pay with your debit card and credit card. And this product is yours. 

♦️ Till now he was listening to all your things, It means He was in listening mode, And you want that guy to get into perfect active mode. You want him to get in the mood for writing, but He is not going to be in the mood to pay, Boss. 

♦️ What do you have to do about it? 

 You have to get that person into a Yes mode. How will you be able to do it?  – By Asking Questions. 

♦️  You have to ask such questions, whose answer is Automatic yes, I explain to you with an example. 

  When I conduct a Webinar so I ask people that Hope they enjoy the journey. Hope you enjoy the session – Type Yes. 

1st Yes came there. 

Who are the excited people listening to the Deliverables? , Type – Yes. 

Who enjoyed Listening to this topic? , Type – Yes. 

Who enjoyed Listening to the English speaking topic? , Type- Yes. 

Concepts with Email writing clear? , Type- Yes. 

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, 

♦️   People say Yes so many times, They say yes so many times That he has come to Yes Mode Automatically. After that you speak to comment on them they are already in yes mode. And, then They Become part of whatever you are offering to them.

♦️ This is the concept of Trial Closing. Repeatedly ask your customer to ask them things like this which are of their own benefit But You are giving someone something wrong to them, Right! 

♦️ When you have complete faith in your product, You can easily get them to yes mode. 

      I’ll tell you another example. 

♦️ Sir, Don’t you want to reduce your power consumption? 

♦️ Sir, you do not want your house to be cold when you come from the office? 

♦️ He will say – Of Course 

♦️ You don’t want your A/C to get cold when you sleep at night and go to sleep mode on its own? 

    All dude what could be better. 

♦️ You do not want us to give you the A/C of a company whose after-sales service is very good, Anytime there is a problem, You can talk on the phone, You can also make a booking through the Internet and an employee can come and fix it. 

♦️ His answer would be – Of course. (You are getting them into yes Mode.)

♦️ Then When, You tell them, Become part of this, To Buy, And to close. The Deal. They would be more than happy to do it. 

♦️ Sometimes you have not learned, You have not done it. This is The Reason you are not able to do the Selling, This is the Reason Why you do not Bring good Results. 

♦️ This is the reason your organization is not growing. So get your customer into Yes Mode and then you would see amazing results are going to come your way.  

This is called Trial Close



♦️ If I tell you That This is Probably one of the Most important Rules of sales, If not the Most Important and this is called the Law of Averages. 

♦️ When I make you understand the Law of Averages then the Thoughts come to your mind, nor are People Buying, Or I am tired By making Phone calls, Messaging, People are not reacting, 

♦️ You will quit this problem, This Problem will be completely removed from your mind. You will be energetic so rich That you will enjoy it. 

Are you Interested? How. – I tell you. 

♦️ Suppose I have a Product that is worth 20,000. How much 20,000. 

And How I am selling it by calling People. I am reaching out to people by phone and People are going to buy my Product. I assume This. 

♦️ First, call the Customer and I said that I am talking to the team of Satyam, Then He Replied that I do not want any, Cut the Call. 

You Hung up and You got angry. You called the other guy twice and He did not pick up. He called the 3rd one and said that He had taken such a product, Now We will not be able to take it. 

♦️ Called 3 persons and No Result came., You called the 4th guy and He did not pick up your call again. You called the 5th person, He said call me after a week, I am occupied. 

  Called the 6th Person, He listened to it and said in the end, Sir, I will not be able to take it, Because I have no money, I am sorry. 

 ♦️ You will say, Man, It ruined my Whole mind, it seemed that the sale was coming. You are upset again Because you have called 6 People. And No conversion is coming. You called the 7th man, He also heard the whole But He was a student,

♦️ He said, Sir, Will you explain to my mother too, please? 

When you tried to convince the Mother too, The Mother replied that There should be nothing in all these things, Cut the Call otherwise we will complain to you. 

♦️ You will think that This is the Worst Day of your life, Results are not coming. You called the 8th guy and He said I will take it, Sir. 

He went, He opened his website, Was making payments, and Payment Failed. He tried Again, the payment Failed. You called him and said, Can I try sir, You tried Yet the Payment Failed. 

♦️ He said, Hey sir, I am running out of money because of this I am not able to pay. Now, You become angrier now, You are thinking that you have reached out to 8 clients still No results are coming. 

♦️ Then you called the 9th client with a Half-hearted heart and He said that I am very busy, It is some time to call at 4:00 p.m., Disconnect the Call. You got screwed. You quit after so many rejections. This Business is useless, I am leaving here, Did I come here to get my insult done? 

♦️ I have come from a good college to study, I would have been doing a good job. Where Did I fall in the circle of sales? 

On the same day you stopped your Business, Your confidence Level was over. Everything goes down, That is what happened, Actually, This is a Harsh Reality.

♦️ After Putting in plenty of effort you do not get the Desired Results. And after making 20 calls you get the First conversion. And That Person Buys the Programme. 

 Now, Let’s calculate The Law of Averages. 

♦️ How much did your program cost? Rs. 20,000, Your Program sold after how many calls, after 20th call. 

Now, Divide 20,000 by 20, You got rs 1,000 on each rejection. 

How much money did you get when a person reached out? 

You got 1,000 rs. Per person. 

♦️ You also got rs. 1,000 in exchange for the Guy who said cut the call. Even for the One who did not Pick up the Phone. You received rs. 1,000. Because that is how the Law of Averages works. 

♦️ Now, You tell me to make every call to listen to the scolding on every call, if a guy gives me. 1,000 rs. Then I am ready. Scold me, I am standing in front of you. If 10,000 people are scolding me every day and I am getting rs. 1,000 for a scolding, then I am ready. 

   That is what actual Selling is all about.

♦️ See, People will not be interested initially in your product. You do not have a name, do not have credibility, People do not want to buy, People are burnt hands, People are afraid that people have insecurities in their Minds. 

          But That Does not mean you will not find the person who is ready to buy from you. Only if you are ready to put in that effort. When you will be ready to call people daily when you will be ready for people to reach out Daily. 

♦️ When you are ready to create content to tell people the information about your product. Then These Results will come about how the Law of Averages works. So take out your phone. Do the call, Messages, Mails, and Reach out to clients.

♦️ You can apply the same strategy on msg, whats App, Facebook as well. 

Believe me, Law Averages work like crazy. 

♦️ Going Forward, it may Happen that your 25th client also buys, The 30th client Also. That means 3 out of 30 people converted. That means you got 60,000 rs. Revenue. 

That means, the Law of Averages becomes rs. 20,000 per person. 

♦️ If you leave after the 10th call, After the 15th call, After the 19th call, The Results will not come. That happens with maximum people. People give up when they are so close to success. That is when they give up. 

That is what you got to do. You go to persist. 

This is called The Law of Averages.

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