Where Can I Get Money Right Now in 21’s Decade

Here You will get information about where can I get money Right now in 21’s decade

How Important is Money in Our Life?

How Important is Money in Our Life?

♦️ What is needed for money?

  Paying Rent, To Buy the Stuff, All those things to survive, It is the Fuel of Human Life, To pay the Emi’s, For Our Needs, For Our Education. So we do all those things. 



♦️ What you think is the reason behind that –

    Ok, One Day My Mentor was conducting a Webinar – There was one person who wanted to talk to him. And He had a word with him – He said that Sir I want to enroll in a course. Then My Mentor Replied that You Don’t want to do it – You have to do it. 

          When People say to My Mentor that Sir, We are trying, He tends to tell them You don’t try. Either We Do it or We don’t.  Who Does be fit in their life, Who Does not want to Be more successful in their life? Everybody wants it. 

   But Are you actually ready to put in the effort for that? If you are not ready to put in the effort – The Success is not going to come your way. Everybody on this planet earth has got some problems or the Other What say ever. But People who survive, People who win are the ones who take risks and Put in the efforts as well. 

INCOME - 50,000 - EXPENSES ?

INCOME – 50,000 – EXPENSES ?

♦️ Supposedly, Right now, You are earning more than 50,000rs. Per month. Out of 50,000 How much are you saving every month? 

Ok, look at the Expenses – Food, Rent, EMI, Clothes, Grocery and misery expenses etc. 

Now, I am giving you a Mantra Today- You have to save 40% of the Income You go to set aside each month. How many of you is this possible? How many of you feel that Every Month You spend a lot of money on things which you should not spend money upon? How many of you are doing that? 


♦️ If I tell you about How Much Money My Mentor saves each month? 

So it’s a 98% amount every month. He saves it every month. And That is possible. Because My Mentor’s expenses for every month including his Rent and everything else is not more than 15,000 rs. 98% is not possible for everybody it is possible for a few. So Now, Focus on 40%.

       The Information that yo9u have about money is Wrong. That is the reason. 

 Now I tell you this How is this possible- What you understand is the Difference Between Broke and Being Poor? 

You have to be living a Life as a Broke Person. My Mentor does not carry a Luxury watch. He can afford it But He didn’t buy it. Is That Luxurious Watch Helping My Business or My Work?  It is not. 

      My Mentor can buy a Luxurious Car Today – Is that going to help in our Business or My Work? 


♦️ How Many of You Have Seen the Movie Fight Club? In the Movie Fight Club, He says- “We Buy things that We Don’t Need to Impress people whom we don’t like”.  You understand that. 

     This is not a lifestyle if you buy a good car, If that is your Dream Fare enough. But I and My Mentor don’t have that Dream. My Dreams are much much much much Beyond that. You go to understand that. Unnecessary purchases have to be stopped today. 

    If buying a car is a Dream- I am sorry you have the wrong dream. Because The day you buy that Your dream will be over. 

   Car is Necessary But a Luxurious car is not necessary. My Mentor has a Wagoner car. There are times the Amount of money that is required to buy a Wagoner in a Single day But My Mentor doesn’t buy any other car. Do you understand that? That is what is important. If a car is important for you, take it. But If you are taking that car on EMI Believe me so You don’t need the Car. 

                My Mentor does not keep money in a Bank account which He saves. You have to make the Right investments, If you ask me about the Property – Investing in a Property is absolutely good But Don’t invest in a FLAT. Don’t invest in Buying a Land. When You buy land or Flat that money gets stuck over there. 

That Money will not grow substantially, Not in Gold Also. You have to invest in property  But You have to invest in such property that will start to give you rental next month itself. You have to make the investment that will give you Returns from the Next month itself. 

     My Mentor has 5 Businesses in His hometown. There are 5 other Businesses He has, He is getting money from that. From the Money that He saves. 

 Supposedly, If My Mentor bought a BMW car, Supposedly it cost him 50 lakhs, So What He can do with all those 50 Lakhs, He can hire 10 people in his team, GIving them a salary 20k each, He also trained them personally. How much investment turns out in a month – it would be 2lakhs, 24 Lakhs per year. and 48 lakhs for 2 years. 

         Do you feel now that If He has 10 people working in His Team for 24 months will generate more than 48 lakhs rupees for him? Yes or No. simple. 

Is that car going to generate more money for him? Now You understand Why this is important. The Car is Liability. 

     Supposedly, You earn 50,000 rs. Per month, if You save 20,000 rs. Out of that 50,000  rs. Cut down your unnecessary expenses, Don’t invest this money in Mutual funds like that. , Invest in things that will create a passive income for you, Automatically you would be making much more money than what you would have been doing. Believe me, Saving this much amount of money is possible for you. 

      For a Few Years of Your life Pay the Price Upfront. By Paying the Price upfront men Learn to live broke. Don’t give in to your temptation. Don’t live a life just to make others happy. 



♦️ How many of your Saturdays and Sundays Off? 

  Every Single Day How Much Work Do You put in? (Actual Work)


           9 hours is the time that you are spending in your office. How much Actual productive work is happening over there? That is What I want to know? 

You know the Answers Yourself. When You come back to your house, Believe me, every day You can dedicate 3-4 Hours to Your Life. you can dedicate to your Passion and Your Interest. And If you put in 4 hours of work every single day 4*5=20 Hours in 5 days. Can you put in 20 hours of work on Saturday and Sunday for yourself? 

     My Mentor put in 18 hours of work every single day. so you got to do the work. You got to put in the work. 

So Make Your Weekends Productive. Unless or Until You are ready to make it productive You are not going to be successful. Again I Hate the Word try.  You don’t try Either You do Or You Don’t.

get money without any investment



♦️ The First Is- Blogging And Affiliate Marketing

 How you can do Blogging is – Think about Which industry Are you really good at. Is it IT for you, Is it Banking For you, Is it FInance for you, Is it Digital Marketing. 

     So What you have to do is – Whatever You are good at, Witte Content Based Upon the same Whatever You are good at. When You will put that Content so then People will read Your content Automatically you would create an Authority for Yourself.  The Next thing that you would do is – You can charge people for Your Content. There is Quora.com, Medium.com, Blogpress.com. Three is so much content over there so You would write all this content and People would read that content. 

     So How can make Money By Writing all this content is – Either You can charge People for that content or Once People have started Reading Your content then You can do paid promotion as well of people. 

     Supposedly You write your content on Communication skills then you would find out online about people who do communication mastery training. Then You would approach them – You would have said to them that Sir, I have 10,000 people who read my content. Are you ready to post over there? I would charge you only rs 5,000. Simple. 

 Depending upon Your Industry You would find out People who are ready to give money Once you have got viewers on your site.  (Got it)


♦️ The Next thing is – You can put links over there that are known as Affiliate links. For Ex: There is a website, Amazon, that does not know about Amazon. You know about Flipkart. You know about Snapdeal. Just go on these websites. They will make you their Affiliates Free of Cost. 

   So If people are reading your content Supposedly, Your content is Technology so What you can say is – I have some recommended products. People will click on the recommended products, People will buy those recommended products then You will make your Money. 


In Affiliate Marketing What you do is – Share the Links with people. And When people buy from those links You make money.




♦️ Provide Subject Matter Based Information.

Whatever Information you are good at, Provide Information Based upon the same thing. And Once you create an authority then what you can do is You can conduct the session as well in colleges and Corporates. And Believe me, You can generate a lot of money. Besides the Online Authority that You have created. Again None of this is going to work overnight.  You have to put in the effort on a Continuous basis. Continuing Efforts are what get you the right Results. 

    I have said so many times that Consistency is so much more important than perfection. 


SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER: (Get money right now)


♦️ Some People would think How can I Become a Social Media Influencer? That is going to be really difficult. 

 I tell you How- Go upon Instagram – One Person He has made The Page of Jennifer Aniston. How many of you know her? 

          She came to the show -friends. Now, She Did not have an official Instagram account. So What My Mentor’s Team member did He made in the Instagram Account for Jennifer Aniston. And He has got 3 million followers. And Now He can do any paid promotion, He can put any content, and Automatically  He can generate revenue over there. 

   So Think Which is the New Movie That is coming.


ONLINE COACHING: (Get money right now)

♦️ The Next thing that you can do is – Online Coaching. 

 Again Based Upon Your Expertise You can also conduct online sessions for People. If you don’t have a platform Like Zoom, If you can afford those platforms like Zoom or anything You can provide coaching on Skype also. If you will teach 5 people over there, I think the charges would be 3,000 rs. Per month. So Still you can earn around 50k every month By Providing Online Coaching. 

    Believe me, There would be thousands of students who are pursuing B.tech, Pursuing Knowledge Who would love to learn from you. 


DROPSHIPPING : (Get money right now)


♦️ How many of you know about Drop Shipping?  

   The Majority of the People Don’t Know about Drop Shipping.  

So what You have to do in Drop Shipping – Buy the Product on eBay or Alibaba and Sell on Amazon. And You can also sell or other websites too. Now, The Best Part is till the Time You get your order You don’t even buy a product on Alibaba. This means Once you get an order on Amazon or any other website then you will buy a product on Alibaba and Then You will sell to people. 


BUY OFFLINE AND SELL ONLINE: (Get money right now)

♦️ Buy the Offline stuff and Sell it Online. 

I am not telling you to Buy Electric stuff.

Sell Those products Which  are not easily available 

I will tell you what you should buy offline – Jaipur Clothes, Home Made Chocolates, Artistic Things, or Paintings. 

All these things you can buy offline and can sell online. 



♦️ These are the Opportunities where You can list Your work. So whatever Might be good at You can list your services on these Websites. Then People will hire you, They will get the work done and They will pay you money. You don’t have to pay a single penny. You get listed upon these Websites. 

Whatever You are good at – If you are good at IT, If you are good at Coaching, If you are good at Helping People, So Do That. 

You can put your content on Facebook, on Whatsapp, You have to promote yourself Like Crazy then success will come to you. 



♦️ You can start a Brand account On Instagram or Snapchat. 

Does This require a lot of time? – No. 

Does This require a lot of money? – No. 

Ok, Do you feel that I am not good at Digital Marketing? 

I don’t understand it very well. How many of you feel this? 

Let me solve that problem also,  Forever – So Did you know about Whatsapp 3 years earlier? 

 Did you know about Facebook 5 Years earlier? 

Did you know Email writing was 10 Years earlier? 

♦️ You were not aware of all these things. When you get aware of all these things – Maybe 7 years, 8 years maximum. That’s it. 

Are you on Facebook Today? – Yes You are. 

Are you Messaging on Whatsapp? – Of Course, You are. 

  It is Because You know that It is going to be helpful for me. So You are doing it. You will neck it, But You will neck it Once You start doing it. Once you start doing it then you start knowing it, Implementing it, and Start getting success.  You understand that that is why it is so very important. 


Now, I have told you 9 Businesses, the 10th Business I want that comes from you. 


I tell you 3 rules about Money – Rule No.1- Don’t Lose Your Money. 

                                                      Rule No.2- Don’t Lose Your Money. 

                                                      Rule No.3- Don’t Lose Your Money. 


The 4th Rule is – Don’t Lose Your Money, The 5th Rule is – Don’t Lose Your Money. 


The Only way you will not lose your money is When you invest in yourself When You invest in your growth. If you invested in your growth can yo9u ever lose your money? (Yes Or No) – Never at all. 

 Because you are growing yourself. 

So You can work as a Cost Writer. You can write content for others. 

You can work as a Home Tutor. 

You can become a Reseller. 

You can do it as a Guest Lecturer. 

Seasonal jobs, Making Youtube Videos selling your skills.

You can become a Consultant. 

You can do online typing.






M – M here stands for – Money.

T – There stands for  – Time.

N – N here stands for – Need. 

U – U here stands for – Urgency.

T – There stands for – Trust. 

The First barrier is Least important one And The Last Barrier is the most important one. Ok.



♦️ How many of you know about this concept? 

You have to make the decision in life-Based upon a time. Don’t spend your time on useless things, Like- Buying the Grocery, Washing the Stuff, Whatever is unproductive over there, So Don’t do that. 

Save your time so that you can make more money. All your decisions have to be based upon a time not based upon money. 



♦️ What do you think is the difference between these things? 

 Value vs Price. 

 For Ex: When you bought any course you paid a certain amount. That was the price. Value is what you are getting in return. 

      So whatever you are doing you ensure that the price you are getting if the company is giving you 30,000, 45,000, 50,000 whatever might be the amount you are getting right now. Give them more value and Believe me, They are always going to keep you with them. They will never let you go away from their side. 

That is what is important. That is what you have to do for yourself. 

Increase Your Value. 

When you earn more You expect others to give you a high salary, You expect others to give you more respect so expect others to invest in yourself whereas you are not ready to invest in yourself. Till the time you are not ready to invest in yourself, How do you expect others to invest in you? 

If someone gives you more salary are they investing more in you? – Yes, They are. But you are not investing in yourself. Till the time you are not investing in yourself, you will not get the desired results that you want. That is what is important and critical for your success. 



♦️ I have already told you the difference Between Being Poor and Being Broke. I don’t want to be Poor But I want you to be Broke. Because if yo9u are ready to Be Broke then There will come that time in your life So Whatever you want to achieve in your life – will come to you. 

   And I know That This is a Long term process. 


♦️  Whenever you have to do something – If you want to start a Business From Zero So provide to people value, value, value, value, and more value and more value and more value and then sell your product. 

So First give, give, give, give, give, give, give and more give than take. That is How it works. 



♦️ This is the Customer value journey that You have to give people: 

A – is the place where is the customer is presently 

C – is the person who wants to go in his/her life 

B – is the Place Where you will take them for free 


(Everybody clear with that – Customer Value Journey)


Provide people with value, Take them to one place, and after you have taken to that one place then ask them to make them Financial commitment with you. You go to provide people with value. 

Unless and Until you provide the value they are not going to sign-up. They are not going to buy from you. That is why it is so very important, That is so very critical. 


   This is a Customer Value Journey that You have to follow. 



♦️ How many of you understand the Concept of Trial Closing? 

Before You sell your product You go to ask people for commitment.if you are not close that is because You are not able to ask again to people. People want to buy, You feel that People don’t want to byt, You just don’t have the right approach. Your approach should be to help people grow and then success is going to come in your way. 



♦️ 1st take as a Professional Speaker

 As a Professional Speaker, You can make money doing Online Sessions, You can make money doing Physical Sessions, You can create an Online product that can get you a Passive income throughout your life. You should be ready to do sessions for free in the Business. So that you can get paid sessions. 


Writing Books: (Get money right now)

♦️ If you can write a book you can post your books online. There are so many websites where you can post your books. People will read your Books, People will get the content from your books and Automatically you will be taking names of yourself. And you would be creating more revenue. 


Traveling : (Get money right now)


 ♦️ You can become a Travel Blogger. Travel to places, Tell people about Travelling Experiences and You can make money using that same thing also. 


Food:  (Get money right now)


♦ You can become a Food Blogger. You can make money by becoming a food blogger, Become a Food Critic. You will get food to eat for free and You can make money from that also. Restaurants will ask you and Give You money. 

Wrong Investments

Wrong Investments :

♦️ Car,

  A Second House,

  Luxurious Watch, 

  Unnecessary Clothes,





A second House, If you have one house Don’t invest in a house. Ok. rather invest in property that will give y9ou passive income from the next month itself. 

Don’t invest in Luxurious Watches. 

If you can manage with Mi phones, So Don’t need to buy an iPhone. You save 50,000 rs. Imagine the value of 50,000 rs. In our life. 


How many of you will tend to you a lot of unnecessary investments during the time of Marriages? – Cut Down on that Expense. Your patents do not allow you if they do not listen to you. Fight it out. But save your money over there. If your dreams are big then you should not do it. 


If we buy a car on EMI, Every month we are struggling to pay EMI. That is not the right investment to make. 


Do you know 13 companies Now, Including Google and Apple, do not consider your Degrees to get a job. I hope you know that. If you are doing an Education Course, Only Because Some Uncle’s Told you, So You are making the worst investment of your time and your money as well. Most of the People Have wasted 20 lakh rs. In 2 years of their life. 

        Doing what you don’t want to do and then you would be paying the EMI for that Better than that would be for Those 2 Years go and do some work for free. Go and be ready to work for free for 2 years Rather than doing an MBA, and Believe me Your Knowledge, Your marketability would be much much more There a person has done MBA. 

          How many of you feel Whatever you studied in your education has got no relevance whatsoever in your work today? 

   The Education system is failing us. If someone wants to work in Finance – Get the Required information about Finance. But It is not necessary that You have to do an MBA in Finance. And If you know about How to manage People You don’t even need a degree in HR. how will you get to know – How to manage is  By working in Industry And Not by doing other things. 





  • BOOKS 




♦️ I also tell you How You can actually sell Softwares as well as the Courses. 

Biggest Requirement: You have to create a good product 


How to create a Good Product: Become a Practitioner first to create a good product. That’s the only way you can understand the gap in the market. 


Info: Share your knowledge about the topic in which you are an expert. 


Software: Create automation for a gap that’s available in the market. 


Marketing: Educate People about your product. An educated person who understands the value of a product is more likely to buy. 


Method of Education: 1- Do Youtube Videos explaining your product. 

                                        2- Free reach sites like Medium 

                                        3- Facebook – Post Content there 

                                        4-  Linkedin 


Marketing:  Connect with influencers/affiliates to promote your product. 

                     Run Facebook Ads. 

                 Create Resources that can explain your product – Sales Video, Sales Page, Copywriting.

Create an early bird list of interested people and offer them a discount – WIN

Also, Check – Free Data Science Courses

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