✴️Impromptu Speaking, 


♦️ What are the challenges that you face when it comes to Impromptu Speaking, Why is that A lot of people, Whenever topics are given to people on the spot, People genuinely feel afraid? People just don’t want to attend those sessions. 


♦️ Some People feel that actually, Impromptu speaking is difficult when compared to delivering a prepared speech. 

                                                     (Are you agree with me)


♦️ I hope after reading this article, it won’t be remaining as difficult for you.


♦️ Now also understand where impromptu communication is essential for you, where is it required for you? 

                                                     It is required for you at the Interviews, During the Appraisal sessions,  During Meeting, For students they really important during group discussion, a get together where you are supposed to speak on a given topic and you are given a topic  right there and there, 


♦️ When probably we have to get rid of some difficult situations and as some blunder has happened and you need to take care of that, 


 Salary Negotiation, College viva. 


So these are the things and All the Place where we are required to speak really quickly and really swiftly and that is why anticipation of the kind of questions that come towards you that is a critical part of it. That we anticipate the kind of question is go to come also. 




♦️ So we have already understood why is impromptu speaking so important. And we have realized ok these are the challenges that we faced pertaining to particular impromptu speaking and we have also identified the situation where we have to speak. 





♦️ So the First thing I also learned very recently is that we follow this particular pattern Which is  Known As P.R.E.P. and see I am going to give you a lot of ways how you can start with your session and continue with your speech. 


♦️ The good part here is that if you have to speak on a topic which is given to you on the spot then the duration of that speech will not be really long. Within 2 min, 3 min, 5 min., Not longer than that. 


♦️ Now, if you talk about PREP, Prep is that initially, you make a point. Now, what I will also do is, I  picked up some random topics, and then I will explain to you those topics. 


♦️ First We will tell you about a point that we have pertaining to the topic that we have and then we give reasons supporting the same. Which would be followed by an example and it would again be followed by a point. 


♦️ So Initially we would raise a point, then we would give a reason then we would give an example, and then we would give a point. 


For Ex.- Let’s suppose the topic is the Internet has changed lives 


So Initially what I would do is – I would give a point that 10 years back if someone had to go and sing then the only option that person had was to give an audition in front of judges of Indian Idol, go there, sing the song in front of them if you got selected then you get the chance to sing on National Tv. 


  ♦️  If you wanted to act then you had to go and give an audition and you had to be selected by the movie buffs, people who are making movies and if they select you then you would get an opportunity, 


But Now, Because of the Internet, if you are a standup comedian, if you are a singer, if you are an actor you can just post your content on social media, upon YouTube and you will realize that Yes, Internet has created many opportunities for yourself. 

So This was a Point. 


♦️  The reason why the Internet has been able to do this is that it is a transparent platform. No corruption is here, Here you are not required to pay a bribe in order to go ahead, nepotism does not work here, The market judges you here. Just 2 individuals don’t judge you, 


the market judges you here. And that is the exact reason when you do this internet provides you more opportunity.


♦️ Now, comes on the Example, we would say that there are so many examples in front of us we have got Zakir Khan, We have got Bhuvan Bam, we have got Amit Bhadana we have got so many different people who have become successful only and only because of the Internet. 


♦️ I would also like one more point that because of all these things, because of this transparency a lot of things what have happened is,


 a lot of people who belong to middle-class families who did not have the amount of the money of infrastructure to become big in these sectors are also getting the opportunities felt. 


♦️ So, understand how following this one same pattern P.R.E.P. helps you develop and deliver your point. 





♦️ Now, you can start with Personal Examples as well. Don’t you think that any topic that would be given to you There would be a certain manner, how you can have personal examples connected to the same?


♦️ For Ex. if the topic given to you is it, you can say that All of My Life My Parents were making me afraid of somebody who would come on the terrace if I go there in the night. I never knew who it was where it came from. 

        But I always and always afraid of it. There are so many ways how you can start. Giving a personal example is one of the ways.


For Ex.- Topic is – Work-Life Balance, I would say that According to me I feel that if you work more your life automatically gets to Seattle. 


So we can give so many personal examples as well, that is why it is created. And we can speak by speaking upon the movie.  


The topic is – Love marriage and Arranged Marriage, if I talk about My Mentor .34 Years Back My Mentor’s Parents got married Both of them were from middle-class family backgrounds. My Mentor’s Grandfather was from Aligarh, and His Mom belongs to Afghanistan. 


My Mentor has seen that Love marriage is successful when compared to an arranged marriage. So here I am explaining to you My Mentor’s opinion. 


What I have done is I am giving My Mentor’s opinion here And I am giving his opinion in terms of the content of His Life. Giving My Mentor’s Personal Example. 


The topic is – Productivity – I have seen a lot of people putting in 16 or 18 hours of their work on a daily basis But Their work somehow does not become really productive. And The Reason for that is, they are not actually working in a Direction. My Message to you Today is, 


Choose a Mentor Learn from someone who has done the things that you are planning to do today. Because that is what is very important. 




♦️ You go to Omit the Unnecessary details, You go to omit the unnecessary details. Because what is important is, See even if you have dared to deliver upon a different topic and you have been given the topic right there on the spot it is important for to you analyze that you are still required to speak upon the content fearlessly and you also require to speak upon the content. 


♦️ So, Omit Unnecessary Details. For Ex.- If you are just trying to narrate an Incident then Don’t go on dragging and tell us about the Date, about the Time, Just Focus upon the Topic, Focus upon what has to be spoken, and speak about that, Rather than focusing upon and giving all the details getting in the minor details. 


The Important thing is to Omit  Unnecessary Details and Focus upon the Good Point that you have to speak. 


♦️ Focus upon the Matter, Focus upon the meet of your speech.





♦️  Learn a lot of Quotations. So that you can also start your topic with a quotation. 

   Now, See irrespective of whatever topic might be given to you if you have learned a lot of quotations, Do you understand that you would be able to relate and you would be able to speak anyone quotation and relate that topic, Do you think that it would be possible for you,


 If you remember a lot of quotations. (yes/no)


♦️ So Now, What is important is once you have learned a lot of quotations it is going to help you in 2 ways –  1.  You would come across as a really confident speaker and really confident person.  2.  And Most Important Thing is- you are able to buy 10 to 15 sec. 


More to think upon what you have to speak. If you have given a topic and you can start with a quotation you would at least take 10 to 15 sec. To start with that particular topic. 


♦️ When you start with a quotation, it gives you more time to speak upon the given topic which is why it becomes so very critical. So this is one very strong and important way How you can start with a quotation. 






♦️  Start with a Fact. For Ex.- If I was given the Topic on Diabetes. So I would say that India is the 3rd most diabetic country in the world, this means this is something that we have to be really really afraid about. 


Because Diabetes actually just does not affect your productivity and growth it is also a really costly affair buying all the medicines and all those things. 


So Now, What you have done is – You have started with a fact and you have created more opportunities for yourself to speak upon. So you can speak upon How India can be taken away from the situation? How can we get rid of being diabetic?


 How can we spend less money on diabetes than we are spending right now? 


♦️ So Just one Fact, actually give you 3 to 4 semi topics to build upon. 


Let me ask you what are the 3 to 4 semi topics? 


1st was India is 3rd most diabetic country so how can we prevent India from doing it. 

2nd The cost of India’s Medicine or you can get rid of the cost of getting rid of Medicines? 

3rd Was, It was your productivity so you can also see How it will good health take care of your productivity.


4th was that you should focus on your fitness. 


For ex., you have to speak for 2 min.  And you have got 4 Topics, 4 semi topics + you have also spoken for 20 sec. Already by giving that fact which means that you are left 100 sec. And you go to devote 25 sec. To each topic. 


Now, will it be easy for you to devote for just 25 sec? To each part of it. (yes/no) 


That is what is required out of you. You can cut down your topic to 4 to 5 points and then go ahead and continue with it. 




♦️ Now, you can also start by giving a situation. What do you think about how starting with the situation can be helpful? and How can we start with the situation? 


For Ex. – We can tell about the flooding that is happening all across India and How with that flooding lives being affected the battle is being affected,  make of part of the hypothetical situation. 


♦️ Supposedly if you are given a topic then what you have to do For Ex. – you have given a topic Rivers of India. Now, How do you connect the Rivers of India with Flooding? 


What you would say is, The Major Reason why this flooding is happening is that we are putting so much garbage into our rivers that the base of the Rivers is coming up. They are not able to store in water and that water is being flooded. 


That Water is coming up and It is there, everywhere. 


 ♦️ So you can also give a situation over there.

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